Hi everyone! :wavey:

This wil be my first ever build thread so please let me know what I can do to improve it. :)

I'm from the UK and have just recently joined this forum after being a member of the UK Honda Civic forum (civinfo). I owned a Honda Civic TypeR Championship White for about 2 years and due to long work commutes and high fuel costs, I decided to opt for a more fuel efficient drive.

At first I thought about downgrading from TypeR to TypeS diesel but didn't like the thought of buying a lower grade of the same car after owning the R. The CTR was fantastic and a joy to drive, so I didn't mind holding on for the right car........

Here are a few photos of my last ride. :thumbsup:

Attachment 21953 Attachment 21961 Attachment 21969 Attachment 21977 Attachment 21985

Then came the CR-Z, looks awesome and very fuel efficient so I heard, therefore it was a win win. :D

At first I was only after a CR-Z Sport GT as it had the panoramic sunroof but then I settled with a very tidy and well looked after 2011 Sport with GT alloys and 25K mileage. :)

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