I'm really, totally awful at realizing which blogs are "big" and which aren't.  There are some blogs that have a small readership that I for some reason think everyone has heard of and just put off the "huge blog" vibe.  Probably because they are hilarious and/or very deep and/or have great pictures and definitely have great writing.  And then they'll write something like, "I'm so excited I got 500 page views today!  New record!" And then I think, "No way!  I assumed you got 10x that number of page views. Hourly."  And then I feel bad because I was assuming they were big blogger status and that I was the last person on earth to discover them and 


So today, I shall be sharing with you the blogs that perhaps, maybe you have not heard of and that I love, love, love.  My-heart-bursts-with-excitement-when-I-see-a-new-post-from-one-of-these-blogs-in-Bloglovin' kind of love.  I had planned to share these blogs this week anyway, but it just so happens that Bonnie is taking nominations for the second annual Sheenazing awards through Friday, so I will also be adding which categories each of these blogs should dominate in case you are up for doing some nomination domination.  And even if you do not wish to nominate, won't you thank Bonnie for her hard work because organizing something like that sounds scary.

Without further ado and in no particular order:


Call Her Happy

You've heard of this one, right?  Been following along for quite some time, right?  I was kind of reluctant to put this on the list because I feel like everyone has to already know and love Jenna, but in the case that you are the one person on the earth that does not, you should and you will.

Some of my favorite recent posts: the super honest Warning: This is a real downer. But I could use your help., Prayer Sticks: An Easy Way to Incorporate Daily Prayer and Fair Trade Thanksgiving.

Nomination domination: Coolest Blogger, Best Blog by a Mom


A Blog For My Mom

Rosie has the funniest kids, good fashion sense, and a great sense of humor about the disasters that often befall a family with four kids (including twins). 

Some of my favorite recent posts: perhaps the funniest post I've read ever Not Much But Grace..., her regular "What They Said" link up, Words That Shouldn't Be Said

Nomination domination: Funniest Blog, Best Blog by a Mom


Better Than Eden

This one is a rather recent find, but one that's so good I've been working my way through the archives.  And can I mention the really cool way I found this blog?  Another blogger contacted me and asked me to send Mary, author of Better Then Eden, a Flexi clip (I'm a Lilla Rose hair accessories consultant).  And it was all to be anonymous.  How fun right?  Anyway, I had to visit the blog to find email address to tell Mary that her fairy godmother (or fairy blogmother?) was sending her a clip.  And I was curious about how awesome Mary must be that she would have such a sweet anonymous friend and I started reading and I found out why.  Mary has a lot of love and some deep insights into faith.

Some of my favorite recent posts: her entire series of Advent reflections One Day Less, Honoring Life in the Midst of Grief - How to Handle Miscarriage from a Christian Perspective Part 1 and Part 2, What a Spoiled French Nun Taught Me About Motherhood

Nomination domination: Most Inspiring Blog, Best Lifestyle Blog, Best Blog by a Mom


Carrots for Michaelmas

Ok, I know, you'd been reading this blog for years before I stumbled upon it.  Everyone reads this blog.  BUT, it just didn't feel genuine to make my list of favorite blogs without including Haley's.  This was my favorite blog long before I ever exchanged an email with Haley, but now that we're blogger friends, I have even more respect for Haley because she's not only a quick mind and great writer, but a sweetheart too.  And if her blog isn't enough for you, you can always purchase her liturgical year book of recipes and reflects, Feast! 

Some of my favorite recent posts: Breastfeeding in Public, Hungry Babies, and Pope Francis, What Happened to Christian Art? (Why is CCM So Awful?), Sex, Tomatoes, and High Fructose Corn Syrup (this last one is one of the semi-regular guest posts by her smart husband, Daniel)

Nomination domination: Smartest Blog, Most Inspiring Blog, Best Blog by a Mom


Catholic All Year

I love Kendra's post because they are so matter-of-fact.  I don't always agree with her, but I always appreciate the confidence with which she rights. And that confidence comes from being the mom of seven children and a very unapologetic Catholic and just plain knowing what she's good at and what works for her family and not feeling the need to please others.  When you read her posts, you'd be shocked to find out that her blog is just over a year old because she definitely has her personal writing style down.  I also really trust her movie/TV reviews.

Some of my favorite recent posts: An Open Letter to People Who are Good at NFP, The Cuckoldry of a New Era: TV husband and abortion, all her birth stories (and remember, I don't like birth stories!)

Nomination domination: Smartest Blog, Best Lifestyle Blog, Best Blog by a Mom

Go nominate and then see Hallie for more Five Favorites!

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