Bright Planet is a USA beauty brand delivering 100% natural products to benefit all the citizens of this bright planet. Vegan beauty products review.

All Bright Planet products are made from ingredients you can feel good about. Paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, petro-chemical free. Recyclable packaging. No artificial fragrances, no artificial colors. 100% vegan and made in the USA. They are non-comedogenic, so they won’t clog pores or leave you feeling greasy. They smell great and feel great too. All our packaging is eco-friendly and we never, ever test on animals.

Diana, Founder of Bright Planet

Bright Planet: vegan beauty products REVIEW

Hello my loves! I got to know Bright Planet products through a brilliant beauty review written by my blogger friend Rowena on her beauty and fashion blog Rolala Loves. Considering her reviews totally trustworthy, I decided to find out more about this American start up taking such a good care of “this bright planet”. At Bright Planet in fact they not only manufacture 100% organic cruelty-free vegan beauty products, delivered in eco-friendly packaging, but for any product purchased, they donate 2 healthy meals to children in need around the world. Chapeau. Here comes my review.

Bright Planet Orange Blossom Green Tea Facial Cleanser has a creamy texture and an heavenly fragrance of sweet orange with just a hint of green tea.  While you massage it gently on your skin with circular movements, breathing in the enchanting aroma, the makeup on your face melts away. Remove with warm cloth and repeat. Your skin will be clean, soft and smell divine. While I indulged in this pampering double cleansing ritual I kept thinking: I need to get more of it, I deserve this sensorial experience every day at morning and night. Did I mention that I used it to remove my eye makeup too and it was super gentle? Gentle, sweet, soft! It’s #endlesslove, I totally recommend it!

Bright Planet Inspiration Sour Cherry Scrub is made of cherry juice and finely ground walnut shells. At first sniff you can smell its natural ingredients. The concentration of walnut shells granules is very high and the granules are super tiny. I hate it when scrubs are diluted and you need to re-apply another tiny bit after the other to get a decent scrub. This is not the case. A small amount goes a long way. You might want to take it easy if you have sensitive skin, because granules are very small and you risk of rubbing too hard if you don’t know that. After removing the scrub with a warm cloth, my skin felt super clean and even. Little dry spots were removed and my nose was sleek and shining – you know what I mean. This scrub is very performing, so if you have dry skin you will need to moisturise immediately afterwards. It was love at first rub for Bright Planet Inspiration Sour Cherry Scrub, and it will be #endlesslove.

Now let’s get to the hardest test for organic cosmetics: haircare. I have tried organic shampoos so delicate as not to clean my scalp and hair completely. I need my hair to squeak when I rinse off shampoo, because I know that afterwards my scalp will be breathing and my hair shining. Well, Inspiration shampoo by Bright Planet passes the test with full marks. It lathers beautifully and it rinses off well, leaving your hair and scalp super clean, not dry though. At this point your hair lengths will need some detangling moisturiser. Here comes Inspiration Conditioner by Bright Planet. It’s not greasy nor very rich, but after applying it and combing it through, your hair will feel soft to the touch and silky. Both conditioner and shampoo have a fresh botanical aroma with essential oil of mint. I’m not a fan of mint so that’s not the best part of it. However the smell goes away after rinsing, and if to make its haircare products work so well Bright Planet had to avoid fragrances, in my opinion it was totally worth it. All considered, I think Inspiration shampoo is a total winner and in my personal beauty ranking it’s #endlesslove. Inspiration conditioner is a good product, but I have very dry hair and I need far richer conditioners. So my rating is #itsnotyouitsme. Good news is being it 100% organic I can use it to condition my daughter’s long hair.

Click HERE to visit Bright Planet Website and HERE to run and buy their amazing products.

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