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  • Nature Bats Last – How Far We’ve Come See How Far We’ve Come (Part 3 of 3) by Guy McPerson ⇔ Updated most recently, likely for the final time, 2 August 2016. See How Far We’ve Come Never mind that American naturalist George Perkins...

  • The Climate Change Scorecard | “We are experiencing change 200 to 300 times faster than any of the previous major extinction events.” Since a nuclear weapon went off over Hiroshima, we have been living with visions of global catastrophe...

  • As Arctic sea ice declines as a result of climate change, polar bears -- which traverse sea ice in search of seals, their primary prey -- are in some parts of their range being forced to forage for food on land. Polar bears have long been known to eat...

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    THE CLIMATE CHANGE HOAX HOAX, what those whom deny climate change exists try to make into the Climate Change Hoax THE CLIMATE CHANGE HOAX HOAX “The greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people!” -Senator James Inhofe Thanks to...

  • What happens when we dump greenhouse gases to atmosphere? Temperature rises, there will be more heat waves, ice and snow melts, sea level rises, there are changes in clouds and other climate feedbacks such as methane bursting out from ocean sediments...

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