Online shopping is very popular among consumers, and women love to browse their favorite sites, looking for the merchandise to create their ideal wardrobe. One shopping site does things a little differently. When people go on the site, they don’t click through images of apparel and accessories. Instead, they answer several style questions and are sent a mystery bag personalized for them with style items from brand names. You can then trade the items online with others until you have the collection you want. The bags are purchased with a monthly subscription and traded virtually, so shoppers can engage with one another online. It is a hip, stylish approach to social commerce.

Little Black Bag was created by Dan Murillo, Sasha Siddhartha, and David Weissman, launched in January of 2012. Inspired by a Japanese idea of a bag with random contents called “fukubukuro”, the founders set out to make a startup where users could trade among other shoppers. The platform raised $2.75 million in funding from investors including Tim Kendall, GRP, and DCM. The site has been a breakthrough, drawing in customers and another $8 million in a second round of funding. Social commerce has grown in recent years, with online shopping and social media combining in cutting edge ways.

The Los Angeles-based platform has over a million trades per month. The site has grown so much that in 2013, it merged with another fashion startup, Pose, a mobile, photo-sharing site where users share fashion ideas and tips. Murillo is the CEO of Little Black Book and will oversee this expanded venture. Sharing images with social shopping takes buying a handbag or dress to a new virtual level. When you go onto the site, you can see items that are currently being traded. The latest trends from Steve Madden, Betsy Johnson, and BCBG Generation are featured. The startup carries clothes, jewelry, and accessories and you get to see what is in your bag after you checkout. Then swap with other members, getting the items you want before they are shipped.

If you are looking for a site where you can get your favorite brands and exchange them with others, then check out Little Black Bag. It is an innovative shopping experience to get great merchandise at discounted prices. Swap merchandise with other members and create your dream collection of items for your wardrobe. You can also give a bag as a gift along with gift cards. Register and start trading designer bags, jewelry, and jackets.

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