I have a 2004 Honda Civic 1.7 CTDi. In the past I have had a few problems with it going into limp mode when accelerating to 50-60 mph when doing high revs. This is a problem I am yet to fully resolve but still havn't bought a new Boost Pressure Sensor. See: 1.7CTDi going into limp mode - Honda Civic Forum

After an incident last week where it went into limp mode before and after putting fuel into the car, I assumed that it might just be a case of pulling some dodgy fuel through when it was low. However this is definitely not the case.

When I start the car, after after 20 or 30 seconds idling the car will go into limp mode and will limit itself to about 3000rpm. After a few tests at driving it I noticed that it would go into limp mode whilst driving normally as well (20-30mph).

I took it to a mechanic over the weekend which is where my car has been since, and after speaking with him it would seem to be a further development to the problem I began to encounter some 18 months ago as detailed in the linked thread.

So it is a recurrence of the old 'Boost Pressure' issue. The turbo has been cleaned out and a new vacuum valve has been put on it. None of which has fixed the problem.

The mechanic has taken it to Honda, and they have come back saying what I read so often on this forum. "New turbo, £1200. But that might not fix the problem".

At the moment from what I have just been told, what it happened that whilst idling the car checks the turbo vanes, notices a problem and then just swaps over to limp mode. Although I will speak to him further tonight so I can get a more details as to the error codes and a few other things if it come to me having to sell the car.

So right at this moment in time I am absolutely not sure on what to do, I've been told that it obviously isn't worth spending that amount of money repairing, and that I'm best to try to sell it as spares or repairs on ebay.

I could really use some help on this issue, even some advice would be massively helpful at this moment in time. I have already posted this on a separate Honda forum and am yet to receive any replies.

Note: I also know that this is a very common issue which has faced many owners of the 1.7CTDi Civic and that it is difficult to get a correct diagnosis being that Honda dealers are always eager to just try ripping out the turbo first and then work their way from there. But I am also aware that since this issue has faced many owners, they will probably have a better understanding of the little things which could also cause this problem.

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