Statement of Purpose      


The past summer was an exhilarating experience. Working at ITISL in the Information Technology department allowed me to gain hands on exposure to analyze and prepare reports for various clients. During my internship at ITISL, I became aware of the necessity of business intelligence in today’s corporate environment. I was also involved in designing algorithms for their web-based applications, which aim to support better decision-making. Furthermore, working in the corporate atmosphere, I became sensitive to different temperaments. This internship helped me in building relationships with people, building confidence and improving my communication skills.


Perhaps the most important outcome of this internship was that I became clear about my career objectives, which is to become a systems consultant.  My short-term goal is to work in an IT consulting outfit and after a few years enter the world of entrepreneurship. To this end, I look forward to a graduate degree in MISM to help me attain the skill set and proficiency to excel in the systems consulting field.


The undergraduate curriculum from __________________ college has laid a foundation for graduate school. Courses such as ‘Computer Programming’ made me familiar with programming languages. I always had an aptitude for programming, which was clearly evident by my proficiency in languages like C++ and JAVA. The course at Mumbai University (MU) allowed me to delve into assembly level programming as well. The courses on ‘Microprocessors and Microcontrollers’ gave me essential insight about these powerful chips and their applications in the practical world. In addition to these technical skills, my curriculum also included courses such as ‘Communication Skills’ and ‘Presentation and Communication Techniques (PCT)’, which emphasized on building better communication skills. Thus with these courses at Mumbai University I was able to hone my programming skills as well as my communication skills.


My curriculum laid equal emphasis on practical knowledge as well. As a part of my curriculum I have been able to work on various projects. I have designed various circuits using Pspice and Eagle software, which required extensive use of my analytical abilities. I encountered many problems during these projects but always managed to overcome them.  These academic projects made me realize the importance of these abilities in real time projects.


Besides the academic setting, the part time job at ___________ was my first tryst in the field of information systems. The company wanted to create an intranet based database and management module for property listings. In doing so, we began our task by gathering the requirements and penning the proposed flow diagram for the management, including the user interface prototype, database table structure and query logic.  Once the approval was received, we executed the project in JSP and are currently in the beta testing phase. Working on this project has not only sharpened my problem solving capabilities and analytical skills but also increased by resolve to pursue a career in systems consulting.


In addition to this, I am actively involved in extra-curricular activities, either through coordination or participation in various events. These events have helped me in improving my leadership skills and made me shed my inhibitions. To keep myself abreast with the latest inventions and technologies, I attended various seminars and workshops conducted by IEEE. These co-curricular activities have helped me understand the practical applications of my curriculum.


My undergraduate course along with my internship has helped me appreciative the pervasive nature Information Technology solutions. The MISM program at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) will help me prepare to become part of the next generation of technology managers who are equally adept at defining an organization's technology strategy. The program will allow me to hone my planning, management and technical skills which are essential to become a successful IT manager. It would be an honour for me to get an opportunity to interact with and learn from  venerated faculty members like  Professor ___________ and Professor ____________ among many others. The blend of Information Technology and Management is a unique combination and I believe I have an aptitude for both. I also believe that with my dedication, sincerity and hard work I will be able to overcome all the hurdles that come before me in pursuing this course.


I would really be honored to get admitted to Carnegie Mellon University, as it is renowned for its excellent and extremely helpful faculty, the state-of –art infrastructure and an amicable atmosphere, which will help me grow as an individual. The infrastructure and the resource pool available will help me utilize my full potential not only for betterment of my own interests but of society in general. On my part, I aver to maintain the high standards set by ‘_________’ and utilize my talents to the fullest to make noteworthy contributions to the university. Hence, I hope the Admission Committee shares my enthusiasm and qualifications and allows me to be part of the incoming class for Fall 2012 student body.




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