Hospice workers are highly trained to take care of those who are no longer able to care for themselves. Yet when it comes time for someone to put a loved one in hospice care, many of us become very reluctant to do so. Not only are these people complete strangers, there have sadly been many horror stories of elderly patients being poorly treated and abused when nobody else is around. But obviously, that’s not always the case.

What we typically see and hear on the news are the terrible stories of the few exceptional cases but we need to remember that the few bad apples are greatly outnumbered by the care providers who are truly dedicated to their job. So to remind us of this, we have an incredible video of a hospice care nurse who does something so very touching.

At the Austinburg Nursing & Rehab Center in Austinburg, Ohio, a hospice worker named Josh Woodward came across a patient named Mary Redmond and immediately recognized her face. When Josh was only 9 years old, Mary taught him how to sing and play the piano. Josh couldn’t believe it and as thanks for everything she had done for him, he would help lift her spirits by singing to her.

Marti Redmond, Mary’s daughter-in-law, wrote on her Facebook page: “Hospice workers are angels but this hospice aide is special. Mary taught voice and piano in her day and this aide Joshua Woodard was one of her students as a kid. [What] special people hospice workers are!”

In the video below, Josh sings the Biblical hymn, “How Great Art Thou” and it’s absolutely stunning.


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