“Your voice, your hopes and your dreams will define our beloved Buffalo Bills destiny. Together we will make our defense strong again. And your Courage and good and love over the past 17 seasons of no post season Will forever guide us along the way. Together we will make the passing game unstoppable again. We will make the Bills salary cap financial situation wealthy again. We will make The Buffalo Bills Proud again. We will make the parking lot safe again. And yes, together we will make Our Buffalo Bills great again. Thank You. God Bless You and God Bless our Buffalo Bills. Thank you and God Bless America.”

(Wayne’s World Dream Sequence Noises now-end dream)

Hello…hello? Morning. Ugghh. I hope I wasn’t snoring. Oh …I am so sorry. Let me splash some cold water on my face and wake up and grab a grape Five Hour Energy shooter. Dang Jim Rome got me hooked on those things promoting them so long on his radio show. Get your stuff together Scott. I am so embarrassed. I should not fall asleep when I sit down to write. I was actually dreaming that the above speech was being delivered by Bills general manager Doug Whaley after introducing the new coaches and coordinators in Orchard Park, the capital of Bills Country.

What in the world did I eat before this unintentional nap? Eating??…What was I smoking to dream Doug Whaley had a crowd fired up and was passionate saying things that make my heart race as I get the chills and goose bumps as I did at the AFC Pep Rally in Minnesota way back in 1992 the very morning that Buffalo went on to lose Superbowl 26 against the Redskins. What the heck is Doug Whaley doing in my dream?

I saw his press conference recently. We have all heard him interviewed. This is not Doug Whaley even in another dimension or parallel universe. This is not Doug Whaley on Steroids. Wow. This really was awkward. I shall pretend this didn’t happen and move on. Continuing the slow learning process of knowing my A, B, C’s should get me focused so awkward dreams that I actually write about refrain from occurring ever again.


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Things we know about the Buffalo Bills This Week:

G = Got the coordinators hired decidedly.

The Bills already had the defensive coordinator position in place in Leslie Frazier who is the former head coach of the Vikings. Prior to that promotion he was the defensive coordinator in Minnesota and held various other NFL coaching positions over an 18 year NFL coaching career.

The offensive coordinator position was successfully filled Thursday night with the hiring of experienced offensive coordinator Rick Dennison who ran the offense on two separate occasions in Denver. He won three Super Bowls in his two stints in Colorado, the first being the special teams coordinator. He has 22 years of NFL coaching experience, most of it being part of Coach Kubiak’s teams including his time he spent in Houston.

H = Holding players accountable

After LeSean McCoy and Sammy Watkins went public proclaiming the next head coach needs more accountability and discipline for the team, coach Sean McDermott made it clear that that is will be the case for everyone involved, not just the players. This particular area has never been a problem for the Bills new Head Coach.

I = Injuries

Sammy Watkins had his foot operated on again and should be ready for training camp. Shaq Lawson had minor knee surgery. These are two players Buffalo needs healthy to be competitive next season and were two key players that missed significant times due to having surgeries.

J = Jim Kelly

Some younger fans have been getting all over Jim Kelly for his recent honest input regarding Tyrod Taylor as well as the coaching searches and hires. They say he is from another era and should keep his comments to himself. Jim Kelly is a Hall of Famer, a League MVP, Pro Bowler and four-time AFC Champion.

He was a leader who held himself and his teammates to extremely high standards. The man has endured a great deal in his personal life with the loss of his son Hunter as well as his own battle with cancer two separate times. He is an alumnus of the Buffalo Bills. He is on the Wall of Fame and has an entire club section named after him at the stadium. He represents the greatest Bills teams in history.

Why would anyone not want him to speak about the current situation at One Bills Drive? He has done time in broadcasting NFL games. He is exactly who I like to hear his thoughts and opinions on the future of the franchise.

K = Kyle Williams

He is going back to the Pro-Bowl for the fifth time in his career which puts him in the great company of Bruce Smith and Fred Smerlas as the only Bills defensive lineman who have gone to five All Star games. Well Deserving and hopefully more to come, in addition to experiencing a playoff game before his days as a Bill are over.

Too many players have come and gone during this 17 year draught in which we have never seen a postseason game. Honorable mentions that immediately come to mind are Fred Jackson, Aaron Schobel and Brian Moorman. This playoff draught has gone on too long.

Much too long.

(Wayne’s World Dream Segment Noises again fade out)

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