There are a variety of groups that comprise the Sage City community. Watch "A Tour of Sage City" video Support In the navigation area at the top of the page, when you hover over Support, a list will drop down of all the Sage Product Support Groups in Sage City. Choose the Product Support Group of interest from the list and you will be taken to the home page for that community. On this home page you will see a list of resources available, as well as the latest traffic stream activity and tweets. You will also see options to manage digest subscriptions, bookmark the group, and more. Please note that you will need to join a group by clicking on the orange "click to join" bar in the group navigation area before you will be able to post a question or reply to an existing thread. One of the most popular areas on Sage City is the forums. Depending on the size and history of the group, there could be anywhere from a single forum to dozens of specific forums related to each Sage product. Please be sure to post your question in the most appropriate forum available. You will see the latest contributors to each forum, as well as the last post date and the number of posts in that particular forum. Once you click on a particular forum, you will see options to sort forum posts at the top of the page, including by most recent, unread, discussions you started or participated in, unanswered, answered, or suggested answers, by date, and in descending or ascending order. From here you can start a new question by clicking on the “+ New” button and then entering a subject, description, category, and tags, before clicking on the Post button. To reply to an existing thread, simply click on the Reply link at the bottom of any post. When you answer a question in the forum, we encourage you to mark it as a suggested answer. If you posed the question, then when another user posts an answer, whether it was marked suggested or not, please be sure to check if it answered your question. If it did, then we recommend that you mark it as verified so that future users who are searching for answers to the same or similar question can benefit from this verified reply. You also have the option to bookmark the thread (by clicking on the “More” button) or share it through various social media channels, as listed near the top of the page. The Blogs in the Support Groups are another area of useful information. Depending on the product group, there may be one or more blogs that cover a variety of topics, such as tips and tricks, product features, and news from development and product management. There is also an RSS feed option available. The Training area (formerly known as the Videos area) is another great source of information, including links to YouTube videos and playlists, as well as information from Sage University on applicable training options. The Members area will list all users who have joined that Support Group. If you hover over a user, you will see options to Follow, Request friendship, or Send a private message (if you are already friends with that person). Some product groups will also have an Ideas area available for providing suggestions for product improvements and new feature requests. Business In addition to the Support Groups, there are the Business Groups, where users can ask questions not related to a specific Sage product. Business Groups are dedicated to the latest business trends, industry knowledge, and topics relevant to your role, so it’s a great spot to share your knowledge and expertise with others. Partners, Accountants, Students There are also a variety of specialty groups on Sage City, including those for Partners, Certified Trainers, Sage Accountants Network members in Canada and the US, as well as an area for Students and Instructors. Each group caters to a specific interest and is gated, meaning that you need to request access and be approved for membership before you will see any content or can post and reply in the forums. These groups contain many of the same features found in our public areas of Sage City, including forums, blogs, and training. To request membership in a private specialty group, please click on the link in the top level navigation and a pop-up window will prompt you to provide your name, company name, email address, and your Sage account ID (customer number) in the message section. When completed, please click the Request Membership button. Once your request has been reviewed and verified, you will receive notification that you are now a member of the group requested.

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