BuildYourCMS is a totally customizable (Content Management System or
Content Management System) CMS that will fit perfectly to your
Minecraft server with CraftBukkit or Spigot. With it, you can warn your
players through the news, sell your items with auto shop, use a forum
to pass the time (forum not included yet), etc … Visitors will access
information from your server, such as online players, etc …
So, if you want a good website for your minecraft server, this is it

Showing news

Post your
news server
or your site to warn your
members everything that
happens on your server.

Display server status, connected
players , maximum
players version of CraftBukkit
through two plugins.


Through the internal messaging site registered
players can discuss
with each other .


A problem on your
server? Your members
will contact
you quickly, easily .

Auto Shop

Sell ?
?everything and anything on
your site and immediately receive your item in.

Player Profile

Go to Man
of the Match Player
directly on the site ( grade
levels ,
money, etc. ..) .

Page Banlist

Allowing visitors access to
the list of banned players
and the
reasons for the ban .

Console Live

Access to your server logs and interact with .
All orders are possible.

- Your web
host should enable certain features / extensions to
use the CMS :
Download the file here
( put
the file on your
ftp and
go above) that
will let
you know if your
web host is compatible.

-  Your web
host should open the ports to
use the plugin
JSONAPI and MineQuery
function that will allow CMS
to bind your server.

1.Make sure you fullfil the system

2.You need to make a new database and recommended a new user

3.Right now you need to set the privileges the user have to
the selected database,you need to check all privileges

4.Upload the script through FTP to a new directory

5.CHMOD 777 all file in root directory and root directory too

6.Access the script directory install/index.php through your
browser and start the installation, it is very simple.

7.After you installed you can login on the home page

06/02/2014 :

404 error on index page fixed

erorr with back
to line on news page fixed

added info in

added compatibility
test page

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