All the news, unveilings and pictures from the floor of one of the industry's biggest events2030hrs Well, that just about wraps up autocar.co.uk's live blog from another rip-roaring Geneva motor show. Keep an eye on the website for the further updates from the event as they happen.

2020hrs Tomorrow autocar.co.uk will bring you a round-up of all the highlights, news and gossip from the Geneva motor show.

2008hrs Julian Rendell ponders whether Ford can retake the handling crown from the Volkswagen Golf with the new Focus, revealed at the Geneva motor show today.

2001hrs The new Audi TT, revealed at the Volkswagen Group preview evening yesterday, has proved to be one of the most-read stories on autocar.co.uk today.

1959hrs The Geneva motor show picture gallery above this story now has images of 90 cars contained within it.

1948hrs Earlier today AMG chief Thomas Weber offered some detail on the two V12-powered S-class derivatives that will go on sale during the coming year. The flagship S-class S600 will only be offered in long-wheelbase form. The S65 AMG, which has a claimed 0-62mph time of just 4.3sec, will cost £160,000. Weber stressed that the engine is compliant with Euro 6 emissions regulations. "Reading between lines, it would appear that Mercedes doesn't want to be seen as excessive," reckoned Autocar's Jim Holder, who was watching the presentation. "Weber also highlighted the S65's weight loss in the body structure, drag reduction, new transmission and engine efficiency gains and so on."

1925hrs The Mercedes-Benz V-class put a new slant on the capacious people carrier segment when it was unveiled earlier today. Volker Mornhinweg, head of Mercedes-Benz Vans, confirmed production of the V-class began in Spain this week. Autocar's Jim Holder witnessed the launch of the vehicle: All Merc's talk stressed this is the only luxury vehicle of its type - therefore it holds appeal to active adults, parents or transport companies."

1921hrs We suspect our editor-in-chief Steve Cropley was distinctly underwhelmed when he surveyed yet another limited-edition Bugatti Veyron, this time one of a mini-series of Legends cars saluting Rembrandt Bugatti, brother of company founder Ettore. Steve's succinct summation: "Time for these boys to move on…"

1913hrs "There was a definite swagger at Citroën at the show today," says Autocar's Jim Holder. "There's a feeling the C4 Cactus and new C1 stand for what the should – good value, low consumption, style and fun."

1911hrs Frédéric Banzet, Citroën's chief executive, said: "With close to 800,000 cars sold since 2005, the Citroën C1 represents ten per cent of our sales in Europe. It is a true success."

1906hrs Citroën had plenty of new metal to show off at the Geneva motor show today. As well as the bold new Citroën C4 Cactus – a car which seems to symbolise the sense of optimism at the French car maker right now – it uncovered the new C1 city car, the C5 CrossTourer and the DS 5LS, a high-end saloon produced in China.

1854hrs Adding weight to the theory that this was a show about city cars, Suzuki unveiled the new Celerio, which is destined for Europe next year.

1850hrs Mark Tisshaw made tracks for the Mini Clubman when the covers came off the concept at the Geneva show today. He was impressed with what he saw.

1848hrs The new Lamborghini Huracán has grabbed plenty of headlines at Geneva today, but Autocar's associate editor Hilton Holloway laments a forgotten Raging Bull, the Lamborghini Canto.

1845hrs Our deputy road test editor Matt Saunders makes no secret of his passion for big, fast, powerful estate cars. But he thinks Jaguar needs to pull out the stops to make its latest superwagon, the XFR-S Sportbrake, the class champion.

1841hrs Steve Sutcliffe, Autocar's editor at large, was mightily impressed by the new Hyundai PassoCorto concept when he viewed it earlier today.

1839hrs Ferrari has returned to forced induction engines with the V8 in the latest Caliornia T, revealed at the Geneva motor show today. Autocar's senior contributing editor Richard Bremner debates whether it marks the start of a new era for the company.

1831hrs Autocar's Andrew Frankel has been reflecting on the key themes of today's Geneva motor show. "The more I think about it, the more I think this was a show about small cars," he says. "Not only did we have the Toyota Aygo, Citroën C1 and Peugeot 108, more importantly the Renault Twingo has the promise to spark a 'back to the future' small car revolution where city cars return to their rear engine, rear drive roots. And then there was the Mazda 2 'concept', the best-looking small car in years."

1809hrs More from Mark Tisshaw's chat with VW tech guru Heinz-Jakob Neusser: "The Polo R and Beetle R remain off the production agenda for the time being according to Neusser. Shame, as the two models would closely link to VW's rally programmes with road cars."

1808hrs Autocar's Mark Tisshaw hasn't relented in his bid to unearth every scrap of information from the Geneva motor show. He reports: "Interesting final hour spent in the company of Volkswagen technical chief Heinz-Jakob Neusser. He said that the Volkswagen Golf GTE is for those that don't want to compromise on fun to drive and driving precision when buying an eco model."

1752hrs Autocar's Mark Tisshaw has pondered how much progress Cadillac is making, despite the US brand making all the right noises about plans for diesel engines. It has promoted the sleek ATS Coupé and big Escalade SUV at Geneva. "Cadillac diesels and right-hand drive sounds all-too familiar," he says. "They've been saying this since the ATS launched in Detroit in January 2012, but no tangible progress has been made. No Cadillacs were sold through official channels in the UK last year, despite official imports being available. Only Manchester United players and officials received models as part of a sponsorship deal."

1742hrs Anne Ruthmann, project manager on the striking Citroën C4 Cactus, has been talking Autocar's Jim Holder through Airbumps, the air-filled pockets that are a feature of the new model and help protect it from minor scuffs. There's only four launch colours for the thermoplastic polyurethane Airbump panels because others didn't pass Citroën's stringent quality controls, most notably as reds and blues tended to fade in sunlight. They will come, but only when they can survive beyond a lifetime of the car in bright sunlight. "It's a new material in a new application, so there is much more we can do," she says.

1737hrs Stefan Mueller, Renault's head of European operations, has assured Autocar editor Jim Holder that the joint sportscar project with Caterham is progressing as planned. "There are tensions, but they are inevitable in such a relationship," he said. "What I can tell you is that the project is progressing well and the car looks sensational. I'm excited." Stefan Mueller also hinted that there could be a family of Alpine cars "but only once we've judged the success of this".

1731hrs As press day at the Geneva motor show begins to wind down, our industrious photographer Stuart Price has checked the pedometer he carries with him at all motor shows. Stu has covered a total of 11.586 miles tramping from car launch to car launch throughout the day.

1726hrs Autocar's editor-in-chief Steve Cropley has mixed feelings about the eDag Genesis concept, which shows off the potential of future production techniques. "Fascinating shape, but what a terrible name," says Cropley. "A 'dag' is something not very nice an Aussie or NZ shearer removes from the grimmest part of a sheep's rear end. So an eDag may sound a bit more modern, but it strikes almost as unmentionable…"

1651hrs More insight from Autocar's Andrew Frankel, who has been getting the lowdown on the refreshed Bentley Continental GT Speed. He says: "The real reason for Bentley rushing a cosmetically enhanced and slightly more powerful Continental GT Speed into production so soon after the car was launched is that customers told the company there was insufficient differentiation between the standard W12 GT and the old Speed to make it worth spending the extra moolah."

1614hrs Andrew Frankel offers an alternative view on Ford's extensive revisions to the Focus: "Very interested to hear Ford's Stephen Odell's comments on changes to the Ford Focus suspension in the quest to improve ride and handling. Is this a tacit acknowledgement of what we said when we first drove the current car that, good though it was, its chassis dynamics were a step back from its predecessor?"

1556hrs Autocar's Mark Tisshaw reports that Renault executives are pondering a marketing strategy for the new Twingo, with seven months of planning still to do ahead of the full October launch. "The favoured strategy appears to be pushing the benefits of the rear-drive/rear-engine architecture (think tight turning circle, fun handling) rather than making the rear-drive the story. After all, that won't mean much to the average punter," says Tisshaw.

1543hrs Are Renault's rivals regarding the new Twingo as a serious threat? It would certainly appear so – Autocar's senior contributing editor Colin Goodwin has spotted a gentleman taking photos of the French car's interior and recording its measurements in a spreadsheet.

1540hrs Andrew Frankel has also discovered that the carbonfibre bucket seats in the new McLaren 650S have come direct from the McLaren P1. "They're monstrously comfortable and save 15kg but cost – wait for it – £5000," says Autocar's senior contributing writer.

1538hrs Andrew Frankel's show hall ramble has taken him to McLaren, where he's found out how the new 650S has been received. "McLaren says that almost all new orders in the UK are now for the 650S rather than the 12C, though it hopes 12C will still remain popular in countries with high import tax. The GT3 racing programme continues to be 12C-based for at least the duration of this season, but a 650S racer is a certainty," he says.

1535hrs Mark Tisshaw also reports that Sergio Marchionne's workload even extends to getting involved with the firm's commercial at the Super Bowl. On a more serious note, Marchionne said further Fiat plant closures would have been inevitable had the Chrysler deal not come off. He now expects the firm to break even in Europe in the middle of the decade. One further note of caution was sounded from Marchionne on the current crisis in Ukraine, saying that it would have an impact on European confidence as a whole, meaning car sales could suffer.

1533hrs You might recall back at 1304hrs that Autocar's Mark Tisshaw was off to interview Fiat chief Sergio Marchionne. "He was on great form, and not just on Alfa Romeo's future plans," says Tisshaw. "He believes the decision to only build new Alfas in Italy is based on history, not ethnicity. It's what makes them authentic and will give the brand a chance of international success."

1512hrs The changes to the latest Ford Focus run so deep that company chiefs believe it can't be called a mere facelift. Stephen Odell, Ford's European boss, said: "The changes are so substantial I prefer to call it an all-new car. It's not just the bodywork and interior, but the technology, the suspension and so on. The focus on ride and handling is crucial - it's long been referred to as part of Ford's DNA and we think the changes keep us right there."

1509hrs Our senior editor for news and features, Mark Tisshaw, has also learned that we shouldn't refer to the baby Jeep Renegade as a Fiat 500L in off-road clothes. Although its platform has origins in the Fiat 'Small Wide' platform, it has been made stronger, has increased ground clearance and wheel articulation and a new engine cradle. It will be known as 'Small Wide 4x4' architecture.

1506hrs Autocar's Mark Tisshaw has emerged from his chat with Jeep chief Mike Manley. Tisshaw reports: "He says the iconic Wrangler won't suffer the same fate as the Land Rover Defender because its front fenders are designed in a completely different way, and thus it does not suffer the same legislative issues for crash safety. Manley says it's got another 17 or 18 years left yet."

1502hrs Andrew Frankel is surprised how the competition is hotting up in the city car market segment. "I'm glad there's more visual differentiation between the Peugeot 108, Citroën C1 and Toyota Aygo than with the previous generation," he says. "I think the Toyota looks best but the Renault Twingo trumps them all, both visually and conceptually. With the Volkswagen Up, under-rated Hyundai i10 and also the new Smart on the way, the once almost overlooked city car class is in the process of becoming one of the most competitive and interesting of all."

1500hrs Autocar's Greg Kable reports: "An Audi source has just revealed to me that the Giugiaro Clipper was originally conceived as a design proposal for Ingolstadt's long mooted Mercedes-Benz B-class and BMW 2-series Active Tourer rivalling MPV. 'It is one of a series of proposals created as part of a monospace program,' said the source."

1456hrs Another car that has caught Andrew Frankel's gaze is the Maserati Alfieri concept. He says: "It proves yet again that Maserati bows to no-one for the class of its design. Achingly desirable visually, but when will Maserati make a car with the dynamics to meet the promise of its looks?"

1435hrs Autocar's Andrew Frankel has been casting his expert eye over the striking new Renault Twingo. He says: "I am reminded why most small cars used to also have rear engine, rear drive layouts. If you only need space for shopping, the advantages in terms of driving dynamics, turning circle and appearance seem unanswerable. Easy transfer from extant front engine/front drive platforms too. Others will follow. A shame there's not going to be a RenaultSport version – just not the business case for it apparently."

1422hrs The Renault Fluence electric saloon has been officially axed in the UK. The model has just been facelifted and is no longer produced in right-hand drive. "It's not going to be missed, though," says Autocar's Mark Tisshaw. "The model always seemed a long way from the quality of execution of the Twizy and Zoe."

1419hrs Mark Tisshaw reports that he's now off to Jeep to speak to the company's boss, Briton Mike Manley, about the new Jeep Renegade. "Very interested in this car because it's the only B-segment SUV yet with proper off-road ability. Look out, Land Rover," says Tisshaw.

1400hrs Autocar's Colin Goodwin is still obsessing about old racing cars. He's found himself transfixed by the Cosworth DFV-powered McLaren M7C Formula 1 car on the McLaren stand. "I now hold a Geneva record for the longest stare at a DFV engine," reports Col.

1357hrs This just in from Hilton Holloway, our associate editor: "Just interviewed Anders Warming, head of Mini design. He talked me around the new Mini Clubman and says it is "absolutely" a Golf competitor and is intended to be an entirely practical family car. I sat inside the concept, which has the same low-slung Mini driving position but has more headroom and much more shoulder room than the hatch. The Clubman will also have a different, more upmarket dashboard design. Apparently this concept is quite close to the production car."

1354hrs Autocar's Greg Kable isn't convinced by the new BMW 2-series Active Tourer. He says: "Disappointed by the front-end styling. The design of the grille and headlamps looks to be a generation old before it even hits the showrooms. It doesn't reflect the latest design treatment of other recent BMW models."

1353hrs Vice president of powertrain development at Mercedes-Benz, Bernhard Heil, says the downsizing strategy for the German car maker will centre around four-cylinder engines rather than three-cylinder units. "At the moment we think there is greater efficiency potential in a small capacity four-cylinder of less than 2.0-litre capacity running at low revs than a three-cylinder engine running at higher revs," he says. Heil also confirmed Mercedes-Benz is progressing a sub-2.0-litre four-cylinder engine with alliance partner Renault-Nissan. "Mercedes-Benz will get a more sophisticated version of the engine than Renault," he says.

1352hrs A high-ranking BMW source has confirmed to Autocar that an M Performance variant of the upcoming X4 SUV, due to be revealed at the New York motor show, is under development. However, the car is not likely to form part of the initial line-up.

1350hrs A wry observation from one of Autocar's resident Antipodeans, Greg Kable: "So, Jaguar has taken yet another name from the Australian built Ford Falcon. Following the XF, we now have XE. Google 'Falcon XE' to find out what at good looker it was back in the day."

1349hrs More information on the Ermini Seiottosei from Dan Stevens: "The new car revives the brand. It's a mid-engined two seater, with a Renaultsport engine in a steel frame, with a carbonfibre front-end structure. The frame weighs 40kg, the whole car 686kg. Brembo brakes were developed for the car, as was the Nardi steering wheel, the wheels and the seats - it's not a bitsa made from lots of off-the-shelf parts. The car is in testing, and Ermini wants to put it into production."

1347hrs Autocar contributor Dan Stevens has uncovered one of the true oddities of the Geneva motor show, the Ermini Seiottosei. "Ermini is a Italian race car marque from the 1950s – very competitive in its time – and founder Pasquino Ermini built his own engines for his Barchetta racers. The cars were small, pretty, light and quick."

1346hrs Autocar editor Jim Holder is chatting to Nissan vice president Andy Palmer. Jim says: "He rightly notes that for all the Nissan Juke imitators out there, none is yet as bold or edgy in its design as the actual Juke. He recalls the early planning meetings where they set the objective of making a Marmite car (works when you design cars in Paddington). He won't say why others have been more timid, but the insinuation is that they aren't as daring. When you consider Nissan's thirst for innovation - be it concepts like IDx or Bladeglider or Juke and Qashqai - he's probably right."

1335hrs The head of development at BMW, Herbert Diess, has just told Autocar's Greg Kable that the replacement for the X1, due out in late 2015, will use a version of the UKL platform found beneath the new 2-series Active Tourer but with a slightly longer platform. Diess also said there would be an extended wheelbase version of the new X1 but only for the Chinese market.

1319hrs Back at Ford, Steve Cropley is keen to get up close and personal with the new Ford Mustang. Unfortunately, it turns out that he can't. He says: "On the Ford Mustang that's on a raised turntable on the show stand there's a note that reads: 'Prototype vehicle. Locked for your protection'. I knew Mustangs were aggressive, but I didn't think they'd actually attack you…".

1317hrs Our European editor Greg Kable has been investigating the technology under the skin of the striking Audi TT Quattro Sport concept. He says: The 414bhp turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine used in the Audi TT Quattro Sport concept reveals the influence of the Volkswagen Group's new powertrain boss, Fritz Eichler. He has managed to top the 355bhp of the turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder used in the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG and CLA45 AMG by a significant 59bhp. Eichler was head development of the Mercedes-Benz AMG division's four-cylinder engine before moving to Volkswagen last year."

1312hrs Another quick update from Steve Cropley – apparently Ford's 80-strong orchestra played 'In The Hall of the Mountain King' by Edvard Grieg. Classy.

1309hrs Back at Ford's stand, Autocar's Steve Cropley has just observed an impressive unveiling. He says: "Ford has just launched the Focus, world's best-selling car in 2012 and 2013, by bringing together a 'global orchestra' of several hundred players, linked by the internet. Each played on his/her own, looking into a webcam. The orchestra was introduced by Mark Fields, Ford's chief operating officer, and it worked amazingly well."

1304hrs Autocar's Mark Tisshaw, senior editor of news and features, is heading to a very important interview at the Geneva motor show. He says: "About to see Sergio Marchionne. Fascinated to hear his plans now Fiat and Chrysler are fully as one. The future of Alfa Romeo is of the most interest to me". Keep checking autocar.co.uk throughout the afternoon to find out what Mark uncovers.

1251hrs Our editor-in-chief Steve Cropley has picked up a snippet from Ford, which apparently is so cheesed off with the number of private-import Raptor performance pick-ups being imported to go-ahead Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai that it has had discussions about selling the cars there officially. No conclusion has been reached yet, but there is a developing, though niche, appetite for traditional American Fords. The company expects to do "pretty well" with the Mustang, if early indications prove accurate.

1246hrs Greg Kable, Autocar's European editor, has been talking engines with Mercedes-Benz experts. Berhard Heil, vice president of powertrain development at Mercedes, acknowledged the German car maker is investigating replacing the current V6 petrol engine with a new in-line six-cylinder that shares its architecture, including a 90mm cylinder bore spacing, with the firm's existing four-cylinder.

1240hrs Our senior contributing writer Andrew Frankel seems to have been everywhere at the Geneva motor show today. We're not entirely sure how he managed to find time to squeeze in a quick peek at the Mazda Hazoumi, which previews how the next Mazda 2 might look. Andrew says: "Is there another mainstream car company more on top of design at present? The Mazda 2 'concept' looks stunning".

1236hrs An interesting statistic from our website boffins. At present, people from the Coventry area make up 7.5 per cent of all the visitors to autocar.co.uk, and a third of them are looking at our recent story on the new Jaguar XE. There must be a connection...

1233hrs Some breaking news from Autocar's senior contributing writer, Andrew Frankel, who has learned from Land Rover chiefs that the Discovery is to become an entire family of vehicles, like Range Rover is now. Andrew reports that the same will happen with the Defender, enabling Land Rover to replace that model with two or three cars. "It's a very smart move," reckons Andrew.

1229hrs This morning we were debating the weight distribution of the new Renault Twingo. Our technical editor Jesse Crosse has unearthed some information. He has been talking to Renault chief engineer, Christian Steyer, who says the weight distribution of the remarkable new rear-engined machine is 55 per cent rear and 45 per cent front. That’s more like a mid-engine configuration and compares well to Porsche’s Cayman which is 54 rear, 46 front. The trick was moving as much weight as possible to the front, including cooling systems and the battery. With a set-up like that and an easily uprated turbo engine, Renault must be rubbing its hands in glee. The configuration also delivers the killer turning circle of 8.6m, which betters competitors by 1 metre, says Steyer.

1225hrs Jaguar has confirmed that its baby saloon, which will fight the BMW 3-series, will officially be known as the Jaguar XE.

1223hrs Autocar’s technical editor Jesse Crosse has visited the Ferrari stand to be shown CarPlay, the result of a collaboration between Ferrari and Apple. CarPlay allows users to access the iPhone’s screens directly and use selected apps, including maps, music and phone. It is designed to be used mainly by voice commands using an optimised version of SIRI, Apple’s voice recognition system. Maranello hasn’t yet decided how it will charge customers for the option but it can be ordered on the Ferrari FF now.

1149hrs Our industry editor Julian Rendell has sniffed out some information relating to the long-awaited Mazda MX-5. He reports: "Rumours here in Geneva suggest that Mazda may spring a surprise at next month’s New York motor show by revealing the first glimpse of the new MX-5. Sources report that a stripped-down chassis of the new two-seater will make an appearance on Mazda’s stand at New York. However, the exact launch date of the new MX-5 is still to be decided. Last year a plan emerged to reveal it at the Chicago show – where the original was unveiled 25 years ago, but sources now report that the timing of Chicago doesn’t fit with Mazda’s launch programme and that plan has been scrapped."

1145hrs Autocar contributor Dan Stevens has been taking a look at the Vauxhall Adam Rocks. The rugged city car will be launched with an 89bhp, three-cylinder engine, with a 113bhp unit to follow. The instrument cluster is bespoke to the Adam Rocks. The roof takes five seconds to open. The three-layer roof is constructed from neoprene sandwiched between canvas and takes five seconds to open.

1140hrs Mitsubishi has three key concepts on display at the Geneva motor show. The XR PHEV crossover coupe will influence the next Mitsubishi ASX, which is due in 2016. The GC PHEV is a full-sized SUV that contains clear hints as to the next Pajero/Shogun. Both concepts feature aggressive front-end styling, in line with new Mitsubishi design themes. The third car, the AR concept, is a compact SUV/MPV. Sources say it is likely to make production, but it unlikely to go on sale in Europe.

1138hrs Mitsubishi has told Autocar's Matt Saunders that its emerging plug-in and electric vehicle technology could conceivably be packaged in any car from any segment. The company expects alternatively powered vehicles to account for 20 per cent of its global volume by the end of this decade.

1137hrs Our deputy road test editor Matt Saunders has been chatting to Mitsubishi about the increasing importance it is placing on hybrids and electric vehicles. The Japanese company is celebrating its 40th anniversary as a fully fledged car maker this year. Mitsubishi is gearing up for the full European launch of the Outlander PHEV. The plug-in hybrid has attracted 17,000 orders in Europe already.

1127hrs Dieter Zetsche also spoke about the new Mercedes-Benz C-class. He said: "The plan was to set a new industry benchmark. Comments so far suggest it is mission accomplished." But there is no chance of Mercedes resting on its laurels. "Our ambitions are still more efficiency, more sportiness, more customers and no compromise on quality".

1126hrs Earlier on, Autocar editor Jim Holder listened to the ever-impressive Dieter Zetsche's address on the Mercedes-Benz stand. The moustachioed Daimler chairman explained that last year Mercedes delivered more new cars to customers than ever before. So far this year, the three-pointed star is again the fastest growing premium brand. The success, said Zetsche, is proof that the companies product offensive is working.

1118hrs The message from Audi is that it clearly isn't prepared to take a back seat in sportscar racing just because stablemate Porsche is entering. This year, Audi's R18 Sport e-tron quattro will pioneer the use of laser headlights at Le Mans and elsewhere in the World Endurance Championship. The lights have a one-kilometre range, and Audi chief Ulrich Hackenberg promised to make night-time on Mulsanne Straight look "like day light".

1115hrs In a significant announcement, Audi's Ulrich Hackenberg has confirmed the company's ongoing participation at Le Mans and in the World Endurance Championship, despite the arrival of in-house rival Porsche. When asked how long Audi's current commitment to sports car racing would last, he said, "we have a plan and pulling out is not part of it".

1114hrs Another snippet from Autocar's Andrew Frankel, who reports that Audi chief Ulrich Hackenberg has also confirmed that the Audi R8 will return with both eight and ten-cylinder engines, but that there are some markets that require smaller displacement motors so a turbocharged R8, probably with a V6 motor is a certainty. We'll bring you a full story on this on autocar.co.uk soon.

1112hrs Andrew Frankel has unearthed some significant news about the next Audi R8. Our senior contributing writer says: "Audi's Ulrich Hackenberg has confirmed the new Audi R8 will have the architecture, powertrains and steering of the Lamborghini Huracán, although it will sit on a longer wheelbase and have different suspension geometry. Even so, it seems the top Audi sports car and the entry-level Lambo are mechanically closer than ever."

1110hrs Autocar contributor Dan Stevens has been taking a look at the Subaru Viziv 2, which is curiously the third in a series of concepts to use the name. "I can tell you it's a big four door, four seater with scissor front doors and sliding rears that slide backwards," says Dan. "It has carbonfibre wheel arch trims. It's a plug-in hybrid, with two rear-mounted motors, and a torque vectoring system. It has what Subaru calls "a new generation" of EyeSight cameras, with 360-degree sensing."

1037hrs Colin Goodwin, our senior contributing editor, has been waiting for a chance to sit in the new Ford Mustang. "I've noticed that Ford is offering a free massage on its stand," he says. "I might go for it while I wait for my turn to sit in the Mustang."

1024hrs Autocar contributor Dan Stevens has been listening to GM's chief executive Karl-Thomas Neumann talk about car connectivity. GM will launch its OnStar media system in Vauxhalls and Opels next year across Europe. The system will have embedded 4G in the car for internet access and a host of clever features such as a remote link, which sends a signal from your smartphone to your car to lock the doors or sound the horn, should you need to locate it in a busy car park. OnStar will also provide remote vehicle diagnostics, so potentially faults can be analysed immediately. OnStar will be offered on "nearly all trim levels," says Neumann.

1009hrs Yves Bonnefont, the boss of Citroën's DS division, has been speaking about the importance of the sub-brand to the manufacturer. Autocar editor Jim Holder has been taking notes: "Bonnefont said the development of DS is a major opportunity for the brand. It positions DS as a French premium maker but offers subtle reminders that it is a global brand, not just in Asia, despite the development of the DS label being mainly focused in China."

1002hrs Citroën's Frédéric Banzet has spoken about the importance of the C4 Cactus and the new C1 city car to the French manufacturer: "Citroën is undergoing a full renewal and this is underlined by Cactus and C1. Cactus is a manifesto for giving customers what they want and no more. C1 is about offering bold choices in terms of style, size and technology."

1000hrs Jim Holder is watching the presentation of the Citroën C4 Cactus, and the pricing of this all-important new model has been announced by Citroën boss Frédéric Banzet. The bold new car will start from €13,950 on the continent. A direct currency conversion puts that at approximately £11,500, although it could be realistically expected that pricing will be around £13,000 when the car reaches the UK.

0955hrs In other Carlos Tavares news, Peugeot-Citroën's motorsport-mad boss will will go racing in a Peugeot RCZ-R at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium in April.

0954hrs Autocar's editor-in-chief Steve Cropley has trotted over to PSA Peugeot-Citroën for an interview with new boss Carlos Tavares. Steve says: "Tavares predicts some reductions in the number of Peugeot-Citroën model variations offered to boost profitability. Company will stay full line and generalist, though. Tavares believes there is strong DNA for both Citroën and Peugeot, which are already well differentiated. He admires the clever positioning of Citroën's DS sub-brand, which works well. He believes PSA needs a 'better developed business culture' with much more emphasis on profitability."

0949hrs On the subject of sumptuous Italian sports cars, the new Maserati Alfieri is causing quite a stir at the show.

0945hrs Another snippet from Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo, who hinted that spin-off variants of LaFerrari would appear "to satisfy the many people who couldn't buy one".

0944hrs More from Ferrari chief Luca di Montezemolo on the engine of the new Ferrari California T: "There is almost no turbo lag; turbo boost and torque increase with every upshift. It returns 15 per cent better economy than the old naturally aspirated engine. Power is up by 69bhp."

0943hrs Luca di Montezemolo on the new Ferrari California T: "It means elegance and sportiness. The eight-cylinder turbocharged engine is our first in a quarter of a century. Maybe you remember the last one – the F40…."

0938hrs Matt Saunders, Autocar's deputy road test editor, has been listening to Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo address ahead of the California T reveal. Di Montezemolo has reiterated Ferrari's strategy of limiting production and availability of its models: "We won't expand beyond 7000 cars in 2014. Exclusivity is important for used values".

0931hrs Autocar's senior contributing writer Andrew Frankel has headed to Seat and reports: "Seat has just announced its Leon Cupra has lapped the Nürburgring in 7min 58sec, breaking the record for a front-drive car around the legendary circuit and becoming the first such machine to go under 8 min. This also creates a colossal headache for Honda which has hitherto made much of its ambition for its new Civic Type-R to become the first front drive car to achieve exactly this measure."

0919hrs Reflecting on that chat with Porsche's technical chief about the pace of race car development, Autocar's Andrew Frankel adds: "Times have changed since the Group C days when the same basic car Porsche designed for the 1982 season won Le Mans for six years on the trot."

0918hrs Andrew Frankel has just finishing a fascinating chat with Alexander Hitzinger, Porsche LMP1 technical director. Hitzinger told our man that the pace of change is so fast that cars that will race at Le Mans will be "completely different" to the 919 shown at Geneva today. He added that Porsche's motorsport division is already working on next year's car, which will be "completely new".

0913hrs Hilton Holloway has ferreted a snippet of news from Alfa Romeo. He reports that the Alfa Romeo brand will finally be relaunched in the US at the New York motor show in April. Sales in Australia and Japan will also begin in the "second quarter" of 2014, according to Hilton's source.

0905hrs We've updated the gallery above this story with a bunch of new images live from the Geneva motor show floor.

0853hrs Our senior contributing editor Colin Goodwin has already got distracted from the task in hand at the Geneva motor show. He's wandered into Hall Three, where the Le Mans racing car exhibit lives. He says: 'Distracted already. It's my star of the show". Look out for pictures from the Le Mans exhibition in our gallery later today.

0850hrs Autocar's associate editor Hilton Holloway is over at the Jeep show stand, where the new Renegade baby SUV is being presented. The US brand seems determined to build authentic off-road functionality into its latest model. Hilton says: "Jeep is making a big push on 'best in class' off-road performance, with terrain select system, skid plates, etc".

0828hrs Harald Wester also explained how Maserati is gearing up to meet its ambitious sales targets for the future: "We've rejuvenated and expanded our portfolio, we've doubled our dealer network and our sales building towards targets. We want to offer new and fresh choices to our clients and break the shackles of sports car conformity."

0827hrs Autocar's editor Jim Holder has discussed the prospects of putting the Maserati Alfieri into production with company boss Harald Wester, who said: "Just imagine the possibilities of building and selling this car. Alfieri is not a GT, it is a perfect-sized 2 plus 2 sportscar that could complete the line up at Maserati."

0815hrs Maserati boss Harald Wester says the company is keen to make a production version of the new Alfieri concept: "This is what quiet, hard-working, passionate car makers make. This is the future of our design and our homage to our history. We are evaluating now if this can go in to production and complement our line up."

0812hrs Maserati chief Harald Wester has pledged to instil world class quality and manufacturing standards in the company. "We are well on the way to that," he tells onlookers at the reveal of the company's new sports car concept.

0808hrs Maserati is about to reveal its striking new sports car, and Autocar editor Jim Holder is at the Italian manufacturer's presentation. He reports: "Maserati chief executive Harald Wester boss is talking up the new concept as a present to all the workers who have had to go through the lows of Maserati's history, and who have persevered through thick and thin. This car – and the future – is presented as being an end to the turbulent years. Sustainable growth is coming."

0751hrs Steve Cropley offers his thoughts on the shift upmarket made by the new Toyota Aygo, and its sister cars the Citroën C1 and Peugeot 108, both of which we will officially see later today.

0749hrs It's proving to be a significant show for new city cars, and following the Renault Twingo seen earlier, the new Toyota Aygo has now been revealed.

0748hrs The latest limited-edition Bugatti Veyron, seen briefly at yesterday's VW Group event, has been officially revealed at the Geneva motor show.

0739hrs Back at the Renault stand, Autocar's Steve Cropley has been trying to wheedle out some technical information about the new Twingo from the French firm's coy technical chiefs. He reports: "Renault engineers not keen to say precise Twingo weight distribution, but unofficial guesses suggest 60 per cent rear when one occupant is aboard. Renault is making lots of assurances about the new car's conventional handling balance. 'If I did not tell you this was a rear-engined car you would not know from the handling,' a Renault engineer told me".

0735hrs Autocar's associate editor Hilton Holloway is prowling the show floor, and has been struck by the sleeved-down Chevrolet stand now that the manufacturer has withdrawn from selling mainstream models in Europe. "Chevrolet's Geneva stand boiled down to Corvette and Camaro. Goodbye Volt, Spark and Cruise," he says.

0730hrs And the wraps are off the Porsche 919, with the German manufacturer's new driver signing Mark Webber helping with the unveiling. Pity the drivers having to dress up in their race suits under the bright Geneva show spotlights, though. As Autocar's Andrew Frankel comments: "Lose the race suits. Not yet seen anyone self combust at a motor show, though I've come close."

0724hrs Our industry editor Julian Rendell is patiently waiting at the Porsche stand, where the manufacturer is about to pull the covers off two new racing cars – the 919 Le Mans Prototype and 911RSR.

0721hrs Over at SsangYong's Geneva motor show stand, this new XLV concept is understood to preview a new compact SUV.

0719hrs Another observation from Autocar's Steve Cropley about the new Renault Twingo: "Really nice, simple, modern interior. Lots of body colour on dash. Pod in centre dash holds your smartphone, which communicates with the car's systems. Cross-ribbed front seats reminiscent of past Renaults – but all modern, no pastiche. Half a dozen Twingos in various colours driving about Renault's show stage showing off amazingly tight turning circle. Clearly the car's unique selling point."

0711hrs In the first two months of sale, Lamborghini has received more than 1000 worldwide orders for the new Huracán. Rather impressive.

0708hrs Lamborghini's Huracán is being unveiled at the moment, along with the new Renault Twingo.

0705hrs We've added a video to our story on the new Koenigsegg Agera One:1.

0657hrs Steve Cropley, Autocar's editor in chief, has snuck a quick glimpse at the Renault Twingo which will be officially launched in just over one hour. He says: "First sight of Twingo. Looks great! Zero overhangs, lots of cabin. Big doors. Those lines under the windows are going to have to go, though. Certain unidentified Renault insiders reckon this one's a lot better-looking than the Smart version".

0642hrs Autocar's industry editor Julian Rendell has written this article about the importance of the touchscreens we're beginning to see in more and more production cars.

0624hrs Our senior contributing writer Andrew Frankel reckons Honda could possibly have rediscovered its mojo with the new Civic Type R, which is due to be unveiled in concept form later today.

0622hrs Autocar contributor Dan Stevens was intrigued by the Vauxhall Adam S, which broke cover yesterday and seems to have derived inspiration from the Peugeot 106 Rallye. Read his thoughts here.

0617hrs Of course, we've already had a sneak peek at the new Lamborghini Huracán, which was rolled out at the Volkswagen Group preview evening last night.

0612hrs It isn't quite dawn yet in Geneva, but Autocar's team is already en route to the Palexpo venue for the show. The first launches of the day take place at 0800hrs UK time, with Renault and Lamborghini doing the honours.

0610hrs Munich's front-wheel-drive revolution is firmly underway with the BMW 2-series Active Tourer, full details of which you can read here.

0608hrs There's also been news of a new 'smart tyre' concept from Goodyear Dunlop. The system mounts a sensor in the tyre itself, rather than on the wheel rim.

0605hrs Overnight we've seen the official images and details of the new Jeep Renegade, the compact SUV which has got everyone talking about its distinctive styling.

0602hrs Our writing team on the Geneva motor show floor includes Jim Holder (Autocar's editor), Mark Tisshaw (senior editor news and features), Steve Cropley (editor in chief), Hilton Holloway (associate editor), Andrew Frankel (senior contributing writer), Stuart Price (photographer), Greg Kable (European editor), Richard Bremner (senior contributing editor), Matt Saunders (deputy road test editor), Dan Stevens (correspondent), Matt Prior (road test editor), Julian Rendell (industry editor), Jesse Crosse (technical editor) and Steve Sutcliffe (editor-at-large).

0601hrs Our team of reporters and photographers in Switzerland will be prowling the show halls to bring you all the gossip and intrigue from one of the biggest motor shows of the year.

Tuesday 4 March 0600hrs (UK)/0700hrs (Geneva) Morning all! Autocar's live blog from the Geneva motor show is back for a busy day of launches and news.

2344hrs After all this afternoon's excitement, we're going for a little lie-down now. Our live blog and gallery updates from the Geneva motor show will resume bright and early in the morning. Renault and Lamborghini kick off the official press reveals at 0800hrs, and our team of reporters will be prowling the show floor to bring you all the breaking news.

2330hrs This new Hyundai concept, dubbed the PassoCorto, should help the Korean manufacturer to stir up some interest tomorrow.

2309hrs If this really is the new Maserati sports car, the Italian manufacturer might be about the steal the headlines at this year's Geneva motor show...

2308hrs Small German manufacturer Gumpert has revealed this striking two-seat sports car called the... Explosion. We'll leave you to be the judge of whether the name works, but here's the story.

2216hrs Mercedes-Benz announced a new service brand named 'Mercedes me' during its pre-show event this evening. It is bringing together purchasing, financing and servicing of vehicles, as well as mobility services, together under one umbrella brand, which will be accessible via a new website that is scheduled to go online in Summer 2014. It is part of a major customer care push from the Stuttgart car maker.

2211hrs Images of the Honda Civic Type R concept, due to be revealed tomorrow, have slipped out early.

2204 Autocar's editor in chief Steve Cropley has been nattering to some Renault chiefs this evening, ahead of the eagerly awaited reveal of the new Renault Twingo tomorrow. "Renault's new marketing boss Michael Van Der Sande expects new rear-engined Twingo to recall joie de vivre of original Renault 5," says our man.

2156hrs Autocar editor Jim Holder has pondered whether the Mercedes-Benz S-class is an early contender for the star of the Geneva motor show.

2152hrs We've added a host of fresh images to the Geneva motor show gallery above this story.

2136hrs: Back at 1942hrs Andrew Frankel remarked how Volkswagen spent more on R&D than the GDP of some European nations. He's since been doing some more precise research: "I've just figured out that if you live in a European country beginning with the letter 'M', you live in a country with a GDP that's less than VW spent on R&D last year. So that's any of Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, San Marino or, yes, Monaco. I'll get my coat."

2125hrs Interesting comments from Volkswagen boss Martin Winterkorn on how the car industry must change its working habits to meet the demands of changing society.

2104hrs An update from Autocar editor Jim Holder on Volkswagen's battle to make a new budget brand add up.

2045hrs This could be the best turtle-inspired concept you'll see at this year's Geneva motor show.

2031hrs Autocar's associate editor Hilton Holloway has learned that Jaguar Land Rover has given its range of new four-cylinder powerplants the name 'Ingenium'. Read his story here.

2011hrs Mercedes-Benz has offered a little tease of its S-class coupé this evening, ahead of the car's official reveal during tomorrow's press event at the Geneva motor show.

2009hrs Away from the Volkswagen Group night, Ford has given its Mondeo Vignale another airing at its own Geneva preview event.

2005hrs Autocar's industry editor Julian Rendell was rather impressed with the new models from the entire Volkswagen Group: "Not a bad line up. Some car companies struggle to get this many new models out in a year, let alone one show".

2001hrs The Lamborghini Huracán has captured the imagination of our senior contributing writer, Andrew Frankel. Now that the Volkswagen Group press conference is over, he's been able to take a closer nose around the new machine. He says: "Loving this Lambo. So much better in the flesh". We think he means metal, but you get the point.

1944hrs Our industry editor Julian Rendell has had a closer look at the Volkswagen T-Roc concept. "More than a nod to Nissan Juke with huge round spot lamps at the front," he observes.

1942hrs A stunning observation from Andrew Frankel, who is listening to VW boss Martin Winterkorn's address: "VW spent €10.2 billion on research and development in 2013. There are countries in Europe with gross domestic products less than that."

1940hrs Andrew Frankel, our senior contributing writer, reckons the Seat Leon Cupra will be a pivotal model for the brand: "Finally getting the impression the Seat guys have figured out where they're going."

1935hrs Autocar's senior contributing editor Andrew Frankel isn't so convinced by the naming of the plug-in hybrid Volkswagen Golf GTE. He says, "Sorry, but to me a GTE is and always will be a Vauxhall Astra with a silly dash".

1935hrs Volkswagen development chief Heinz-Jakob Neusser would seem to agree with the thoughts of our Julian Rendell. He said: "We'd like to build the T-Roc. It would be the logical conclusion of the Golf concept. We've shown many SUV concepts in the past 24 months – many of them ready for production".

1934hrs The Golf-based Volkswagen T-Roc has been shown off at the preview night. Autocar's industry editor Julian Rendell gives his view on the concept: "The T-Roc looks like it would successfully drop into emerging C-SUV segment and score sales straight away".

1926hrs Autocar editor Jim Holder has described the colour of the Rembrandt Bugatti Veyron quite dismissively as "brown". We thought brown as a car colour had died out with the Allegro and Maxi…

1924hrs Here's the Giugiaro Clipper six seat electric MPV, which is either a strikingly innovative concept or an absolute oddity, depending on your point of view. Based on the VW Group's MQB platform, it boasts an EV range of 335 miles and a top speed of 127mph.

1920hrs Bentley previewed the updated Continental GT Speed, the fastest Bentley ever. It gets 626bhp from twin-turbo W12 engine and a new top speed of 206mph.

1916hrs Porsche board member Wolfgang Hatz has explained how the 918 Spyder road car and 919 race car were developed side-by-side, and the development teams for the two cars exchanged ideas. "The objectives are the two cars are similar: maximum performance and maximum efficiency. The big difference is usability on the road," says Hatz.

1912hrs Yet another limited-edition Bugatti Veyron has been revealed. Mind you, the hypercar is still looking pretty striking after all these years.

1910hrs Porsche is teasing us, showing off its previous Le Mans 24 Hours winner, the 911 GT1 from 1998 instead of the hotly anticipated new hybrid prototype. "You'll have to wait until tomorrow," says a company bigwig.

1905hrs Evolving the Audi TT is a major test for the Ingolstadt brand. Autocar's road test editor Matt Prior analyses the challenge of reinventing the iconic sports car while also maintaining its reputation.

1902hrs Seat chief Jürgen Stackmann has introduced the Seat Leon Cupra to the world: "It is the most powerful and fastest car Seat has ever produced. It has the perfect symbiosis between a sporty and a family car. Last year the Leon family enjoyed a 44 per cent increase in sales compared with 2012 and this car will give us more momentum in the market."

1855hrs There's been a Le Mans car on stage at the VW Group preview evening, but it is the ultra-successful Audi R18, as opposed to the new and as-yet unraced Porsche 919 Hybrid.

1850hrs Now it is Audi's turn to show off the new Audi TT. Autocar's Andrew Frankel gives his view on the Mk3 model: "New TT. Revolutionary? No. Would you mess with a formula as successful as this?"

1848hrs Skoda chief Winfried Vahland has shown off the new Skoda VisionC concept, which will inform the design of future models from the Czech make.

1846hrs Autocar's Andrew Frankel grabbed a close-up look at the new Lamborghini Huracán. He says: "Huracán looks fab. Not as dramatic as some, but I reckon it'll age brilliantly."

1843hrs First up at the VW Group preview evening, Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkelmann has introduced the new Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4. "This vehicle has better performance than its predecessor but lower emissions and better fuel economy," he said. "It is a completely new car compared to the Gallardo."

1828hrs Volkswagen might have dropped a clanger. Autocar editor Jim Holder reports there's a minor revolution going on at the failure to serve curry wurst at the Geneva preview evening. He also tweets: "In other news, Porsche Le Mans driver Mark Webber is apparently here and has reportedly expressed shock at how many people have turned out. F1 – small fry..."

1810hrs We're less than 20 minutes away from the start of the Volkswagen Group's preview evening, and Autocar's editor Jim Holder has slipped through the crowds to make it into the venue. His highlight so far? "Jacky Ickx joining us in the queue," he says, thrilled to be rubbing shoulders with a true Le Mans legend.

1803hrs Volkswagen is planning to expand its range of high-riding vehicles with a new compact SUV based on this, the T-Roc concept which will be unvei

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