Do you think the best way to experience the world is through your stomach? We can't always just hop on a plane, but we can get a taste of other cultures through travel food blogs. Read on for the top blogs to get your mouth watering.

Top Must-Read Travel Food Blogs

Adventurous and always hungry, travel food bloggers bring the world to your screens, with tales of faraway lands, exotic dishes, and even recipes to make at home.

CreditDonkey explored the travel food blogosphere to find the very best ones to follow. These bloggers have been all around the world, sharing mouth-watering photos and inspiring stories. From food trucks around America to cruises in Europe to roadside stalls in Asia, they are on a hunt to discover hidden culinary gems.

Even if you don't have much of a travel budget of your own, you can virtually dine and imbibe your way through these bloggers' travels. Read on and find yourself swept across continents in search of hearty meals, learn yummy recipes, and gather recommendations on where to go on your next trip.

Here are the top travel food blogs for a delicious reading experience.

Fat Couple Travels
A self-described "fat couple" from Singapore explores the region and eats together everywhere they go.

Why Fat Couple Travels is a Top Travel Food Blog: Detailed posts with lots of photos and food itineraries to make the most of destinations throughout Asia.

A Travel for Taste
Midwesterner Karren Doll Tolliver moved to Europe to experience all the region has to offer, from the fabulous destinations to the unique food.

Why A Travel for Taste is a Top Travel Food Blog: Karren takes readers inside local markets and the best eateries everywhere she visits.

Mother of two Vania Samperuru combines her talent for travel, food, and photography into a beautiful blog of great recipes and favorite restaurants.

Why Adventurlicious is a Top Travel Food Blog: Vania showcases Asian cuisine through the restaurants she recommends and the recipes she shares.

Eats and Treats

Indonesia native Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto may be young, but he is very experienced when it comes to food; he shares his knowledge with food reviews and recommendations around Indonesia and southeast Asia.

Why Eats and Treats is a Top Travel Food Blog: The blog covers a wide variety of food, from American favorites with an Asian twist to desserts and cultural dishes.

Read: Mie Hcm Plaza Semanggi-Jakarta
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Food and Travel with Des
Barbados-born Des is an international businesswoman whose work travels take her around the world. On her way she tries the best food she can find.

Why Food and Travel with Des is a Top Travel Food Blog: Find the best places for drinks, steaks, cruise food, and more around the world.

Grab Your Fork

A lover of a cheap eat and good food, Helen Yee is on a culinary adventure around Sydney and the world; her blog is a place to share her best bites.

Why Grab Your Fork is a Top Travel Food Blog: A must-read blog for anyone traveling to Australia, Helen provides great pictures and recommendations for where and what to eat.

Read: Oregano Bakert, South Hurstville
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Lannae's Food and Travel
Lannae Long likes to eat local, wherever local happens to be. She travels the world to experience the culture and cuisine.

Why Lannae's Food and Travel is a Top Travel Food Blog: Lannae's stories combine the cultural or historical significance of an attraction or event with the area's local cuisine.

Musings of a Traveling Foodie
Written by a foodie on a quest to find the best food in the San Francisco area, this blog also takes readers on culinary adventures around the world.

Why Musings of a Traveling Foodie is a Top Travel Food Blog: From local favorites to street food and fancy restaurants, these reviews cover it all.

Legal Nomads

Former lawyer Jodi Ettenberg travels the world to share how food shapes her travel and cultural experiences.

Why Legal Nomads is a Top Travel Food Blog: Jodi provides extensive travel guides and food recommendations around the globe, as well as a gluten-free guide to help travelers with dietary concerns.

Read: How to Eat Street Food Without Getting Sick
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A Little Adrift

Global traveler Shannon has written books and won awards for her adventures, which she shares along with recipes and global food tips on her blog.

Why A Little Adrift is a Top Travel Food Blog: Find the most authentic and best places to eat around the world, and then recreate those tastes with simple, at-home recipes.

Read: A Little Crush... Uncovering the Charm of Tbilis, Georgia
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Bacon is Magic

Ayngelina is a professional eater (her husband is a professional chef), and their blog shows how they balance their love of food and travel as they share recipes and eating adventures.

Why Bacon is Magic is a Top Travel Food Blog: Get useful food guides for around the world as well as creative recipes to try at home, many of which include bacon.

Read: How 5 Years of Travel Changed My Life
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Kirbie's Cravings

San Diego-based Kirbie and her husband love to explore in the kitchen and around California; her blog is full of the best local eateries and fresh recipes.

Why Kirbie's Cravings is a Top Travel Food Blog: Search by restaurant name, type, or type of recipe to make it easy to find the perfect place to eat.

Read: 3 Ingredient Flourless Peanut Butter Cake
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Eat Like a Girl

London-based writer Niamh loves fresh dishes with rich flavor and great ingredients. Her blog shares where to find the best food around the world and how to make it at home.

Why Eat Like a Girl is a Top Travel Food Blog: Niamh connects food with culture to give her readers a rich understanding of the significance of a dish; she also provides delicious recipes.

Read: Dispatches from the West Waterford Festival of Food Ireland
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Katie Parla

Katie Parla has an impressive resume of food-related education and books and writes about food and drinks and the people behind it on her Rome-based travel blog.

Why Katie Parla is a Top Travel Food Blog: Katie's extensive knowledge about food and drinks comes out in her writing as she provides great tips and recommendations for Rome and the rest of the world.

Read: My Guide to Eating and Drinking in Rome 2016 Edition
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Ms. Adventures in Italy

As an American living in Italy, Sara Rosso gets to explore the region and taste the great food Europe has to offer.

Why Ms. Adventures in Italy is a Top Travel Food Blog: Get travel guides and food recommendations for towns across Italy and Europe.

Read: On Open Doors
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Tiny Urban Kitchen

Jen Che loves to experiment in her kitchen and in her travels; her blog shares her favorite eats around the world.

Why Tiny Urban Kitchen is a Top Travel Food Blog: Jen's recommendations center around Boston, as well as other destinations around the U.S. and the world.

Read: Best New Boston Restaurants 2015
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Cook Sister

Former lawyer Jeanne Horak-Druiff travels throughout South Africa and around the world, sharing recipes and restaurant reviews as she goes.

Why Cook Sister is a Top Travel Food Blog: The blog is a great mixture of unique food recommendations when traveling and creative recipes to try when at home.

Read: Seven South African Wine Estates You Need to Visit
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Chubby Hubby

Aun Koh and his wife Su-Lyn love food and share their culinary and travel experiences across Southeast Asia and the world.

Why Chubby Hubby is a Top Travel Food Blog: The blog is a great resource for food travel destinations as well as general tips on how to get the most out of culinary travels.

Read: Jaan, Under Chef Kirk Westaway, Remains Fantastic
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Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome

Author Elizabeth Minichilli moved to Italy to experience the culture, which she now shares via her favorite restaurants and food tips on the blog.

Why Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome is a Top Travel Food Blog: A great resource for anyone traveling to Italy, Elizabeth highlights the best classes, restaurants, markets, and more in every city in the country.

Read: Eating and Walking in Trastevere (Rome)
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Misadventures with Andi

With her French husband, Andi Fisher is traveling the world in an RV; she shares her favorite places to eat and new foods to try along the way.

Why Misadventures with Andi is a Top Travel Food Blog: Andi mixes travel tips and attraction guides with restaurant reviews for a great trip with even better food.

Read: Adventures in Hilo Redux
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The Ulterior Epicure
Former lawyer Bonjwing Lee gave up his law career to travel the world and find the best food each country has to offer.

Why The Ulterior Epicure is a Top Travel Food Blog: Bonjwing reviews all kinds of restaurants in regions across the world.

Read: Best Dishes of 2015
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Fuchsia Dunlop

Fuchsia Dunlop is an acclaimed food writer focusing on Chinese cuisine and the best ways to experience it throughout Asia.

Why Fuchsia Dunlop is a Top Travel Food Blog: Readers can learn about unique aspects of global cuisine, especially Chinese, and learn how to make the most of a traveling culinary experience.

Read: A Taste of Xi'an in North London
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Maroc Mama

Always driven by fearless travel and adventure, Amanda moved her family back to her native Marrakesh, Morocco to explore the tastes and sights of the region.

Why Maroc Mama is a Top Travel Food Blog: There aren't many travel bloggers from Africa, so Amanda's unique perspective and introduction to the food sets her apart.

Read: 35 Places Around the World to See With Your Kids Before They Grow Up
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The Travel Bite

With a belief that nothing brings people together like food, Rachelle Lucas travels the world to better understand culture and locals over a shared meal.

Why The Travel Bite is a Top Travel Food Blog: Rachelle shares experiences with accommodations, airlines, and attractions, but especially cultural information on food around the world to provide her readers with a better understanding of the cuisine.

Read: Top 7 Things to Do in Porto, Portugal
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Hungry Australian

Australian Christina Soong loves a delicious meal and a great trip. She combines them on her blog with tales of global adventures and recipes from a variety of cuisines.

Why Hungry Australian is a Top Travel Food Blog: Enjoy beautiful pictures of global travels and delicious recipes to bring home a taste of the world.

Read: Chia Smoothie Bowl (Dilmah Green Tea Remix)
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Expat Edna

Edna has been traveling the globe since graduating more than five years ago; her unique itinerary and experiences showcase global flavors.

Why Expat Edna is a Top Travel Food Blog: With such steady travel, Edna can showcase meals from different corners of the globe in the same week.

Read: Five Years On: How I Moved Abroad After College and Built a Career Through Travel
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Behind the Food Carts

Kim and Phil want to showcase the people and passion behind food trucks; their blog showcases food trucks around the country.

Why Behind the Food Carts is a Top Travel Food Blog: See a huge variety of food styles and food truck locations and get an inside look inside the tiny mobile kitchens.

Read: 9 Food Truck Dishes Across America
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Fed Man Walking

Former newspaper restaurant reviewer Mike Sutter uses his blog as a continuation of his column, with reviews and recommendations around Texas and the country.

Why Fed Man Walking is a Top Travel Food Blog: Get honest reviews and recommendations, especially for burgers in Austin.

Read: Austin's Top 10 BBQ
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English Mum

Mom of two, Becky's favorite way to travel is on a cruise ship; her blog showcases her cruising and culinary adventures across the globe.

Why English Mum is a Top Travel Food Blog: Get food reviews and recommendations for across Europe, as well as a glimpse into the food-loving side of cruising.

Read: Eating Organic on a Budget
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Mark Wiens believes migrationology is a long-term process to travel and get in touch with your passions; in his case it's a passion for great food and people.

Why Migrationology is a Top Travel Food Blog: Mark showcases the best food around the world, from big restaurants to street carts and local markets.

Read: Spiral Buffet at Sofitel Manila: Is this Asia's Grandest Buffet?
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Pratesi Living

Written by a chef with years of food experience and a love of European travel, this blog showcases where food comes from around the world.

Why Pratesi Living is a Top Travel Food Blog: Find out about the source for global food from the best farmers, markets, and restaurants in the world.

Read: Exploring Grand Bahama Island
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Lambs' Ears and Honey

No matter where she is in the world, Amanda McInerney aims to find the best local food and eat it with locals; her blog is full of recommendations and tips.

Why Lambs' Ears and Honey is a Top Travel Food Blog: Learn how to eat food around the world and get tips to use on your travels and in your kitchen.

Read: The Kitchenaid Cook Processor vs the Thermomix--My Comparison
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Will Travel for Food

Born and raised in Lebanon, Mayssam Samaha moved to New York City before settling in Montreal. She is a frequent world traveler and tries food everywhere she goes.

Why Will Travel for Food is a Top Travel Food Blog: From fancy restaurants to local dive bars, Mayssam is open to trying anything to experience the culinary culture.

Read: Great Montreal Restaurants that are Open Late
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CC Food Travel

Malaysia-based couple Mei and Jo journal their travel adventures around the region, many of which center around food.

Why CC Food Travel is a Top Travel Food Blog: Get food and restaurant recommendations for an eclectic mixture of flavors and destinations.

Read: An Evening of Indulgence: The Launch of Double Gold
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Fran lives to eat, which she talks about through restaurant recommendations, food and travel guides, and recipes from her life in Manila and Singapore.

Why Frannywanny is a Top Travel Food Blog: Fran brings a unique Asian spin to her recipes and restaurant recommendations, giving readers the most authentic taste of the region.

Read: Wimi Ice Cream: Thai Coconut Ice Cream in Singapore
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Spanish Sabores

Lauren moved to Spain to teach English and learn about Spanish food; her discoveries take her around the country to meet with farmers, see markets, and visit restaurants.

Why Spanish Sabores is a Top Travel Food Blog: Lauren offers detailed food guides for nearly every city in Spain, including where to eat and learn about the country's food.

Read: 16 Spanish Words You Need to Know Before Dining Out in Spain
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With Husband in Tow

Husband and wife Amber and Eric travel the world looking for new adventures in food and wine.

Why With Husband in Tow is a Top Travel Food Blog: Amber and Eric have traveled around the world and showcase the best ways to eat and enjoy food, from markets to restaurants and cooking classes.

Read: A Spain Food Travel Guide
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Belly Rumbles

Based in Sydney, Sara McCleary has established herself as one of the region's best travel and food bloggers as she shares her favorite global restaurants and recipes.

Why Belly Rumbles is a Top Travel Food Blog: With beautiful pictures, Sara shares her best travel dining experiences, especially at resorts and on cruise ships.

Read: Strawberry Cheesecake Sponge Cake
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Dining Traveler

Jessica van Dop DeJesus lived around Europe before settling in Washington, D.C., where she focused on food-related luxury travel.

Why Dining Traveler is a Top Travel Food Blog: A great resource for Washington, D.C. restaurant and hotel reviews, as well as food tips from around the world.

Read: Puerto Rico Road Trip: East Coast
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Food and the Fabulous

On a mission to find connections between travel, food, and culture, South African writer Ishay Govender-Ypma shares travel tips, adventures, food stories, and recipes from around the world.

Why Food and the Fabulous is a Top Travel Food Blog: A great guide to food around the world, with special sections on international markets and road trips.

Read: Discovering Dar es Salaam--a Real Taste of the Dar
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Our Tasty Travels

Erin and Brett, expats living in The Netherlands and Belize, have a passion for great food and wine. They share their passion along with recommendations for events, restaurants, and foods to try around the world.

Why Our Tasty Travels is a Top Travel Food Blog: The authors have been to more than 60 countries, so their recommendations are extensive and cover a wide range of locations and types of food, with a special emphasis on alcohol.

Read: Sushi Dai at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan
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A Girl Has to Eat

As a self-described foodie who ate her way through New York City, the blogger uses her culinary knowledge to review and experience restaurants around the world.

Why A Girl Has to Eat is a Top Travel Food Blog: Hotel and restaurant recommendations and reviews no matter where in the world you travel.

Read: Flavours of Mexico
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Ever in Transit

Cassie Kifer is constantly on the hunt for the next great meal, which she looks for on her explorations around California and the world.

Why Ever in Transit is a Top Travel Food Blog: Cassie is a vegetarian and highlights great meatless meals and restaurants from her travels.

Read: 7 Epic View of Chicago
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Luscious Lushes

Software professional by day, Thea is a wine and travel enthusiast by night who blogs about her winery visits around the country and the world.

Why Luscious Lushes is a Top Travel Food Blog: A go-to guide for wine enthusiasts looking to add a little wine tasting to their trip, Thea's guides make travel planning easy.

Read: Horizontal Tasting: Mariah Vineyards Pinot Noir from Cartograph and Waits Mast
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Love Swah

Swah is an Australian lover of all things beautiful, from travel and food to design. She shares travel guides and the best restaurants and recipes around the world.

Why Love Swah is a Top Travel Food Blog: Swah brings a unique, art-centered perspective to her travels and culinary adventures.

Read: Super Easy Mini Salted Caramel Tarts
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Live Less Ordinary

Allan and Fanfan Wilson have traveled the world extensively to present rich stories of the culture, destinations, and food of each region.

Why Live Less Ordinary is a Top Travel Food Blog: Many of the tips and food recommendations center around locations in Asia, but it also provides general travel and food tips.

Read: Essential Eating: 50 Foods in Asia
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The Cultereur

Nyssa is a global traveler who enjoys the finer things in life; from luxury hotels to gourmet restaurants, she shares travel guides and recommendations around the world.

Why The Cultereur is a Top Travel Food Blog: Nyssa's expertise provides recommendations for luxury restaurants around the world in a variety of genres and locations.

Read: Food Entprenreuneur Erin Sabo, a Pop-Up Chef in Detroit
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Passport Delicious

In order to motivate herself to explore her current town of London, Krista started a blog to showcase her culinary journeys; it has since transformed into a great source for European food reviews.

Why Passport Delicious is a Top Travel Food Blog: Krista showcases food tours, markets, farmers, restaurants, and bars to create a full culinary experience on all of her travels.

Read: Win Two Free Day Passes to the Chelsea Flower Show
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Hot and Chilli

With ties to nearly every continent, Rosana McPhee finds joy in her eating adventures around the world.

Why Hot and Chilli is a Top Travel Food Blog: Get inspired to eat your way around the world with honest restaurant reviews and a vast array of recipes.

Read: Brazilian Crisp Chicken and Watermelon
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FEAST: An Edible Road Trip

Lindsay Anderson and Dana VanVeller set out to traverse Canada and explore regional cuisine. Their blog has turned into a great source for recipes and global food recommendations.

Why FEAST: An Edible Road Trip is a Top Travel Food Blog: Get to know Canadian food and explore regional recipes from across the country.

Read: The Grand Tour, and a Farewell
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Taste Trekkers

Headed by dedicated traveler Seth Resler, the blog brings together travelers on the hunt for the next best dish around the world.

Why Taste Trekkers is a Top Travel Food Blog: Find top-five lists for cities around the world, plus podcasts, travel guides, and food tour itineraries.

Read: Cajun Food in Lafayette, Louisiana
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Silk Road Gourmet
Laura Kelley focuses on the historical and cultural significance of cuisines around the world as she shares food experiences and global recipes.

Why Silk Road Gourmet is a Top Travel Food Blog: A great way to get acquainted with the history and cuisine of an area before or during your travels.

Read: The Introduction of Chili Peppers to India

The Wandering Gourmand

Balancing a "normal" life in the U.S. with a love of world travel, Bryan Richards shares his adventures in search of great food and craft beer.

Why The Wandering Gourmand is a Top Travel Food Blog: Bryan reviews restaurants and hotels around the country and the world, with a big emphasis on craft beer and breweries.

Read: Orlando Beyond the Theme Parks--Hipmunk City Love
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The GastroGnome

Seattle-based writer Naomi Tomky combines her love of travel and food to share culinary experiences and food descriptions from diverse locations around the world.

Why The GastroGnome is a Top Travel Food Blog: Naomi shares honest food experiences to give readers a true sense of the food culture in an area; she also has food guides for many cities in the U.S.

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Eat Cook Explore

Londoner May is adventurous in her travels and her meals; she writes about the best places to eat and experience the myriad of flavors throughout England.

Why Eat Cook Explore is a Top Travel Food Blog: The blog is full of reviews and lists of the best restaurants in all genres.

Read: The Queen Names Britannia Cruise Ship and a First Look Inside
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Funnelogy Channel

Nicolas and Gabriella bring their cultural backgrounds and global living experiences into their food and travel blog, where they share new recipes and culinary highlights from their travels.

Why Funnelogy Channel is a Top Travel Food Blog: Get a glimpse of everyday food from around the world and learn how to make food a big part of your travels.

Read: It's a Banh Eat Banh World
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Bionic Bites

Food obsessed Tia Kim will eat anything, from food cart food to dishes cooked by the world's best chefs. Based in New York, she also takes her adventurous appetite on the road.

Why Bionic Bites is a Top Travel Food Blog: Tia shares great dishes around the world, with a focus on casual dining and quick eats.

Read: Carby Bites at Mei Yu Spring - NYC
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The Trail of Crumbs

Americans living in Paris, Adrian and Danielle are creative food lovers; they share culinary travel itineraries and experiences eating at and working with restaurants around Europe.

Why The Trail of Crumbs is a Top Travel Food Blog: Adrian and Danielle are on the cutting edge of travel food trends, so you can find out about culinary travel experiences and food to try before it gets popular.

Read: Hero--Korean Fried Chicken in Paris
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A Taste of Travel

From big cities to the countryside, ex-travel agent Jenny lives to travel and makes an effort to put food at the center of her adventures.

Why A Taste of Travel is a Top Travel Food Blog: Jenny is willing to splurge on a great meal and provides quality recommendations at popular destinations around the world.

Read: Vis: The Best Island in Croatia
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Dee de los Santos grew up with a love of food, which she now uses as she reviews restaurants and food experiences on her travels around the world.

Why Gastrofork is a Top Travel Food Blog: Dee provides great pictures and food information for locations across North America and other parts of the world.

Read: Wendy's New BBQ Chicken Ranch Salad and Jalapeno Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich
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Nelson Carvalheiro

As a former hotel manager, Nelson Carvalheiro loves meeting people and hearing travel stories; now as a photographer and travel writer, he shares his best travel stories and meals on his blog.

Why Nelson Carvalheiro is a Top Travel Food Blog: Nelson travels to places off the beaten path to give his readers a unique look at food and culture.

Read: Best Secret Restaurants in Lisbon
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The Hedonista

Sarah Walton has worked multiple jobs in the food and wine industry. She now lives in Dubai and travels around the region and the world; for her, food is the most essential part of travel.

Why The Hedonista is a Top Travel Food Blog: Many of Sarah's posts discuss how to participate in culinary travels with kids and as a family.

Read: Eating at Dubai, Restaurants, Reviews
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Eating the Globe

Valen Dawson uses maps as her menus to experience great food around the world; her extensive travels help her compile lists of the best places to get certain types of food across the globe.

Why Eating the Globe is a Top Travel Food Blog: Get recommendations on must-try restaurants, from fine dining to local hole-in-the-wall favorites.

Read: Your Guide to the Best Indian Street Food
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Accidental Epicurean

Expat Joanna is living and working in Asia, and she regularly travels throughout the region to share food reviews and recommendations.

Why Accidental Epicurean is a Top Travel Food Blog: Joanna provides a great look at Asian food of all kinds, from snacks to quick eats and gourmet meals.

Read: Never Drink Alone Again--Now There's Wine for Cats in Japan
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Food Booze and Baggage

Mariah loves to travel and enjoy the best food and alcohol she can, which she shares on her California-based blog.

Why Food Booze and Baggage is a Top Travel Food Blog: Mariah is proudly child-free and brings a unique perspective to food travel without kids.

Read: San Diego Bucket List
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S Marks the Spot

Currently based in Brussels, Sandy is on a mission to showcase the food and culture of the region as well as the rest of Europe.

Why S Marks the Spot is a Top Travel Food Blog: Find the best places to eat and how to get the most of a European foodie experience.

Read: 10 Things to Do On Sunday in Brussels
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Jimmy Eats World

Jimmy Dau quit his job and left Australia in search of the world's best food; he has traveled through Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America, and more to share his culinary highlights.

Why Jimmy Eats World is a Top Travel Food Blog: From street food to high-class dining and indigenous food, Jimmy covers a huge variety of global meals.

Read: Postcards from Iran; My Favourite Images
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Travel and Food Notes
Meryl Pearlstein's work and hobbies encompass discovering new experiences in luxury travel, especially adventures surrounding food and the arts; she shares her best tips, finds and destinations on her blog.

Why Travel and Food Notes is a Top Travel Food Blog: Get restaurant and food experience recommendations for New York City and the rest of the world, from top dining spots to markets and culinary tours.

Read: You Can Still Book Dinner in NYC for Thanksgiving: Check Out These Great Restaurants
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Adventurous Appetite

When she set out to teach English in Korea, Jennifer didn't realize she would be bit by the travel bug and end up living and traveling through Southeast Asia and South America. On her blog, she combines her travel adventures with her love of food.

Why Adventurous Appetite is a Top Travel Food Blog: Turn eating into more than just a sit-down restaurant experience with Jennifer's food tour itineraries and suggestions for cultural celebration cuisine.

Read: Exploring Night Markets with Untour Shanghai
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The Rare Welsh Bit

Kacie Morgan is relatively new to global travel, so her enthusiasm and love of food shows through, no matter if she in on the beach in Jamaica or eating in her neighborhood in Wales.

Why The Rare Welsh Bit is a Top Travel Food Blog: Kacie reviews all kinds of food, ranging from the traditional to the quirky.

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Ordinary Girl, Extraordinary Dreamer
Australian girl Jess stepped out of her normal life to travel the world and gain experience with the best food and culture.

Why Ordinary Girl, Extraordinary Dreamer is a Top Travel Food Blog: Learn about the best restaurants around the world and how different cultures embrace food.

Read: Eat Here: Cheshire, Melbourne (brunch/cafe)

The Hungry Traveler Blog

Classically trained chef Jordan Hamons makes food her destination wherever she travels. From domestic adventures to global treks, she blogs about the best food around the world.

Why The Hungry Traveler Blog is a Top Travel Food Blog: Jordan's background in professional food service gives her a unique perspective to what makes food successful.

Read: My Favorite Foods to Eat in Paris
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Will Fly for Food

With backgrounds in travel, food, and writing, the blog is a natural way for JB and Renee, based in the Philippines, to share their culinary experiences around the world.

Why Will Fly for Food is a Top Travel Food Blog: Find the best food on every continent, as well as tips for travel and making food an integral part of any trip.

Read: The First-Timer's Safe Travel Guide to Manila Philippines (From a Local)
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A Matter of Taste

Polish-born Aga learned the art of food at an early age and now constantly expands her food knowledge with culinary experiences and recipes from around the world.

Why A Matter of Taste is a Top Travel Food Blog: Aga posts recommendations and reviews for restaurants, coffee shops, and food experiences, as well as hotels, destinations, and other travel and food-related thoughts.

Read: Polish Inspired Burger
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Food and Travel Blog
Mihaela and Dana have very different backgrounds and experiences, but they have one thing in common: a love for food and travel; their blog showcases two approaches to enjoying food on the road.

Why Food and Travel Blog is a Top Travel Food Blog: Learn about destinations around the world and get food recommendations from two experienced travelers with differing palates.

Read: It's OK to Spend All Your Money on Travelling

Travel Food Finds

Formerly based in Cebu, Aileen is always on the move to find the best new places to explore and things to eat; she shares her best travel finds on her blog.

Why Travel Food Finds is a Top Travel Food Blog: Aileen showcases some of the best kept secrets of attractions and food throughout Asia, the U.S., and the world.

Read: Varanasi India | Stops Hostel
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The Curious Appetite

Lifelong foodie Coral Sisk loves all things Italian, from the language to the food. She showcases her education and years of experience with Italian food on her blog.

Why The Curious Appetite is a Top Travel Food Blog: Learn about wine pairings, great Italian food, and where to eat and drink around Italy.

Read: An Alternative Guide to the ""Best"" Restaurants in Florence
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New Yorker Meets London

Laurie Wang made the jump to London from New York after college and now travels extensively throughout Europe; no matter where she goes, food is always the most important thing on the itinerary.

Why New Yorker Meets London is a Top Travel Food Blog: Laurie shares her best meals and favorite places to eat throughout London and Europe.

Read: Alpine Adventure--A Weekend in Val Thorens
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San Diego Food and Travel

Attorney and food writer Michael Gardiner spends his free time exploring California and the rest of the country with his wife as they review and look for the best places to eat and drink.

Why San Diego Food and Travel is a Top Travel Food Blog: Reviews of the best restaurants in the country, as well as travel tips and how to make food the best part of your trip.

Read: Brigantine Wins Soon to be Former Anthony's Iconic Waterside Location

Anne Travel Foodie

Anne has always had a love of food and baking, but it has turned into a passion for travel and healthy food in recent years. From her home based in Amsterdam, she has traveled and eaten in more than 40 countries.

Why Anne Travel Foodie is a Top Travel Food Blog: Anne blogs about the best places to get healthy food, as well as her favorite healthy recipes with international flavors.

Read: Haarlem
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Eat Your World

Writer and photographer Laura Siciliano-Rosen and Scott Rosen believe food is an insight into an area's culture; they provide food recommendations for locations around the world.

Why Eat Your World is a Top Travel Food Blog: Learn about distinct foods from all areas, especially items that are locally sourced and grown.

Read: Best Spots for Dutch Beer in Amsterdam
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Newlyweds Nial and Helen bonded over a love of food and travel and now share their favorite recipes and culinary travel experiences from their home base in Northern Ireland.

Why Pikalily is a Top Travel Food Blog: The blog introduces readers to the stories behind great food and also provides recipes with international flavors.

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Lisa Eats World

Always looking for her next adventure, Lisa is on a quest to "eat the world" and experience all the food and culture it has to offer.

Why Lisa Eats World is a Top Trave

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