I'm suffering onto what my doctor and I think is CVS/chronic nausea. I constantly have nausea that pretty much never lets up and most of the time in between attacks I feel it in my throat... if you know what I mean? This has gotten so bad I cannot cope anymore and my family is starting to suffer. I am disabled also now. I also suffer from chronic Dizziness/Vertigo problems that cannot be diagnosed (this is the story of my life) I am also very sensitive to pharmaceuticals and have tried many different drugs to abort migraines. Since my MRI and CT scans indicate i suffer from migraines. So I am wondering if anyone knows of any specialist that specialize in chronic nausea and CVS? I have been searching high and low and cannot find anything for adults in the greater San Diego area. I also go to Wisconsin a lot and I know they are the leaders in Gastro care. Please help because I cannot keep going on like this day in and day out. This is a plea because I seriously contemplate other alternatives that I do not want to do but I feel I cannot live a happy life like this. This is ruining my life and family.


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