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Vision X Lighting, located in Seattle, Washington, was established in 1997 with the mission to revolutionize the lighting industry. Since that time, Vision X has created one of the largest premium lighting offerings in the world with hundreds of products and applications. Now, the military, border patrol, and even NASA have trusted Vision X on vehicles that cannot work with second best. Vision's leadership in lighting has landed them on the Inc. 500|5000 list for two consecutive years, ranking 563rd in 2013 with a 799% growth rate in 3 years, 10th overall in manufacturing, and Washington's fastest growing manufacturing company. Vision X Lighting's commitment to its customers, dealers and product is unsurpassed.

Constant Innovation

Since 1997, Vision X has been providing the lighting solutions demanded by the market as well as innovating the next step for lighting. With the release of the HID series in late 2005, Vision X was the first to provide an HID internal ballast and starter to mass market, simplifying installation and reducing external components. Again in 2008 Vision X revolutionized lighting with the LED bar originally produced for NASA’s Back to the Moon Mission. Since then, Vision X has continued innovation with the Solo Pod - which gives as many lumens as a headlight from a single 2” x 2” housing - and heavy duty LED lighting for use in mining, industrial and commercial applications. The newest addition to the Vision X product line, the LED Light Cannon, transforms a single LED into 1000 feet of usable light. At Vision X, we are constantly striving to live up to our company motto of “Lighting Evolved.”

Moving Forward

Vision X works with our customers around the world, our sponsorship partners and the world’s leading LED manufacturers continuously to imagine new products for use in many applications. We strive to be the solution provider for any lighting need by continuously improving existing product and imagining new product.


Vision X LED Lighting Solutions utilize only the highest quality LEDs rated for hightest efficiency. Focused on moving LED technology forward, Vision X Lighting continuously collaborates with the world's leading LED chip manufacturers to create innovative lighting products. From the housing strength to the energy efficiency to the innovative included technology, Vision X LED Lighting is trusted around the world in 127 countries in environments where second-best is not an option.

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*TOP BINNING- Not all LED's are created equal. Each run of LEDs by the manufacturer is binned to classify the quality within the batch. VISION X products are engineered for the highest possible luminous efficacy- the ratio of lumens per watt.

*LATEST TECHNOLOGY- VISION X works with the world's leading manufactures to constantly envision and create the newest products to drive LED lighting technology forward.

*HIGH EFFICACY- VISION X products are engineered for the highest possible luminous efficacy- the ratio of lumens per watt.


*PULSE WIDTH MODULATION- When enabled, Pulse Width Modulation integrated circuitry flashes the LED faster then the human eye can see for reduced heat, prolonged LED life and dimming capabilities.

*ELECTRONIC THERMAL MANAGEMENT- Integrated Electronic Thermal Management automatically regulates heat levels by engaging ETM to prolong LED life.

*DIMMING CAPABLE- Prime Drive includes dimming capability. Dimming works by engaging PWM to reduce power while maintaining steady output. VISION X offers push button and dial dimmer units.


*PROGRESSIVE HEAT SINK DESIGN- LEDs create heat, and heat sinks are the number one tool used to dissipate heat and ensure continued performance of the LED, which is why all of our LED products are engineered with heat sinks precisely designed for the product's uses and specifications.

*TOP GRADE ALUMINUM- Highest grade 6061 aluminum is used in our aluminum extrusions and die-casts to provide superior strength and heat dissipation. In some lights, such as the Cannon a special Hybrid housing is used for weight reduction.


*IRIS REFLECTOR- IRIS Reflector Technology is designed to produce distance from a single LED. Utilized on the Cannon and Optimus lights, IRIS technology allows for tremendous distance of up to 2500' on the 6.7" Cannon.

*COMPREHENSIVE OUTPUT- A key to high efficiency and minimizing stray light is effective optics. VISION X optics are designed to provide seamless beam coverage and reduce stray light.

*AVAILABLE BEAM PATTERNS- VISION X offers 10, 20, 40, 60, 90 degree and elliptical 30x65 degree beam patterns to match the lighting needs of any situation.

VISION X has a lot to offer. Not only in our 4x4 industry, but in multiple industries. 4x4, UTVs, Racing, Industrial, Emergency Aid Vehicles and even NASA!

So why wouldn't you trust them?

Yes they are PREMIUM Light. Premium comes with a price. ROCKRIDGE 4WD is here to deliver.

Stay tuned on this thread. VISION X is so big that we will be adding product's daily. Information daily. This thread is informative as ROCKRIDGE 4WD not only sells parts, but we are very knowledgeable and like to educate our customer's on what they are buying. We may even see what you are in the market for and direct you to a more appropriate product for your vehicle and 4x4 needs.

Please bare with us as most of their products are yet to be on our site. We are working very hard to get them up. If you don't see what you are looking for, no worries just email us and we will be glad to work you up a quote. We have multiple lines in stock.

Now let the fun begin! Awesome Lights are about to appear. Nothing short of quality, that is for sure!

Need more info or need a quote? No problem, email me at ERIN@ROCKRIDGE4WD.COM and I will help you out!

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