After three long months of renovations, problem solving and scouring for tiny house hacks, our Glam-V is finally done! Over four months ago – and mere weeks before our wedding – we made a crazy decision. We sold almost everything, moved out of our Downtown Seattle digs and bought an RV (read the full post here).

Long story short, we were full time in blogging and our businesses and felt so trapped in Seattle. Our rent was ridiculously expensive, getting around was difficult and we had no good reason for staying there (we originally moved there for my job in Nordstrom’s buying office). We asked each other where we wanted to live and the answer was everywhere. With the flexibility of online-based businesses and a MiFi data plan, we could work from anywhere. As crazy as it sounds, an RV made sense for us.

There was one thing we were sure of, no matter what RV we bought, every square inch would be undergoing a serious renovation. Knowing that fact, buying a new RV off the lot made zero sense. Why pay for new if we would just be ripping everything out? We had to make a decision quickly, because we needed to find and buy and RV in one week so we would be back in time for our wedding.

We looked online endlessly and narrowed it down to Class C’s. For those of you who don’t know what that is – I know I didn’t! – it is where there is a bed above the cab in the front, which many times leaves room for an additional bedroom in the back. Zach promised to make that bedroom into our closet and to make it swoon-worthy. Trusting my husband, I followed his gut sense (because I knew almost nothing about RVs).

We found a 28″ vintage RV that we loved the bones and layout of. The engine ran like a champ and it had low miles. The only thing is it was U-G-L-Y! Like, cringe-worthy. But we both saw the potential and went forward with it anyways.

Here are some (read: shocking) before and after photos. Please note the “before” images were after we had stripped everything – I think it was much worse before that.

The main area

The desk area

The back bedroom (now closet)

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Design Inspiration

When designing the 188 square feet of our new home, we knew we wanted it to be open and airy (as a space this size can be), neutral, elevated and a bit glam. Thank goodness Zach isn’t opposed to gold! But when we were finalizing colors and textures, as crazy as it sounds, we took inspiration from Sterling. We both looked at him and how our little fox baby looks is exactly what we wanted: mainly white, grey accents with a bit of gold (or his “red”) with animal-inspired accents.

Our main materials used were “bridal pine” Quick Step laminate floors, Smart Tiles white subway tiles (peel and stick), DC-Fix marble and white wood film (that we used for wallpaper and counter tops). I’ve linked it all above because it was so easy and would be great for anyone (RV or not) looking to spruce up their home.

The “Bedroom”

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I thought this would be the part I wouldn’t be able to get used to, a smaller sleeping area. The bed itself is an XL full, which is more than enough. But we found thanks to a couple of mattress pads, we sleep heavenly in this space.

We are seriously in love with our Crane & Canopy duvet cover and sheets. Since our bed is a very exposed feature in our home, we wanted it to look effortlessly pretty and the pin-tucked duvet cover did just that. We lined the three windows with airy sheer curtains that allow a lot of light into the space while still giving us privacy. Two grey velvet pillows and one faux fur pillow make it feel more like a formal bed. I also had this little gold mirror (that you might recognize from our gallery wall in Seattle) that a college friend gave me when I got engaged. It fit perfectly up there and makes it feel so much more home like. We use a grey multi faux fur blanket to play off the pillows and give a bit of texture to the area.

The Desk/Living Area

When I’m in the Glam-V, this is most likely where I am. I spend most of my day working on my iMac at this spot. But when we changed to this lifestyle, I promised myself I would get out more and work at local coffee shops (and drink some great lattes in the process). I tend to be a home body, so this is my way of forcing myself to get out more.

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Typically, RVs come with a table that leaves something do be desired aesthetically. When we bought ours, it was already ripped out. I knew I wanted a table with a drawer or some type of storage and that’s when Zach had the brilliant idea to buy this $139 desk off Amazon and saw off a drawer to make it fit the space perfectly. It is permanently attached to the wall so we don’t have to worry about any movement when we travel.

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If you look closely at this $29 lamp, you will find one of my favorite tiny space hacks! The bit of red you see is a Sengled lightbulb. It doubles as an amazing sound system and can be controlled by an app to dim the lights and control sound. If you follow me on Snapchat (@chicstreetstyle) I did a snap of how it works.

In an RV, wall space is very limited. But there is a break in the storage cabinets on the left side and we thought it was the perfect place for this Near and Deer faux deer head that I love! I had one back in Seattle too.

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We wanted a piece of furniture that would not only fit in the small space, but provide storage as well. This storage bench was perfect! It was only $80 and had rolled arms that made it seem more like a couch. We accessorized it with these Whitney J. Decor pillow covers (that you will find all around because I’m obsessed with them!) Zach actually loves lounging on it. We have two of these gold baskets and they are amazing (only $16!). The one in the front finds a home for shoes while the one in the closet holds my scarf collection.

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Target carries a whole line of accessories that are made to go on these rails. Baskets, coat hooks, acrylic holders and more. Zach sawed the rail in half and used it to hold these two baskets. It holds Everly orders, keys (and lately a tape measure during the construction).

We used D-C Fix stick-on tiles to accent the vertical space of the stair and the bridal pine laminate floors (from Quick•Step).

So many functions had to fit into this one space. It needed to be our relaxing space, my office, our dining area and more. Right when you walk in, you have our gallery wall to the left (I did a whole post on it here). That one feature alone really makes it feel like “us” and gives it a welcoming feel. I wanted to carry on the white subway tiles that we used in the kitchen, above the fridge and on the side of the bathtub to the vertical surface on the stair as well.

I wanted it to be a beautiful, inspiring, photogenic space where I could be my best self and very productive and it is exactly that.

The Kitchen

For the kitchen (or more appropriately the kitchenette), I wanted to keep the vent hood and oven gold to keep some of the nostalgia of the RV. But, let’s be honest, I also really do just like gold. We lined the entire wall with white subway Smart Tiles. We have a pop-up counter that really helps for the times we need counter space and we use this black marble instant counter that I found for $25 on Amazon. It is great for anyone with a small kitchen or bathroom pace because you can just place it right over the sink or stove when they are not in use for more space. I had Zach put in this gorgeous new faucet that swivels and is very functional (as well as pretty).

Please excuse the floors, we are still working on finishing the trim.

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One of my favorite hacks is this D-C Fix stainless steel film I found on Amazon. It instantly updates any old fridge or appliance to look instantly 30 years newer!

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I’m not much of a cook. I use my kitchen to make coffee and other than that, we like exploring new restaurants and eat very simply beyond that. So a small, yet efficient kitchen is perfect for us.

The Bathroom Area

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We actually tiled the side of our bathtub with those same white subway Smart Tiles we used in the kitchen because I think it makes it look so much prettier. You could totally do this in your home! It takes about an hour (if you are slow like me) and is very inexpensive.

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Of all the tiny space hacks I’ve found, this storage mirror is one of my absolute favorites! The least expensive one I could find on Amazon was $80 and then I found this one for half that! I store my night beauty must-have’s (GlamGlow lip balm, e.l.f. makeup remover wipes, EndZit and lash growth serum) as well as necklaces, bobby pins, hair ties and more miscellaneous things that never seem to find a good home – until now.

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The Closet

This back room was almost the entire reason of buying a Class C. The original idea was to take out the bed frame completely and make it a closet room. During demo, we discovered that our water heater and other important things are housed underneath that bed frame. It seriously felt like I was on a HGTV show where bad things keep happening – haha. But we decided to keep the frame and just put a lounge with storage under it, a shoe rack and a scarf basket on it.

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Zach made my clothing rack out of two copper bars. Not only is it pretty, but it is SUPER strong and will not break. Since my hanging space is exposed, matching and sleek hangers were a must. I love these grey velvet ones I got on Amazon. For pretty belt storage, I used these gold and marble hooks that were 3 for $14.99 at Target.

We knocked out all of the doors on the cabinets for open-air bag and shoe storage (which I love). The original idea was to have the entire right side to be hanging space and custom built ins. As with every home project, things don’t always go as planned. We ended up having to put an AC unit in the back which took away from hanging space (so sad!) To save time (and some cuss words for Zach), we ended up buying this chest of 5 drawers. I searched high and low for ones that weren’t deep and were made for jewelry storage. I love it.

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One of my favorite surprises Zach did for me was make this pop-up vanity that completely folds down. It’s right in front of a window so the lighting is perfect for doing makeup. Points for the hubby here. I stack two of these acrylic makeup organizers to hold all of my beauty products and this lipstick holder. This faux fur stool is perfect for the vanity area too!

You can see above how it all just folds down for when we travel or when I’m not using it.

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Now for the drawers. I did SO much research into organizers because with us driving around all the time, I needed all of my sunglasses, rings, bracelets, watches and stuff in general to stay put. I found SUPER affordable hacks that will have your organized in two days flat (because it is all on Amazon Prime).

I use these grey velvet ring trays ($9) for my ring line, Everly all the time and love them.

I have three of these acrylic sunglasses holders and I have never found a better and less expensive solution than this. They are $17 on Prime and hold 9 sunglasses each and stack perfectly.

Shop The Glam-V

I bought 90% of the items for the RV on Amazon and all are extremely affordable!

General Finishes

Quick-Step ‘Bridal Pine’ Laminate Floors c/o // Smart Tiles Peel-and-Stick Subway Tiles c/o // D-C Fix Marble, White Wood and Stainless Steel Film c/o // Top LED Lights ($19 each)


Crane & Canopy Pintucked Duvet Cover c/o // Grey Velvet Pillows ($9) // Throw Blanket // Sheer Curtains // Memory Foam Mattress Pad ($59)

Desk/Living Area

Desk (only $139) // Storage Bench ($133) // Whitney J. Decor Pillows ( I used these and these for pillow inserts) c/o // Neer and Dear Faux Taxidermy Deer Head c/o // Gold Storage Basket ($16!) // Gold Pendant Light ($25) // Gold Double Lamp ($29) // Sengled Smart Bulbs Speakers c/o // Multi Purpose Rails + Gold Storage For It // Framebridge Frames c/o // Curtains // Gold Zebra Tray


Black and White Striped Floor Mat // Black Marble Instant Counter ($25) // Gold Faucet ($25) // Gold Coffee Mug // Gold Silverware Set ($19) //


Flower Petal Shower Curtain ($31) // Storage Shower Curtain Liner (GAME-CHANGER) // Gold Shower Curtain Rings ($5) // Curved Shower Rod (gives you more space) // Gold Shower Head // Bath Mat ($12) //  Storage Mirror ($39) // Bathroom Faucet // Vanity Lighting (phone charger operated) // Faux Fur Stockings (here and here) // Gold Letters on Stockings //


Lounge (only $149) // Cow Hide Rug (only $73!)// Faux Fur Stool // Whitney J. Decor Pillows c/o Shoe Rack (we painted it gold) // Grey Velvet Hangers ($25 for 50) // Marble and Gold Hooks (3 for $14.99) // Acrylic Lipstick Organizer ($19.99) // Acrylic Sunglasses Organizer ($17) // Grey Velvet Ring Tray ($9 – also comes in black and pink) // Set of 10 Grey Watch Pillows ($14) // Bangle Insert Tray ($11) // 5 Jewelry Slot Trays ($5) // Marble MacBook Cover c/o //

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I know that is a ton of information in one post, but I wanted to be through. Please let me know exactly what you guys would like to know more about and I will happily do another post on a specific topic and go more in depth. Do you want RV hacks? Tiny Space hacks? How to create a pop-up vanity?

As always, thank you for reading.

Quick-Step ‘Bridal Pine’ Laminate Floors

Smart Tiles Peel-and-Stick Subway Tiles

D-C Fix Marble and Stainless Steel Film

$25 Gold Pendant Light

$73 Cowhide Rug

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