An older home that is not on a foundation can suffer from sagging or bowing floors. This can be another very expensive item that you would have to take care of out of your pocket. You don't want to purchase a home that is going to cost you a tremendous amount to repair. By the time that you pair for large repairs, you could have paid for half of the cost of a newly built home.

Furthermore, this tip also applies to everything else in your house - including your clothes, personal effects and others. Doing so would benefit you when it comes to the next tip.

Using legal real estate forms, including rental property forms is a must when it comes to investing. You should always keep records of all your real estate forms such as: residential rental application, landlord deposit, tenant background check, rental lease, and any notice to landlord or tenant eviction. That way you are more secure if it has to come to litigation. There are also tools and courses new investors can take advantage of: Instant background check, home repair cost calculator, Landlord Toolkit, Mortgage loan tips, and Tax free real estate investing are just a few.

Believe it or not, this simple chore greatly aids in home winterization. Blockage in your home gutters, such as leaves and debris, traps water and snow inside. The water and snow then become ice, which expands and begins to seep moisture into your home. This not only makes for a colder house, it also causes damage. Take the time to scoop fall leaves and sticks from your gutters using a spatula or spoon. Then give the gutters a good rinse, or get them cleaned by a professional.

#3: There are cheaper ways to remedy chipped window repair kit and mirrors than replacing them. A mirror with a slight crack in one corner can be easily improved by adding some decorative trim. Another unique idea would be to take the pieces of a broken mirror and create a mirror mosaic on one wall.

Take out any incandescent light bulbs you have and replace them with energy efficient bulbs. These bulbs will give off more light and last longer, not to mention lower your utility costs and put less strain on the environment. Switch all of your old, inefficient light bulbs with newer, more energy efficient bulbs.

Take a walk around the foundation and look for cracks or other structural damage and seal them. Inspect supporting beams under your deck for water damage or signs of rotting. Check that seals around outdoor taps, pipes, and windows are leak free and repair any caulking that has come away. It's also advisable to caulk around your whole house every 3-4 years. Clean your gutters, check for leaks and make sure they haven't come loose. While you're up there take a look at your roof for any broken shingles or signs of lifting.

The final step to help plants survive a move is preparation. In the weeks before the move, make sure to prune and fertilize the plants. Much like a human body, a health plant has a much better chance of surviving the trauma of a move than one that is sickly.

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