I am so mad at your huge, impersonal firm.

I purchased a 58-inch TV in a Rooms to Go living room collection as a bundle. The Samsung TV has worked gorgeously.

Your Sony soundbar and sub-woofer as part of that bundle, on the other hand, have not worked at all!

Only once was I able to get a “green light” indicator to flash in the middle of the soundbar. It never paired up with the Blu-Ray disc, and I could never get the sub-woofer to hook up with the soundbar.

I thought it was just my inability to get all the wires plugged up correctly. My younger daughters came over on separate occasions and worked for a couple of hours each.

Both are knowledgeable electronic consumers. They could not get the soundbar, the sub-woofer and the Blu-Ray to work together as they are supposed to.

April 18 I called Best Buy where I purchased the TV, soundbar, sub-woofer and Blu-Ray. in the RTG bundle. They shuffled me off to a Sony call-in headquarters.

The person on the other end was so incredibly rude and barely spoke any English. I could not understand a word he said. Finally, he said he would email me details on how to send the equipment back to Sony, and that I would receive a pre-paid shipping label. That I understood through his rude, fast talk, even though I asked him to talk more slowly.

Due to family obligations, it took me until April 21 to get the soundbar and sub-woofer to the FedEx office in Knoxville, TN, where I live.

Imagine my surprise when the FedEx lady told me that the shipping label had been canceled and that it would cost me more than $100 to ship it all to your office in East Syracuse, N.Y.

I made a decision to send only the soundbar. FedEx charged me $39.63, to box and ship the soundbar, for which I want to be reimbursed.

In my anger at such shoddy customer relations, I forgot to include a copy of the original sales receipt, which is attached to this email.

I want the soundbar either repaired, or a new one returned to me. I do not want a refurbished soundbar if mine cannot be repaired. I want a new one. That is what I paid for.

If when the soundbar returns and it does not work with the sub-woofer, I want you to assure me in the event that should I notify you that the two still do not work and I am sending the woofer to you that I will receive a pre-paid shipping label. The woofer is very heavy.

Fred Brown

5116 Buckhead Trail

Knoxville, TN 37919

Copy of Original Best Buy Receipt:


Hi Fred, We appreciate your request to receive an e-mail copy of your receipt . Maintaining a copy of this e-mail will facilitate returns, exchanges and service of your protection plan(s). Your purchase information is below. Always here for you, Best Buy

START RECEIPT           WELCOME TO BEST BUY #169                   8925 TOWNE AND COUNTRY CIR                     KNOXVILLE, TN 37923                            (865) 769-5358                                                                        Keep your receipt!                Val #:000162-851047-940958-721930-440105-054 0169 060 7605 12/23/15 11:27  4127007    NS-HG06505              19.99   6' HDMI CABLE                  Sales Tax               1.854127007    NS-HG06505              19.99   6' HDMI CABLE                  Sales Tax               1.854562031    UN58J5190AF            649.99   SAMSUNG UN58J5190AFXZA 58IN CL    200.00 SALE DISCOUNT  Sales Tax              60.133953235    HTCT780                349.99 *  SONY HTCT780 2.1 SOUND BAR W/W    100.00 SALE DISCOUNT    0.00   SONY HM THR BNDL  Sales Tax              32.372548108    BDPS3500                 0.00 N*  SONY BDPS3500 SMART WI-FI BLU-    55.00  SALE DISCOUNT    64.99  SONY HM THR BNDL  Sales Tax               0.00                              ----------                       SUBTOTAL   1039.96                     Sales Tax     96.20                              ==========                          TOTAL   1136.16 **********1289           USD$     830.00GIFT CARD    APPROVAL 192453    REMAINING BALANCE:        0.00When you provide a check as payment, youauthorize us to use information from yourcheck to process a one-time ElectronicFunds Transfer (EFT) or draft drawn fromyour account, or process the payment as acheck transaction.  You also authorize usto process credit adjustments, ifapplicable. If your payment is returnedunpaid, you authorize us to collect yourpayment and the Return Fee amount belowby EFT(s) or draft(s) from your accountIf you are presenting a corporate check,you make these representations as anauthorized corporate representative.               ELECTRONIC CHECK    306.16                Check # 0679 TeleCheck Trace ID # 1400310000026304228200 ELECTRONIC CHECK RETURN FEE $      30.00      SONY HM THR BNDL SAVINGS:     64.99                OTHER SAVINGS:    355.00                TOTAL SAVINGS:    419.99  MY BEST BUY  MEMBER ID 2107482604     FRED,THANKS FOR SHOPPING AT BEST BUY TODAY!YOUR MY BEST BUY BALANCE AS OF 09/18/2014POSTED  POINTS: 0GO TO BestBuy.com FOR MORE INFO     * INDICATES ITEM IS PART OF A BUNDLE          UPON RETURN, IF BUNDLE IS BROKEN,            THE SAVINGS WILL BE REMOVED AND              CURRENT PRICES WILL BE APPLIED         14-day return period on Phones and Carrier    Connectable Devices for all customers.                                                         15-day return period on                     almost everything else.                                                         Purchases made between Nov. 1, 2015 and      Dec. 31, 2015 qualify for our Holiday        Return and Exchange promise and most             purchases may be returned                     through Jan. 15, 2016.                                                           A valid receipt is required for all       returns. Except where prohibited, we may   request an ID. ID info may be stored in a      secure, encrypted database used for           tracking returns and exchanges.                                                       Returned items missing packaging or              accessories are subject to                  a missing item deduction.                                                       For return promise details and a complete   list of exceptions, ask for a policy flyer      or go to www.BestBuy.com/Returns.                                                      To learn about our privacy practices       please visit www.BestBuy.com/privacy.                                                       YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE PIN IS:


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