Product Code: ADSL Uncapped (AHUADSL)

Product Description: Uncapped ADSL Internet. Internet access accounts. 50% discount on your first bill. Huge savings if you bundle your ADSL line with any unacapped ADSL package from Afrihost! The ADSL line COSTS LESS than Telkom's ADSL line price. It is easy to move your existing Telkom line with a few clicks in your control panel - NO NEED TO CONTACT TELKOM, it is done for you! It is easy to sign up for a new ADSL line - it is done for you (You need a Telkom Telephone line as a minimum). ADSL Line problems are fixed without calling Telkom! Important Information: If your 50% discount does not show on the linked page, come back to this page and click "Enquire now" to receive your discount! T&C's apply. Free 1GB per month on capped accounts.

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