A Virtual Private Network would be necessary to view the contents of Netflix. Netflix, as most of you would be familiar with, is a popular video streaming website. Netflix mainly operates out of the United States of America. The website cannot be viewed from people living in other parts of the world.

Wii can not only be used for playing games, it can also be utilized as a platform to stream movies and other video contents of the website onto a television and view them. Even Netflix can be viewed on your Television using this technique, but does it work outside US? Yes, but only with the help of a VPN.

Geographic restrictions would prevent Netflix from streaming their contents outside the US and for users to be able to view the contents of Netflix; they have to bypass this restriction. Restrictions are being imposed mainly based on the IP address of the internet user. If the IP address detected by the website indicates the location of the visitor to be outside the US, he or she would not be able to access the site. IP hiding would be performed by VPN and a US IP address would be replaced from the US servers possessed by the VPN service provider.

VPN to watch Netflix outside US on Wii

Users should bypass the restrictions placed on them by using VPN servers. As mentioned earlier, IP address should be hidden and replaced by an US IP address to gain access to Netflix. For this to happen, the user should subscribe with a VPN that has servers operating out of US. A US server would provide the user with a US IP address which would help them in viewing the contents.

Another major added advantage of VPN is that, its servers operate on a tunnel based protocol network. There are different protocols operated by VPN like L2TP, IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN, PPTP etc. Most of the VPN service providers have their own application or software. VPN software should be downloaded as per the type of device possessed by the user. In case of Windows, windows compatible VPN software should be used and similarly for Mac, Mac compatible ones and the same thing is applicable even for Android, iOS, Blackberry mobile applications as well.

Every single VPN subscriber would be provided with a unique user name and one-time password at the time of subscription. This particular password should be changed onto a better one after the first sign up. Details pertaining to the VPN connection such as Encryption bit, server address etc. should be obtained from the VPN provider. Server address would be different based on the type of server to which the user connects. All these details are mandatory in order to make the VPN connection successful. In case of encryption bit, it is always better to choose Automatic option amongst the drop-down options available in the Network setup guide.

After setting up the VPN connection completely, the next step would be to connect to the VPN server. Upon connecting to it, the user can now log on to Netflix account from their laptop, computer, Wii etc. They would be able to access the contents of the websites now and that too under high level of security and anonymity.

Using Wii to connect to Netflix from outside the US

Wii users living outside US and want to access Netflix would not know how to access their application. For users living outside the US, they have to change their country location to UK and then download the Netflix app on their Wii. This app is available only for UK users. Users should download and install the Netflix app on their Wii.

VPN connection on Wii

A detailed description of the procedure to connect to a VPN on Wii is given below. VPN protocol is not supported by Wii. As a result of this, in order to connect to VPN using Wii, VPN sharing is the only way. Sharing can be performed through Windows, Mac or even router. Among these three options, the best pick would be router sharing. A router enabled VPN sharing would enable the user to connect to the VPN server using all their devices that are connected to the internet using that particular router.

VPN not only provides website access to users who want to stay in touch with their favorite websites, movies, TV shows, etc. but it can be accessed via most of the devices such as Android phones, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, tablets, Linux, Kindle etc. Readers would have understood the fact that, this is the ultimate option for all the users, but one has to choose the best VPN service provider in the market.

Best VPN to watch Netflix outside US on Wii

There are huge numbers of VPN service providers available in the market mainly because of the demand for VPNs amongst users. VPN service providers would differ based on their cost, performance, number of servers, reputation etc. but it is necessary to choose the best suitable one in all aspects and the list below would provide an idea to the user regarding the best VPN service providers that are in the market.

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