Well I'd bin toying with selling the landy for over a year but I never found anything to replace it with. So my landy was a 110 xs double cab. Had it for 5 years and loved it added a few bits along the way light grills. Bigger tyres changed the canopy to black. Different air filter uprated rear springs and a better anti roll bar then the best bit was a twisted performance p6 remap and removed the speed limiter and a few other little bits. Never really took many photos but heres a couple.

On top of the horse shoe pass

It a cracking car it was always driven hard from day one. Pull lots of weight about and never let me down badly just a few odd problems every now and then when I 1st had it. So what to replace it with? My work has changed a little now I never use to do long drives now more often I've got to go a view jobs go and give advice and a bit more motorway driving. So what to get and I needed something fairly quickly as my old one sold with out even having it up for sale. VW sportline van? I did fancy one but I didn't want a van as a daily. Didn't want a jap pickup truck as I'd had a l200 and liked it but it was dull missed what I waned something that made me smile. So American pick up? No to chavy. So I used a friends 110 a few times while I was thinking

And I new I just needed a landy again but with different mods this was like driving a bag of shit bad tyres and 2" lift felt terrible. So I was on the phone to land rover after a few weeks and found a black 110 xs again but this time van back as my old pick up one I found the pickup part unusable. Only got one photo so far as its bin getting driven but here it is I will get more as I've got a lot of plans for this one.

So far I've put hands free in. Bumper caps, speed limiter removed slight tints on the windows, to be done over the next year small steering wheel. Led headlights led rear lights, new shocks, springs (2" drop) change the front grill, front bumper, custom map I need something like a twisted p10 only different as there cars don't pull the weight. Different exhaust, intercooler, Recaro seats and different alloys. Some of you might say I should have got one already done ie a twisted 110 but I've looked and spoken to Charlie loads of times and I just can't get 110% what I want. I will update it over time. O and my new one is a 2.2 my old one was a 2.4 so far the engine feels good I think it'll be abit more fun once its finished.


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