I have a strange issue with my connection ad of tonight.

The super hub decided to go wrong. I did the obligatory reset, it comes back up with all the lights going mad including the ethernet lights with nothing plugged into them and so I do a factory reset. You know, not the one advertised because that doesn't work but the 30 second one, unplug modem for 20 mins and then try again.

Upon booting up, this was there.

Session Time 0days 0h:0m:24s
Session Data Downloaded 36GB 50KB
Session Data Uploaded 4MB

Now I only wish my Virgin connection could download 36GB in 24 seconds. I wish it could do that a day. Hell I'd be happy with getting the advertised 120meg or even close to that considering what I pay for but nevertheless, the problem has come back and I am now posting this using my EE phone as a mobile hotspot. LTE data that ironically is faster than the VM connection has been lately.

So what caused this mysterious issue with my hardware?

Was it this?

Boot Code Version 2.3.0beta7

It is funny this all started with my browser saying "resolving host". Hmmm. Of course, the neighbours wifi which I can reach if I put my laptop on the outside window ledge works perfectly. Hardly my browser or laptop.

You see I tried to one the connection checker but guess what I got popping up on my screen.

Oooops something appears to be broken. Yep, the checker is broken. The one time it went through, it said sorry we could not complete it.

Or what about this one.

We are unable to process the request due to following reason:"

No reason given of course. Just, a blank space. Rather unhelpful.

So what really can I do. Not withstanding the fact I actually require this connection to work, I am at a loss.

I really can't be bothered to have to keep resetting the Superhub every 20 minutes because that's all I seem to get out of it. Given it takes me 20 minutes to stop the Superhub flashing every single light on the box, I simply don't know what to do next.

Being told on the phone there is nothing wrong when the site (albeit broken site) says there is kind of makes the mind boggle somewhat. Given we can't get BT Infinity here yet, it pretty much forces my hand to go back to DSL because it at least works. Not really what I was expected living in London. Please, does anyone have a solution.

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