Hi guys

I am new to this forum as I am about to buy my first 8th Gen Civic. I want one that will last me a while so I basically want all the toys, including Sat Nav, Bluetooth, USB, etc. I figured this means I probably need an EX GT, so have been scouring Auto Trader for these, but recently stumbled across an "Si-T" -something I did not know existed until today.
Honda Civic 2.2 i-CTDi Si-T 5dr

I've now discovered a lot of the standard trims seem to be available as a -T version, which if I am not mistaken has a double DIN factory fitted SD touchscreen nav system, instead of the nav found in the EX, next to the clock / radio display.

I can find info on the EX satnav (feedback is good), but not on the -T satnav. Does anybody know how they compare? Although the bigger nav in the centre looks cool, I worry it's more obvious for car thieves, and replaces all the standard radio controls etc - does that make basic control of radio less straight forward?

Also, I'm looking to spend between 6 and 8.5k, which either gets me a 57 ave mileage, or a 59/60 high mileage. I'm thinking newer high mileage is better. What do others think? I want the CDTi so I'm thinking that engine is good for 200k miles easily?

Thanks guys


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