Free eBook: Curation for B2B Content Marketing Download our NEW 40 page eBook on using content curation in content marketing. As most of you know content marketing is a marathon and not a sprint. A big part of content marketing is about generating long term thought leadership and brand equity — using content to educate. You can certainly accelerate ROI with tools like our own B2B ContentEngine for content curation to help increase social media sharing and generate frequent blog content for SEO and subscribers. You can also use paid campaigns such as Google ads or social media advertising to drive traffic to your premium content (which can be a good idea if the ROI is there ). But, the best benefit comes overtime when you get a growing newsletter subscriber base and increasing organic search engine and social media traffic driven by consistent content (original and curated). This case study by Brafton illustrates this. Their customer grew their organic traffic over 50%, and their lead conversions grew at 42%. I published another case study with similar success using a curation strategy to accelerate these numbers, see it here . This piece is well worth reading in full… Content marketing is a marathon – not a sprint. But when 60 percent of brands add fresh content at least weekly and the broad majority use up to 12 formats, fast and steady and  quality  ”wins the race.” It sounds like a tall order, but consistent, premium output is key to earning and maintaining audience interest. One of Brafton’s clients in the rapidly growing cloud-based phone systems industry, ShoreTel Sky , offers a prime example of how regularly posting relevant content can build influence and win web leads. “If we had to do content marketing in house, frequent publication wouldn’t have been sustainable.” – Amber Newman, senior marketing communications manager for Shoretel Sky When Shoretel Sky was first setting content marketing goals, the company wanted a strategy that not only demonstrated the importance of cloud-based phone systems, but also showed the brand’s expertise and thought leadership in a competitive field. “Our whole industry is growing rapidly, in terms of adoption and technological developments. Because of this, buyers want to know more. This need really lends itself to content marketing,” said Amber Newman, senior marketing communications manager for Shoretel Sky. [ by Tracy Kilcoyne ᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ from Brafton ] [ Read more: Case study: Content marketing [...]

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