On December 17 and 18, the students from the Executive MBA 8 generation attended Digital Transformation module with Professor Senad Kulenović. Several students shared their key learning points from this learning weekend.

“Digital Transformation module showed clearly the essential importance of business intelligence in today’s and future decision-making and hence the underlying necessity of turning data into information crucial to any business success in what already is dataconomy. Investing in digital transformation, and especially in business analytics should be the milestone in running the business. The module unequivocally provided real-life evidence and theoretical background for such statement. The abundance of available data, as well as the tools for processing them, enable those who accept the approach of Digital Transformation to be(come) on the very top of their industry”.

Vladan Jocić, Sales, Finance and Statistics Management, mBet Sports Betting Software, Serbia

“My key learning points are: How the use of technology can radically improve business performance; How to balance digital touchpoints and physical ones in order to evaluate the customer journey; The importance of and how to manage internet awareness about our businesses (SEO); How to manage and frame the digital change inside our companies”.

Dragos Cotrus, Solutions Manager, Flextronics, Romania

“From my perspective, related to the Digital Transformation module, the 3 key learning points are:

1. When a company is adopting digital transformation, the decision maker should consider the option of quitting it if it proves not to be the right call.

2. Major digital transformation strongly influences the customer experience and it is necessary to redefine it accordingly.

3. Focus on “how” more than on “what”. The engagement of people and the aligned of KPIs proved to be the successful keys for people to identify the “whats” necessary to fulfill the need for change”.

Catalina Dutu, Business Consultant, EAGLE CONSULT & SERVICES, Romania

“Business has already become digital even tough some of the companies doesn’t realize it yet. Advanced technologies are building a foundation for adding value to consumers and for generating revenue. It is up to the company to decide if digital transformation should be started today or if they should wait a few years and stay far behind the competition. The module defines in a practical way the key steps to implement the transformation and explains how to frame your digital challenges. Some companies consider job is done once they have a web page or Facebook account, but success in digital world could come only if you are present at every place where your consumers are. Customer journey nowadays starts more in the digital world than physical. Therefore, the evaluation of all touch points and their management with consistent information will bring you success.”

Svetoslav Rachin, Quality Assurance Manager, Mondelez Bulgaria Production, Bulgaria

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