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  • Como Comprar Cialis Pela Internet No Brasil Zooarchaeology professor receives signal honor Another significant honor comes to zooarchaeologist Elizabeth Reitz. The Society for American Archaeology presents the Fryxell Award to scientists demonstrating...

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    ORIGINAL ARTICLES TRANSLATIONS 1/1/16 (Chinese) CSI再見!「CSI犯罪現場:最終回」陪你跨年聯手破解15年來最終案件! AXN 美國影集史上不朽的經典犯罪影集「CSI犯罪現場」(CSI: Crime Scene Investigation),於第十五季播出後宣告全劇終,並特別為陪伴影迷走過十五個年頭的「CSI犯罪現場」拍攝大結局-以兩小時的特別版電視電影「CSI犯罪現場:最終回」(THE FINAL: CSI)畫下完美句點◦ AXN將於...

  • La sonda Juno, de la NASA, llega hoy a Júpiter con una misión muy clara: comprender el origen y la evolución del planeta más grande del Sistema Solar para resolver las cuestiones aún pendientes sobre la propia evolución de nuestro sistema. Para ello...

  • Astronomy Now: ESO 137-001 is a perfect example of a spiral galaxy zipping through a crammed cluster of galaxies. Gas is being pulled from its disc in a process called ram pressure stripping. The galaxy appears to be losing gas as it plunges through...

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    The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry promotes science and scientific inquiry, critical thinking, science education, and the use of reason in examining important issues. It encourages the critical inves...

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