We've had some great destination experts on our Princess cruises but neither of us can ever remember their names so we're hoping someone out there can help and share your own memories of best lecturers along the way.

In Alaska on the Coral a few years ago there was a wonderful blond headed adventurer whose love of Alaska and his job was really obvious. Everyone on the boat was disappointed when the Rangers came on for the day in the National Park. They weren't nearly as informative and fun as 'whatshisname'.

Transiting the Panama Canal we were fortunate to have a terrific lecturer too. I think his name was Bill? The day of the transit he started broadcasting about 6-6.30 am and because we were delayed he didn't sign off until almost 8 pm. He talked almost non stop all day and his information was never boring and he never sounded bored. I honestly don't know how he kept it up. We ran into him at dinner and he was still excited even though he'd done the trip heaps of times before.

Another time James someone the Customer Services Manager on the Diamond stepped in at the last moment to give some wonderful first hand experience type lectures on Asian ports. He pulled together his own photos and stories to give some really helpful information.

Anyone know our destination experts?

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