Internet, this is notoriously honest Canadian comedian Tyler Morrison. Often referred to as the Dennis Miller of Dark Comedy, Tyler has a reputation as Canada’s best roast comedian, writing/performing on celebrity roasts that have included comics such as Gilbert Gottfried, Doug Stanhope, Jim Norton and several writers from The Comedy Central Celebrity Roasts. In a conversation on the podcast that seems to start out very light, Tyler takes a stand on confrontational material and the idea of political correctness in comedy, leading us to several powerful points about self-righteousness and sensitivity in modern culture. Look out for Tyler’s upcoming special “Impolitely Canadian” and his appearance on “The Roast of Ron Jeremy.”

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Good evening Internet. Comcastro Viva la Revolution! I am Max Groves and I am introducing our conversation with Tyler Morrison. There’s an upcoming comedy special titled impolitely Canadian has been a member of several various Rosalee for most of your most recent of which means out of Ron Jeremy Lin’s pretty casual please shoot the shit. Sure some jokes in the trailer and dive into the changing sensitivities of comedy audiences because Internet you are just the best. Anyway your style everybody is listening to some of the material online. Just preparation here I like especially like the the stoning of Nickelback would be the only rock ever on the go backstage. But unfortunately there are Canadian export. We got to take ownership of that one. Well listen if the worst thing your country’s putting out is Nickelback you’re doing a pretty good job. OK yeah I liked as a man invented. You were responsible for the new N word and the new N word which is usually usually the bad and usually the bad words are only six letters long. You know like the one or two G.’s and R. and the iron and the gingers. Yep Tyler How’s everything going. I saw like last night you were featured on Comedy Central’s midnight. YEAH MAN Things have been going pretty good I’ve had a good run lately so that is nice to get some recognition from the Comedy Central people and get on like Twitter the people who are following the really you know they noticed that too so it was good. Good exposure in that regard and it’s something that I’ve tried to keep to keep on top of this. The hashtag Wars and just connecting with you know comedy fans all over North America in the world now so it’s yeah the Twitter’s been a real great tool to have. How much do you hate your fans. Do I hate my fans I let my fans are psychos and let them go wild on people I don’t care. It’s been our experience that what you receive through Twitter and with regard to the quality of the posts can range anywhere from poignant and insightful all the way down to so stupid that it really makes you question like why didn’t we just get behind eugenics back in one thousand nine hundred thirty five. Well I feel that like you know like I get a lot of hate to leave those are the people that are my anger towards. But it’s I mean you get that everywhere the more popular you get the more people you know you know have it out for you which is when the worst one unlike the hater Twitter stuff I think like or is it just all behind you. You know just the mature way to do it and sort of holding its breath for. Oh yeah like I don’t really hold onto someone called me a tubby lard ass that made me laugh made me laugh. Well you know the people on every side of the spectrum you know like it was someone like like one of my jokes is anti-Semitic or only you know he said be kidding me right. Then someone’s coming after me saying I’m anti Christian I’m like well you know Lisa balances out. You know you know if you’re a Christian that makes you unbiased right. Yeah exactly so it’s I mean it’s crazy just the the trolls that are out there that want to you know push an agenda on you that like doesn’t even exist. Do you know I mean they did though read in the things that it’s totally not what you’re saying and it’s hard one hundred forty characters to really you know spell things out for everyone so you run into a bit of that but otherwise I mean yet hasn’t been too bad yet is interesting just wait now actually just directly address that and he said that whenever you make a political stance as an artist people start to view all of your art through that very narrow prism ones and it actually impedes your ability to really interact not only with your fans but to produce new art that actually moves people because all they’re going to look at is OK Was he a Republican or Democrat with this talking point. Yeah it’s crazy and I think it’s a little bit more divided down in the U.S. like in terms of the politics being split. It’s very. You’re either with us or against us mentality was here. No one gives a shit about politicians. So he’s got to get that are you with us or are you against. If you guys would ever to have come down with the Dell it would be a great cigars. We’re actually going to have a Cuban friend who’s going to start to imitate the most interesting man of the world commercially psyches and he’s going to go. Our guest Fidel SPEAKER TWO just evil in the present you know climate of the world critique Vladimir Putin for just not taking it far enough. OK there’s that. Yeah he could be sent to Comcast was not able to take the next evil step in there. Time Warner Cable merger. Poor guys that’s what everyone needs their own mascot their own dictator mascot for Canada would that be Rob Ford I mean Rob Ford Stanhope. Good job getting some eyes on us that’s for sure. Stephen Harper our prime minister is probably the most evil son of a bitch the most evil Canadian in the world. I’m sorry that’s that’s seems like a low bar is going to terrify I’m doing it as a tariff on all your syrup. You know put an oil pipeline right into Cuba boys but it seems to be the plan. But yeah I mean in Canada politics is not as definitely not as passionate as it is down south but we Southerners. Yeah we southerners which includes apparently to this guy New York. So so you so you go down the line into those that where you based out of. Yeah yeah we’ve put this whole thing together down here. Nice nice of Atlanta it’s a great city. My brother actually went to college on the Kennesaw State University so been down a few times to Georgia. Very cool. Yeah that is cool but what the hell took your brother expect a state. Yeah well my uncle actually is Canadian my uncle move he moved down there and he got a job out of Atlanta and he lived in that area and he started the hockey program can assess the university and my brother’s playing junior a hockey appear and they recruited him so that’s how that all kind of started. But yes it’s a great spot down there so that’s awesome. Like to keep the Canadians here being our our cultural import or sports ability right. Absolutely they bring all the Canadian hockey players in there was there’s another place in Georgia called Life University which is very close to Kennesaw and lots of scholarships to South Africans and Australians and just guys who would go on to club rugby to try to make. That I thing in America which is well you gotta start somewhere right. You know it was aware that a good engine along the actually Mellor Olympics people are bringing up our Americas actually the it is the previous Olympic champion because the last time rugby was on the Olympics only three teams came in OK in America called as an American it will make a team and just one that sounds like a bro dog like frat boy thing to do. Likely it is free and I’ll sell fail on the next good thing like I was a snob snowboarders in the Olympics this is going to party but we have Ross Ridley Addie from Ghana the first guy to the ruins a gold medal. Get it taken away from marijuana in this system because I know what is the same shit with like the Olympics. Yeah like it or was it Michael Phelps the swimmer. Well hold on if we’re going to compare to Michael Phelps he’s a little bit more of a shit face. I mean like this guys are like what three DUIs and like has a trainee girlfriend who he claims is not a tranny like you can even like Own up to his own issues like he’s an asterisk are you talking about Michael Phelps the swimmer I’m this serious about this. Wow. Yeah there’s a lot of it. He’s kind of a mess. So let’s talk about Shaun White. Well you guys like my thinking is like if you can get to that level of athleticism and then just want to smoke weed in your down time like there’s not a problem is solved just get or stops just already banged every girl so he switched over. Oh my God it’s just like is very specific fell through the only thing you’re Michael Phelps you can have it all. It’s like Alexander the Great looking down and being like these women they just don’t do it for me anymore need to be in touch with the the hermaphroditic gods or something. The hermaphrodite hey let’s just run wild you know. Just doing him as a student I do like how his first sponsors fought him when he was caught with marijuana but then he gets a new sponsor was subway where he just looks like eating a meatball sub with as many calories as you can get in a sandwich. Yeah get a subway it’s for everyone it’s guys that got the pluck subway I don’t I don’t like that actually I’ll go on record as saying I think Subway is the shittiest of all sandwiches you can get ice on your website you have a special calling. Yeah I just filmed my own comedy special up here called impolitely Canadian going to be launching that in again so it will be in June I’m just waiting on a couple of things and post production but they have a pretty sell myself with with another comedian and friends with Tom O’Donnell and yes they I do a lot of my own everything basically produce a lot of my own shows and tours and everything like that so it’s right now we’re in a situation comedy where it’s very do it yourself right and you don’t have to have a lot of middlemen so I find that makes everything so much easier and then when you do that you know I recorded an album too and then that goes on Sirius X.M. And it’s great like there’s no one you own your masters so you get all the money from the royalties is a really great way of doing things if you have the the drive to do it I mean most people in comedy don’t like to get up until you know three o’clock in the afternoon smoke a joint go to the clubhouse to drink and nothing against that lifestyle to Saugus like you are doing work right. Yeah exactly but you can get a lot more done in the day if you industrious you can you can make things happen and right now with all the access to technology and stuff it’s great to be able to just you know handle all my own you know production. Things like that. What was that like I imagine like filming your own stamp special has to be a profoundly different and stressful experience. Like what caught you while you’re doing it while you’re like well yeah. Like for example I mean sometimes on shows if you do a show where it’s like if you do taping they often will do that for T.V. shows. But the free tickets of the impact the place but then the people who haven’t paid any money for a ticket it’s not as valuable to them so they are not as engaged is like a paying audience so you run into a little bit of that like you want you know to have an upbeat crowd for a taping not have to be you know kind of fighting through that but that was mainly the one thing that like a little flat until I got you know I really got a more and up and then the other thing was just like with a great little venue but the bar owner was a fuckin idiot like trying to tell us we can’t put our cameras there because they need people so that there’s a free fuckin show. They were packing your place and he was making all the money off the drinks I don’t think you know I think you’re going to tell us where we’re putting our cameras for this tape. Yeah like twenty bucks is missing out of the one barstool occupying space. Want to fly. Yeah I mean the people are still packed in there they’re all drinking it’s a comedy show we know what’s going on and she’s making money hand over fist didn’t have to pay anything for us to be there you know mostly. Usually in comedy we get paid to perform and that this is because of the taping and we were doing ourselves you know we just wanted to venue and then next thing you know it’s like you know where we’re supposed to cater to this versus that with those like one of the minor pick ups but everything else ran pretty smooth with it and it turned out great so originally I was in a bad mood when I went on stage I thought that it was going to. Because I’m just pissed off at this person and then I come off stage and like fuck it. That will have to do it again. Then the guy who filmed it like he sent me all the footage I want to know. Great this is you know awesome. So maybe the the anger fueled my performance a little bit. But if you look at the economy between like stage persona like the business guy like between it it’s I mean it’s the switch that you have to be able to kind of wear that you had to see your you know coming up and learning it and I just kind of was good with that and and just kept rolling with it. But yeah there is a little bit of you know sometimes you just want to be funny. You just want to have that time where you can just work on the actual art and not have to think about the business side but you know for me it was it’s just you know it’s second nature at this stage. So I know when to turn it on and off. Did you see the the special by Mark Marin recently I think the higher feeling pain. Thank you Jane. Yeah I think I’ve watched a little bit overdone that’s what I mean. Like Mark’s a good guy and stuff like this is comedies not my my favorite but so I didn’t I don’t think I hung around too long on that one. Well it’s amazing. Okami about it as you know he explains in the very beginning he sayin you know he really prefers small rooms and when he filmed that special it was like a really small room like like forty or fifty people were in there and then compare contrast with like Eddie Murphy’s delirious where I mean my God it was about like a ten thousand person audience. What what you’re like where’s your comfort zone how many people do you like to perform in front of. I want the biggest crowd ever. I want to freaking field Yeah yeah I want to be a rock star I don’t give a fuck about small crowd. I want six pack abs a huge cock being said that being said the least. Actually there’s about fifty people there. Small room. Honestly you get a big crowd that shit and it’s terrible. If you have a small crowd in the great I mean it doesn’t matter how many people are there you just have to you have to treat it like it’s an important show because if they’re into you and you can connect with them and they’re going to become diehard fans that’s where you want you want to build the these people as fans for life you don’t want to be you know I saw a guy the other night during the show and there were you know it was like thirty people there and they love them they’re there to see him. But because the room was full of so on he wasn’t it was an enthusiastic but he’s actually kind of negative like bagging on the show and I didn’t think of a commanding the crowd is really good like that. It was like a hot thirty person crowd which sometimes can be the funnest show and I was like whoa. If he had just went in like then excited to see those people and given them a show it would have been amazing and he wouldn’t have bombed. But instead you know they could. It’s the people that show up and come to it you got to perform for them not complain about the people that are there so it really gets on how you approach every gig you have a good time if you have a bad time. But that’s I mean that’s up to you that isn’t up to other people to decide right. So I mean this story about oh the generous she came to Montreal in like eighty four she’s famous which is good and getting some heat and only five people show up because there’s a snowstorm and she basically did her like H.B.O. special for these people and they’re just great. They loved her it was just like a real pity for the guy who was opening for that because he was just kind of half assed seeing it and stuff but that’s what makes these people become huge that no matter what they’re going to give a good show they’re going to driven to make everything an important moment. Right. So I feel like doesn’t matter what. Guys a venue as long as you go and play it you go and play a small club like it’s not some Square Garden. People are going to leave this thinking that they just saw something special. You know speaking of Allan So Kanye West is a lot as much that looks like he doesn’t cure his public image at all because you’ll say something stupid after the Grammys like he is like he doesn’t smile in public because I was trying to look harder. Things like that and so on up sort of Ellen’s talk show it opens up with her sitting next to Kanye Kylix and it’s having the best time of his life he’s like you know it’s like little me is often up and down giant beaming smile myspace and right then he realizes the cameras and he’s like shit like this to cover his face up just get hard right there and it’s like yeah he’ll always have that kid in kindergarten shit his pants and they could have some fun for once buddy you’re rich. Everyone give you a pass for everything you do. Well it just made me think like Ellen must be the most fun person in the world if she can get some like the new to Kanye West so he can he forgets to select all and want to dance and she is just going to answer. So the like that. Well one of our writers just died so if you have to dance a little longer. Well some time now and that’s really sad. No way down I slow slow this interview down from an all girl who that if anyone tries to me once you know I don’t think so. So how long have you been in the county business this is my thirteenth year doing stand up so I started when I was eighteen years old and then I’ve just been rolling over since it was ever a point when you just now looked around as a sleazy hotel room you know like that like have you had that on Regis cow I didn’t wanna do it anymore. No I’ve never had a moment where like I didn’t want to do stand up or keep doing it anymore I never had that. Like I’ve always past that but you know you have those moments or so what the fuck is this you know like I did a show for I think is the military friends and family Christmas party and this is like two hundred fifty people here and the venue was really poorly set up it was a long venue like Y. is very wide and thin like thin but it was like to stand up in a hallway. So everyone’s like there are some people who are very far away from you and they can’t hear hear you through the microphone sucked. They didn’t have good lighting so they could couldn’t really see your face is kind of dark up there. And only some people could hear you so the people on the right and left about eighty people couldn’t even hear you Shane and they drink and they’ve been there for a long time and just like got really loud and some guy up front is just talking to my set and I just let him have it and then next thing you know people are getting all upset. So I told them all to go fuck themselves and you know the military friend and for which I’m lucky I didn’t get the shit kicked out of me but I was like you know what any one of those people if they’re staying on stage they wouldn’t have that but they wouldn’t let it you know these people be this rude to them. So you know what you bring me in to your event and you want me to entertain you and I go fucking tap dance. So have some respect for me and I respect you and and that’s how it works but it was just one of those like shitty gigs where I knew it was going to be bad. I tried my best and I had to do like I think I had like another ten minutes left on my set and I still can’t roll on but go back to my hotel and piece of shit hotel and the people beside me. Like just like party in real loud I was by myself usually like because I produce a lot of my own shows I can produce my own tour and have my own you know openers their friends and stuff you know we have a good time on the road right. There’s one where I’m like far away from home and I’m by myself and just as you say a really tough night so I said you know what. Fuck this I’m getting out of here like they were four in the morning I just packed up and drove home which is like a five hour drive right before I left I waited for the people the side me to go to bed and I just made a whole bunch of noise just hammered on the walls woke up and I left it was perfect exit. Yeah that was one of those like soul destroying moments you know like we just knew that like it was a bad night and I had to come back there at the same sitting to do another show. We kept it. Thoughts are coming back the next night for another four hour trip to the no no no no the next weekend is a totally different group and I killed a lot of me and it was like it was just like a weird experience but like they say you’re only as good as your last show and that just sucks if you’re not on stage for a week after a bad show any longer than you need to up where you’re going to get up or in a way to shake off that rust and I guess that’s right. So our very first question to you and you hate your fans quite a bit more than are my fans right. Anymore it’s like how are the audiences in Canada like we talked to a lot of comics who were like just there was much like was it the eighty’s or ninety’s with like stand up exploded you could do like ten shows. Yeah you have it is the big boom. The audiences in Canada are great though like for the most part like really appreciative crowds will listen they’ll go a bit further than you know like if you want to. Exploration political ideas people are pretty open to what you’re going to say I haven’t had too many problems and in this country that’s for sure for you no problem at all. But yeah I guess you know every now and again you’re going to run into a room that’s not ready for you or like I had to show interest in when I had a corporate show for a real estate group and they called up and they’re they’re asking like they’re talking to my agent and they’re like yeah we want to come and do the show. We are boss. He seemed for he likes really does want to do real dirty performance like like Andrew Dice Clay Louis C.K. level still. Well that’s exactly it so I say Wolf find out if this is for real because you know what I have a queen said I can do for you know a corporate show I can do that like this might not be the right idea. You come back no that’s what they want so I go there but I have both my X. prepared just in case because I just don’t wish to sounds too good to be true right. Corporate show where they want to be dirty. I get there and I signed up the room and it’s up to swivel resorts and there’s one hundred people all unlike There are forty to sixty five. I’m like that’s not that’s not they’re not ready for the for the big guns. So in this so I go to the the owner of the company to take him aside and I said listen like you sure you want me to bring like the heavy artillery for this crowd because I think they might need me to warm a lot a little bit at least kind of start clean and then work them into the dirtier stuff and he’s like no. He goes If they don’t like it fuck em they can leave their goal buddy. I love the guy too. And I go in and so to give me a shitty intro and I got a bad set up like I should have done the show Strictly because they didn’t have like stage or lighting just poorly executed like not a good set up for comedy but I felt like this guy seems pretty cool so I’m just going to roll the dice anyway. So I started out and is a realistic camping giant fireplace in the middle of the room so there’s about like thirty five people in the back that can’t even see the stage so I open up but him if you’re sitting in the back behind the fireplace you obviously didn’t sell enough bucket houses this year started off place goes crazy. Oh yeah I’m Killen here just started up like the first ten minutes I couldn’t of killed any harder in that room I couldn’t believe it and it was at the point where I come times in like a show you just know where you have the crowd you’re a bucket I got these guys for the night I can do anything. Well I didn’t go. I was still kind of working fairly clean other than you know said fuck at the start of the show. But I was working kind queen just to just to keep it safe at the start. And I hadn’t even switched to dirty and somehow I don’t even know what the trigger point was. But people just started getting up all upset and like leaving extreme and out of the room and I kept going with this is kind of weird. But all of a sudden I walked about thirty people out of the room of the hundred and then eventually the next twenty and then I what ended up walking seventy out of one hundred people. But I was very like leaving. I started just going more like just doing harsher and harsher material. I think we ended up doing the nine eleven bit but doing the cat in the microwave jokes and the like. There’s like thirty people we just fuckin stunned just staring at me at the end of the night and like the owner of the company is still sitting there front row just laughing his ass off whole time totally oblivious to these people leaving and I was joking about it I was like you’re going to have to put an ad in the paper for new employees. I thought people were going to say they were so that yeah so that was very. Sometimes at those shows you get a weird thing and it was that was like I think in the end they all the crew cooks and like the kitchen staff all came out and were applauding the shelf like they’re watching like they couldn’t believe this. And then I had a show here on New Year’s Eve in the say this is in my area where I live is a lot like my neighbor works for the company. My neighbor was one of the thirty people that stayed I’m sure she was pretty embarrassed. Yeah I live next to that guy and then also the show news even the people they came up to me after the like this is why we’re at the show we were sitting at the resort on the patio and we saw you doing stand up for this group so we sat outside and we listened we watched we watched you walk all those people so they want to come into my show because of that. So I gained some fans of that one. It wasn’t all bad like it’s going to be sure. I think he referred to nine eleven as the day Django went out of business. Well I went out on a I have a favor I said like I was doing stand up in Tron and people get really offended like food stamp in Toronto and these people these hipsters they got all offended on behalf of Osama Bin Ladden. Because making fun of his destiny. This is Osama Bin Ladin’s biggest piece of shit of all time. I’m pretty sure when nine eleven happened. Oh he said it was too bad it wasn’t take your kid to work today. It’s a good thing they didn’t attack China early it would have been so like I got into a little bit of that stuff on nine eleven and we haven’t gotten hate mail for yet. I can I hope we do. Yeah like a nine eleven incident over and Scotland. No no no. So I was on Matthew earlier that So one of your jokes but it’s online commenting on scotch whiskey versus the lawyers car bomb. Oh yeah and like I’ve been to tourism Dublin a while back and and I was telling the bartender that he was very friendly and welcoming that I had been warned ahead of time that there are drinks that are offensive to order here and he’s like all right the only race car bomb is like you might as well have a drink called the nine eleven and I said you should have a fucking drunk on the nine eleven right. You just have to be served in pairs. They’ll be a tall glass of Budweiser drop in a shot of fireball toast it pound it smash it on the floor and just say Never forget you ha ha ha ha. I won’t be quite the drink and the guy looks at me and he’s like What the fuck is wrong. Nothing for I can say to these people and he answers yeah that’s why we’re American. There’s some fucking idiots online so that they see the disguise even Irish but say Yeah my my heritage is Irish Canadian he can make that connection. Yes didn’t I do it myself like we do in America. Like an Irish American the Irish Canadian things to me like I don’t do that but you know like there’s a lot of people that do that man like a cow. Since telling Canadians will refer to themselves as Italians even though they were born in Canada. There’s a lot of that but I mean like yeah some people do it on you know I don’t really label myself as Irish Canadian but it is my my you know background is Irish and Scottish and British all that but well it’s a fine excuse for being an alcoholic you know. It’s probably Yeah exactly a trick of the trickle down effect. Yeah it’s like Officer Yes those are game driving you are offensive to my culture when you call this a legal you know it’s it’s a weird the nationalism I find so I think you know with that in Canada I think to the nationalism. Soccer is what really brings it out because we don’t can’t. Canada doesn’t have a great soccer team so they quite often it’s you know and that’s where everyone everyone loves soccer to cheap to sport to play. Yeah definitely the most accessible if you thought Quitman or money or anything. Yeah like I’m sure there’s some teams in South America they can’t even for the soccer balls kicked the goalies the capitated head around the country are out there last year I heard that is a start of soccer like public executions kids kick that around and make a game out of the oh yeah that’s a favorite past time. We can’t wait until the this guy gets kids to get him to get around. Marie Antoinette or whatever. No I was in them. Yeah it was the French they love to cut off people’s heads. Yeah. Their revolution was you know proper I was kind of person that puts a five. Well I mean we had to Atlantic Ocean in between so the real hatred kind of muted itself along the way but you know we don’t have any of those great stories about like you know lopping off leaders heads or anything like that we just we had a nice war we played dirty and we won. It’s couple of fascinations men J.F.K. and Lincoln those are famous assassin we have some good now we’ve had we’ve had decent assassinations but I think the better stores that once they get shot and live like I think Teddy Roosevelt Teddy Roosevelt mantra Jackson could make Reagan. Yeah that’s true. Reagan Yeah they tried to kill him. I think we shot him right. Yeah he was trying to impress Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver. I mean what if she really wasn’t whereas how crazy were that she calls or not like she wasn’t said she was knowing a few actions of musicians it’s like no that would move them you know publicly that it was fucked up to be like I made it. Guys are shooting presidents for me talking about goes on the I am B.D. profile trivia point. Talk about being a man you know who’s right really inspiring slippery Academy Awards and one slain leader. I have had a question for you had a You Tube series where you were offering advice to not necessarily insult comics but for public roasts and just to have your best material for that. Yeah yeah I just I just threw the other guy did that myself someone asked me for my comedy uncovered if I would do something for the online magazine so I just threw the camera up in my basement and stop it and I remember he said that like thorough research I liked entire panels like the first step I can show you know like everybody. Yeah I want to ask you just in your personal research how many Ron Jeremy films did you watch before going to his rest. I never even watched runs like horns but there’s a documentary about Ron Jeremy. Yes the hardest working man a Hollywood right. Yes I watched that and it was a very valuable. Tool for the for the writing of the roast and then you know if you work at Pedia them and you do all that stuff but you know you you want to find something that’s a little bit different to joke about than what everyone else is doing. Well who knew I was up early in the show so I had to kind of touch on the you know the main topics that people are going to go out to the want to establish that culture of what the show was going to be we had a long time ago I watched that documentary Roger and they were saying college and what struck me about it was how he really took himself seriously as an actor for like a while back before he got fat and he was like in it to win it you know and then I guess at some point he just like he finally like ascended and he just said I don’t give a yes yes yes’ he doesn’t give a shit he’s doing like fuckin mustard stain track pants like Jesus Christ Ron fucking get it together blood lay just greasy guy I guess. Wait in real life is like a really nice guy as he was just right to just use NG is greasy like a common Canadian term I hear them say it on Trailer Park Boys all the time. Oh yeah I agree he’s totally a Canadian thing. Ron Jeremy is way raise or a moan if Razor had a real bad like run of things so I think it’s just good like Ron actually might be razor alone just instead of pro wrestling and latter imagines it was fuckin chicks on videotape. Yeah I know it was it was quite the experience and the celebrity factor is always interesting. Now the chance to do a few of these and it’s always a circus. The celebrity roasts. I’ll get to who else was we had dust and diamond on Ron Jeremy roast those before he had his run in with the with the law but the month before play a month and a half before who else is on the lease and the porn star. She’s awesome. She’s really cool person to work with. You’re going to go you would have to be cool and comfortable to be a point star right. Oh yeah I would think no no no no you can be as broken emotionally and crazy. I mean there is no barrier to entry to get to the porn. You’re going to certainly have to be hot. There’s a there’s a market for it but to be able to be successful like on the level that some of these people will just get a little more granular. There are some dude out there who needs that whenever that weird thing is they are like the end of that. Oh yeah I mean there’s a real rabbit hole and there’s several else Wonderland parodies already. Yeah but I have one question. So sure. How easy is it to get. We can I think it’s pretty easy. I’ll be honest I don’t smoke but I mean it’s around all the time. It’s pretty light. We’re pretty pretty lenient with pop culture in Canada which is should be I think it’s it’s crazy to punish people for something that’s grown naturally that’s actually a medicinal thing as well I don’t understand the hard line behind it and some places but you know what. Well get over that I’m sure you know it’s funny. In your is what I intend to tape will be. You teacher’s misunderstanding or not even misunderstanding just great chasm of understanding between us and them is when they look at our drug laws and specifically marijuana when it is growing naturally. It’s a plant and it has all sorts of uses beyond just getting you high but it is I mean I feel like a salesman with marijuana. It’s a rope it’s a medicine. And oh by the way we’re not done yet. It also gets you high. I mean shit. Well how it at one point like that will never be able to explain that to the time travelers. Here’s my thing too in Ontario I don’t know if you heard this trying to ban flavored tobaccos that would means goal. Well that’s already out for what’s going on is banned there like closer as I think are banned surrealist might just be George can you get school in Georgia so yes the depth of the we are in the south chewing tobacco I don’t think much is less regulated and soon returned. Oh yeah but they way they’re trying to they take that actually I think that’s fucking bullshit. Like honestly. Here’s my thing I don’t care what other people do to their own bodies and I don’t think anyone should give a fuck what I do to mine and when I die from cancer I hope everyone’s bits of my grave but this is yet I don’t I don’t like my option being taken away by government. Well just make sure to put just put in your well that you want to spittoon left at your tombstone. Yeah everyone come by and by and I’ll just drop in a solid I want a leper deliver it to a leper a real big one I called to Angela’s daughter Angela Depp but if I if I’m having a good party also unlike buzz from Home Alone tarantula. I think that’s the only the only thing I’ve never tried and such I have tried deployments and I was like fifteen and I was like Mike I understand like when you smoke a cigarette the a little high I get a little that buzz. That’s nice when you drink we are not drinking as but I tried that I think is it summer camp or something i tried i tried. Did it because I went to a fairly redneck summer camp and there I was like This is stupid while I don’t need to be cool that badly. Did you get a buzz from it. Yeah yeah but you know I took a posy and be good. Yeah you need a pretty good buzz going from that. That’s part of it too. So the show was called Comcast route and we thought of you want to brand it was cigars right. Yes And so we gave we have cigars to guess when we come by to buy some more because we like laws on this are smoking and I was like you know let’s turn this out and it was fine and then I had a point like smoke a whole want to start throwing up from the knowledge of it. So this is how addiction starts as an IT is like fight through it through the breaking through those cigars or they’re separate and distinct from cigarettes. Number one they don’t have the nicotine which makes them so addictive and over to they they smell better I mean a still little stink the fuck outta your house or going wrong but I mean it’s a more pleasant smell than to some girls have just been into it like that was unexpected stars of the like some girls will just be like oh they’re going to score I like him because you hold the fat cock in your hand. Yes it’s sometimes a cigar is just a cigar Even Freud had that out for him to not sound gay. Yeah yeah he was he probably just had one as well as he was like shit IMO is like OK everyone else who holds cigars get except for me the cigars a cigar but every other phallic object out there that is your repressed homosexuality. There’s a comedian is names. Nation Roush I don’t know if you guys heard him he’s a Canadian comic he’s kicking ass in L.A. right now but he’s got this fucking joke that was my favorite Jason roast joke for he says when I was a kid my dad taught me my brother smoking in the house and to punish us what he did was took a so back in the group. He took this great big Cuban cigar and made us suck his cock. You gotta check about he’s really funny. Everyone is fuckin psycho that Christ is interested. Andrew Dice Clay is new special and you know if you like your comedy dirty or like Jason I share this not just a local thing. It was tell Bill if he’s a Showtime special doublechecked. But yeah there’s just so dicey around Phone Kane. Yeah dice are still around then he said a big career resurgence with the entourage stuff and then he just did that Woody Allen movie Blue Jasmine with Louis C.K. was in it and they’ve got really good reviews for his role in that so it’s cool to see see day seven a nice career resurgence because he I mean he was the biggest at the time like it’s insane how crazy the fans want to know he’s got his fair share of critics but I loved dice he was one is one of the reason they got in Stand comedy I want what I had. I want that level of ferocious fan that just that that Rockstar caliber audience I felt like the true he inherited the torch from Lenny Bruce. He was he was so like you said he was aggressive. So the people who followed him really bad off of that and there’s no question that George Carlin and Andrew Dice Clay had a lot in common probably that New York aspect of it but dices careers and hard to keep up with. Because I got exposed to him on C.B.S. He had a fairly decent comedy clean comedy. Yep that like Ellen. But yeah but it was weird because he had that huge stand of career then a little time off. Then he came back into the comedy thing. Then he fell off and now I’m happy to hear he’s back. How do you know what happens is this is Andrew Dice Clay it was a character but it was a it seemed to me it seemed like it was a persona that it was hard to to. You’re either a character or you who it was hard to decipher what was real and what was what was comedy form and then you know he’s very pigeonholed into that and then you try to do day screen it doesn’t work great that’s not his fan base and you know what because he’s a villain on stage people in the politically correct shifting times didn’t want to root for him any more they want to take him down. We live in a culture where we build people up and then we try and take them down we still do that every day. In today’s quote It was a very good lesson to anyone that’s coming along as to what can happen to you if it’s become so big that it’s hard to manage. And people turned on him and I don’t think it was you know do I think it’s fair No but I mean he can’t say that like you know it wasn’t something that was common. I don’t mind there’s always every everything’s a reaction to something you know. Do you think people are just oversensitive right now like so much although ties to the fucking worst is the worst time right now to to it’s the worst time of the best time to do comedy because there’s we have this access to so much technology and to connect with people all over the world and get our comedy out there which has been huge for me. But in the same and we do live in this false outrage everyone on their moral high horse society and it’s like everyone was such a perfect life. That you know who just can’t wait to pounce on someone for saying the wrong thing. That hurts my feelings. It’s bullshit. Everyone needs to harden the fuck up SOP or Reid would say you know you know what I come from a hockey culture I come from a small town you know like I come from a place where if someone is being a fucking idiot if they let step outside news settle you know I don’t come from from this pussy culture that we’re pushing on everyone and it’s really you know kind of sad to see but I feel like there’s enough people out there that think like that that can connect to you know just than the no bullshit about it like everyone so fucking fake. If you’re not upset by that joke you just need to attach yourself to a cause and you wait until someone touches on your cause and then you go after them it’s a modern day with chants on celebrities they wait for someone to say something that they disagree with and then they try and get press from that for their causes. It’s totally disheartening to see a comedian apologize for a joke like that’s why I love Joan Rivers. She never apologized never and that was what made her such a such a legend you know. Paris when I see one of these castrated comedians come on I’m sorry but it’s because people see that they have something they can take away from them like if they have a you know a show like what happened with Trevor Noah the way people went after him. Fuck that. Like they went looking for that. But then how far do you go to a comedian you can have bad jokes like I always say that like before you can master something in comedy. You’re always. You have to cross a line to find the line right. So if you don’t cross a line every now and again you don’t find where it is and we’re running out of places to test our material. Twitter became a place to test your material. But with the way people are judging stand up to the scrutiny that’s happening it makes it very hard for a young comedian coming along that could become maybe the next Louis C.K. if they’re seeing people being demonized for that type of comedy right you have to go out and be a loose cannon before you can become a sniper. And I’ve always found that this type of attention and false outrage over jokes is really bad because what’s the intention of a joke to make people laugh at something that maybe they shouldn’t over there holding in and it’s a release of tension it’s a good thing like dark jokes bring light to dark topics and these people that try and take that away are trying to silence truth and it’s bullshit. Did you just describe Reddit everything you just read it’s what are much higher culture. Well I mean what social justice Warriors just add just carte blanche every single one of them. If you describe yourself as that you’re part of the problem if you use that word in a sentence. Also garnering some special should be called trigger warning. That’s the title I don’t think my buddy Rob Mays column is next one he’s a funny Canadian comic who gets in this imagine stuff but what I was going to say is like with the Internet it also gives voice voice to the people who used to have to have some sort of credentials you know put an opinion out to a large number of people now it’s you just have to just spout off and press a button right like the people that we’re hearing online on You Tube comments like message board. OR READ IT READ IT Yeah. Well podcast a little bit different you still have to have some sort of skill to figure out how to not fuck up your phones. If this was meant to work that I would make this work tonight. You don’t understand. So all these people now that have they can just instantly criticize you and should talk you with no credentials there. We’re giving a voice to the modern day equivalent of carving obscenities into a bathroom stall at a truck stop for people who carve racist shit into bathroom tracks of that You Tube comments no no you just push a button and do that they don’t do that take a shit. OK so you have that game Guitar Hero. Yeah so there was a loading screen where the comment on it was before the advent of the Internet. People would voice their rage on the bathroom stall just as funny. We actually are pretty sick to me and I will try to do a reaction pot Noles old style to the Trevor No a blow up. OK And if we try to push something called a hash tag worse than Trevor No I just start putting benign things out. Yeah right. And no one really quite understood it so kind of went the wrong angle disappeared. Nothing. But she had a great joke which was OK if Trevor’s only a quarter Jewish she has to be fifty percent less offensive for it to be funny. Whatever your racial cocktail is as far as you’re allowed to go and self-referential humor. I mean it’s funny the the license that you get right straight white male you don’t have a license but I’m going back into I’m on bikes like in ancestry dot com Like on part native. Yes. OK he does it he’ll get it so he’ll talk about black versus white he does a good job of it but maybe that’s just where you have to be have to be swinging around with you know multi-million dollar audiences and then and then you know a white guy can sit there make fun of black people. Well I mean when you come in there is naturally attention right like from you know what you are what you represent. You’ve got to be real like there’s going to be people that hate is here the people that fuckin love it. But like you know like I can do it I can do a joke like that in front of black people and their you know if if it’s real and it’s and they know that I’m funny they laugh at it but if they think that there’s malice behind it then it’s not going to go over like you just have to be good at what you do but again it takes you know one hundred forty characters people lose a context of how they’re saying things there’s a lot of a lot of of a barrier there’s a filter there is as easy as it can access it also distances us because there’s a filter and a restriction and you Kate here is the way you know satire. People don’t understand satire on Twitter. So how do you present that right like it is a it is a fine line thing I just don’t get satire. Well like Facebook is putting these satire I don’t want some links now they say something like Yeah yeah we know you’d want I mean I swear to god it’s like. So maybe that’s it maybe marks are good words trolling everyone thinking that I hate is all these fake news sites popping up like you know like the news is great but now there’s all these like ones are trying to be the onion and they’re just not good it’s just you just reporting you know fake news like there’s so many of these horrible fake new sites popping up it’s hard to even tell which one is Fox I like well I do like that there are comments like hash tag mouth the onion where you know you’re so ridiculous that we have is the satire. He will have to check. Or oh yeah well that’s always the funniest news articles like the ones that like you know just reporting fake news like the McDonald’s when they’re saying that McDonald’s is getting rid of the Big Mac. like that’s just like you know I’m going to choke. Yeah like c’mon that’s just click bait. That’s just trolling it works but that’s the thing they call it click bait and guess what makes money. Buzz Feed nothing but a money maker. Just moving the Internet right now that’s a model of A.O.L. right now. Just pollution. Yeah they just they think that if they can all the relying on is people who click the article immediately close that’s all they want from I get I got thirty three hours on a floppy disk from those projects that I don’t yet he should cash or maybe any interest authorized that it’s like at one hundred fifty three hours by this point. Very funny it was dial a number still worked. My God wouldn’t that be great if he so we dial up Internet for everyone. Matthew told me the day that the there’s a website of a suicide cult still active. Yeah Heaven’s Gate. Apparently they still monitor the email asking to be on the show and get around to answering as yet but it’s like OK I’ll drink that the the poison putting them out high when they were in a straighter That’s the whole reason you know is too nerdy to go along with the rest of them. But yeah up until like twenty fifteen or twenty fourteen some on in the U.N. the World was answering the Heaven’s Gate emails still spawning he doesn’t reply he wanted to get some kids and never returned. Yes surprising I know so much about the Heaven’s Gate cult they actually did a project in Greece I was in high school. Yeah. Yes new product on the Heavens Kinko seems no wonder you’re in stand up comedy now that it’s all taboo for a kid to be putting stuff together. Come talk to you after that I was just sadistic in high school you know I just I remember the Heaven’s Gate cult very well not because of the suicide thing but because I was up at my mama’s place and it lived out in severe Ville Tennessee which is outside the sprawling metropolis of Gatlinburg. So that gives you how that gives you how far out of the city we were but the point of telling you that is to tell you this the stars were beautiful I mean like I mean it’s just really really majestic and son of a bitch of Hale Bopp wasn’t up there and I just remember Harry took us out there and my daughter’s husband saying I’ll check out the comic and I’d never seen anything like it and he like when you see a real common just illuminated like that standing among the stars. It’s easy to immediately get it like when the when the ancient people were like ah shit shits going down now because it’s like this like this really amazing heavenly body that’s all going to be there for a few weeks and like not everyone will see that that is a needy is needy. Sorry it’s a common time but this is a section on returned to star talk with Neil de Grasse Tyson. Now because I’m not a kind of sounding prick telling you about lighthouses fucking gravity is like like it’s not it’s not amazing at all it’s just all a function of physics get with it people. Here’s a little condescending now yeah he would actually say the math is amazing but the fact that you think that it blows your mind because you see it as a human. Well that’s just you not overcoming your natural limitations. Yeah it was very deep into that one boy. Yeah we don’t know exactly what we’re going for yet but try him. Big big talk conversations versus fun quality time we just saw. Like anyone who takes himself so seriously. I mean and that’s and I think that’s that that that you can say I mean that that actually should be our tagline. Yeah especially if you’re going to express your outrage on the Internet. Well that’s OK that one out and expression of outrage on the Internet distance themselves they should distance themselves from everyone everyone should have their angry place where they go into like the section of the house just be angry no internet connection. You know come on their faces screaming Mel Gibson is down and hold it there for about a good minutes of the camper passout and then you’ll be fine hopefully I don’t know just die or you internet rage troll bait people or bear with me here. What if they woke up in a cube and each room that they went in to have like a little trap and you are the one who makes it out. Finds that they’re actually in a much larger cube just Keadilan put them in the queue. This is going to a funny place this conversation that wasn’t funny at all but it was a cool movie. What circle of hell is reserved for people who have go on comedy shows. I mean there are special aren’t you know like if you know someone who likes to hike or colony clubs just give them a hug and that’s all they need they need the attention. Maybe if they got a hug before they went out they wouldn’t feel so threatened. So the comedian is making the group of friends lasses and that’s usually the the type of person that hackles is in that the guy who is normally the funny guy in the group and then these all of his friends laugh is someone else so they have to get involved and yet it ends up being a little bit of a mess. His one place of acceptance from his own culture gets trumped by the professional. Exactly that’s not going to you know it’s really sad. Everything everything you just said I mean I would just like it brings the show to a halt and we’re just going to all feel bad for this guy. Yeah Ali and I are talking back to a comic and that’s cute. That’s a comedian should do is just bring that up and just it’s a little bit of alcohol that probably feels like insecurity just coming out right. So I’m like a psychologist when it comes all on its own where you start you start psychoanalyzing the guy as he’s heck yeah but it was you know that with the roast with video that put up that’s like you find their weak spot right you to find what’s that trigger point that that’s going to take that person down and with that Echo that’s usually where it starts. Where was it for Ron Jeremy. Because that’s a key question is Canada still around. Yeah can you hear me. Yeah there was a weird place where it sounded like words and like like you don’t a car wreck or something. Ron Jeremy Dick just came through the phone and stabbed it. It has that power and it’s pervaded media so semantically with Ron the trigger point was I think it was Tony Hinchcliffe to joke about I don’t know exactly where the joke is but Ron having a heart attack and he didn’t have any friends to call so he had to drive spittle. Oh my God I think there’s the joke about that stung pretty hard you know. But they seem to they can seem to shake them up a little bit. And whatever Tony said there was good sort of Tyler. It was really fun talking. Thanks a lot. Yeah thanks for having me on Anita. Any time guys and people want to check check me out they can go on Tyler Morse and CA or follow me on Twitter. Tyler Morse in one sense ask me in a few If you end up on the national or international tourists. We may happen at a time. Can promote that all over again. Oh absolutely Man I’d love to go down to Atlanta area sometime and I think it would be great to have so many at Fox or laughing skull lounge. Yeah all of it showing all the best records in town a little boys take a good look like if I will say it’s over with.

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