Jon Ralston: The ad is “BS”

Steve Sebelius: “As attorney general she had the gall to actually enforce NV transpo laws as written!”

Ad part of a $1.2 million advertising campaign that lies about Cortez Masto’s record

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June 27, 2016

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Las Vegas, NV – Maybe Congressman Heck should spend less time promoting debunked conspiracy theories and more time focusing on telling his billionaire benefactors to do their homework the next time they want to smear Catherine Cortez Masto. Last Friday evening, Jon Ralston broke the news that once again a Koch Brothers front group was propping up Congressman Heck’s campaign with new ads that blatantly lie about Catherine Cortez Masto’s record.

Ralston summed it up best, saying the ad is “BS” and noted that the ad misleadingly claims ride-sharing companies were “driven out of town.” This is, to put it as succinct as possible, a lie. Shocking, coming from the Koch Brothers. The Las Vegas Review Journal’s Steve Sebelius boiled down the ad’s message to essentially, “As Attorney General she had the gall to actually enforce Nevada transportation laws.” NBC News reported Friday evening that the Koch Brothers were putting $1.2 million behind the ad.

The truth is: ride-sharing companies were operating in Nevada without a license and the Transportation Authority requested that the Attorney General’s office enforce the law to protect passenger safety. Ride-sharing companies then sought licensing through the legislative process and are now operating legally in Nevada.

“Considering they support Congressman Heck, someone who is part of the dysfunction and gridlock in Washington, we guess it isn’t surprising that the Koch Brothers would attack Catherine Cortez Masto for actually doing her job,” said Zach Hudson, spokesperson for Catherine Cortez Masto for Senate. “This desperate ad outright lies about Catherine’s record and is nothing more than an attempt to distract voters from Congressman Heck accepting $300,000 from Wall Street after sponsoring a tax break for the Big Banks who crashed Nevada’s housing market.”




Voiceover: In a tough economy, a paycheck can mean everything to your family. Many Nevadans relied on Uber for work.

Visual: Uber pick up sign


Jon Ralston: Freedom Partners Uber Ad Is “Bullshit” – Uber Is Still Here. In June 2016, Jon Ralston tweeted: “@FreedomPartners digital ad on @CatherineForNV is brutal but BS: It says she ‘drove them out of town,’ but Uber is still here.’ [Twitter, Jon Ralston, 6/24/16]

Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Steve Sebelius On Uber Ad: Cortez Masto Had The Gall To Actually Enforce The Law. In June 2016, Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Steve Sebelius tweeted: “Shorter @FreedomPartners on @CatherineForNV: ‘As attorney general, she had the gall to actually enforce NV transpo laws as written!’” [Twitter, Steve Sebelius, 6/24/16]


Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Steve Sebelius: Two Recent Ads From The Koch Brothers-Backed Freedom Partners Action Fund PAC Targeting Cortez Masto Arranged Perfectly True Facts To Lead To A False Conclusion.“Anybody who’s ever been to a courthouse knows its possible to arrange perfectly true facts to lead a jury to a false conclusion. It’s no different in the court of public opinion. Take two recent ads from the Koch brothers-backed Freedom Partners Action Fund PAC targeting Democratic former Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, who’s now running for Senate. The ads allege she hired a well-connected Washington, D.C., law firm to sue Bank of America during the foreclosure crisis. The firm earned millions in fees. Partners in the firm later gave Cortez Masto campaign contributions. Therefore, corruption!” [Las Vegas Review Journal, Column, 5/10/16]

Las Vegas Review Journal’s Steve Sebelius: “Sounds Much More Like Cortez Masto Doing Her Job Than Cozying Up To A Washington Special Interest For Personal Profit.” “So, while it’s true Cortez Masto recommended the hiring of a law firm that earned money representing the state and whose partners later contributed to her campaign, it’s also true the firm successfully forced one of the largest banks in the country to pay the state millions to compensate for alleged wrongdoing. That sounds much more like Cortez Masto doing her job than cozying up to a Washington special interest for personal profit. In fact, you’d have to very carefully arrange the facts to lead people to that conclusion. That’s why you always have to wait until you’ve heard the entire story, in court and out.” [Las Vegas Review Journal, Column, 5/10/16]

PolitiFact Nevada: NRSC Claim That Cortez Masto Took Pay Increases Is “A Highly Misleading Claim.” “The NRSC said Cortez Masto ‘was happy to line her own pockets with taxpayer dollars when state employees were slammed with frozen salaries,’ but this is a highly misleading claim. The state increased Cortez Masto’s salary during a time of pay freezes for Nevada’s state workers. She was unable to legally reject the pay increase, so she donated $38,000 back to the state during her last four years in office. We rate the claim Mostly False.” [PolitiFact Nevada, 2/3/16]

PolitiFact Nevada: It’s Clear That As Attorney General, Cortez Masto Didn’t “Pad Her Pockets” While State Workers Suffered – She Received Essentially The Same Salary During Her Eight Years In Office. “According to information collected from TransparentNevada.com and records request from the state Controller’s office, PolitiFact Nevada put together this spreadsheet of salaries, donations and what percentage of salary was donated back to the state. As shown, it’s clear that as Attorney General, Cortez Masto didn’t ‘pad her pockets’ while state workers suffered – rather, she received essentially the same salary (not counting benefits) during her eight years in office when donations are subtracted out.” [PolitiFact Nevada, 2/3/16]

Washington Post Fact Check: NRSC “Exaggerated Charges” And Used “Misleading Language” To Frighten Voters Into Thinking Cortez Masto Made A Foreign Policy Blunder.In September 2015, Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler wrote, “This is an ad designed to frighten voters into thinking that Masto has made a tragic foreign-policy blunder that will lead to nuclear conflict. But the images would be justified only if the case were as compelling as the NRSC suggests. Instead, the organization has exaggerated the charges and used misleading language to make its case. With a few tweaks in the wording and less stark images, the NRSC could make a reasonable argument that supporting the nuclear deal is a mistake. But this effort is a miss.” [Washington Post Fact Check, NRSC Ad “There’s No Going Back,” 10/6/15]

Washington Post Fact Check: As Cortez Masto Noted The Iran Deal Blocks Two Routes To A Nuclear A Weapon. In September 2015, Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler wrote, “In her statement, Masto noted that estimates suggest Iran is currently two to three months from obtaining a nuclear weapon — and that this agreement would block its path for 15 years. Under the accord, Iran gives up most of its highly enriched uranium and curbs its production of plutonium — two routes to a nuclear weapon. It will give up a lot of nuclear equipment and has agreed to limits on uranium enrichment. But after 15 years, many of the restraints will end. […] Ultimately, this is a matter of opinion — and responsible experts on both sides of the debate have valid arguments. There is no way of knowing now whether the accord will forever block Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon. But the ad concludes with images suggesting that nuclear war is around the corner.” [Washington Post Fact Check, NRSC Ad “There’s No Going Back,”10/6/15]

Voiceover: But after accepting $70,000 from taxi companies, Catherine Cortez Masto went after Uber.

Text: Catherine Cortez Masto$72,626 From Taxi Companies

Source: Catherine Cortez Masto, Nevada Contributions and Expense Reports, Nevada Secretary of State

Text: Catherine Cortez Masto Went After Uber

Source:Associated Press, 10/29/14


Headline: KVVU: “Judge Temporarily Puts Brakes On Uber Service In NV.” [KVVU,10/24/14]

Nevada Judge Issued Restraining Order Against Uber For Operating Without A License At Behest Of The Nevada Transportation Authority. “Just hours after it launched, Carson City District Court Judge James Russell has stopped ride-sharing company Uber from operating in Nevada, but that’s not stopping Uber drivers who as of Saturday night were still working in the Valley to pick up passengers. The restraining order was issued at the behest of the Nevada Transportation Authority. According to Nevada Department of Business and Authority spokeswoman Terri Williams, four Uber drivers have already been cited for operating without a license - three in Las Vegas and one in Reno.” [KVVU, 10/24/14]

Nevada Transportation Authority Unanimously Supported Taking Legal Action Against Uber. “The Nevada Transportation Authority lateThursday unanimously supported Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto’s strategy to take legal action against illegal passenger carrier activity in the state. Commissioner Keith Sakelhide wondered aloud why the board that regulates buses and limousines statewide and taxicabs outside Clark County even had to vote on the measure. ‘Is it really necessary to have an agenda item for the attorney general’s office to do its job?’ Sakelhide said. But Chairman Andrew MacKay said taking up the issue was important because ‘actions of a certain magnitude should be ratified by the full board.’ And the arrival of Uber has hit Nevada with the magnitude of a major earthquake.” [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 10/31/14]

Uber Was Openly Flouting State Transportation Laws. “But state regulators can enforce transportation laws, which means representatives of the Transportation Authority and the Nevada Taxicab Authority can cite Uber drivers and impound their cars if caught. Industry leaders told commissioners that because Uber is openly flouting state laws they should seek maximum penalties against drivers anytime they’re caught.” [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 10/31/14]

Uber Drivers Were Routinely Cited As Illegal Operators. “A spokeswoman for the state’s Business and Industry Department said 15 Uber drivers — 12 in Las Vegas and three in Reno — have been cited. Impound hearings occurred Monday and Tuesday. Citations have been routinely issued to illegal operators well before Uber arrived. ‘In the normal course of business, the (Taxicab Authority) and the (Nevada Transportation Authority) investigators do field complaints and anonymous tips related to gypsy cabs and respond accordingly,’ spokeswoman Teri Williams said in an email.” [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 10/31/14]


Gov. Sandoval Signed Legislation Setting Up Regulatory Framework For Ride-Hailing Companies, Like Uber And Lyft. “Gov. Brian Sandoval late Friday signed legislation authorizing ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft to operate in Nevada. Sandoval signed Assembly Bills 175 and 176, which set up a regulatory framework for transportation network companies that connect passengers with drivers through smartphone apps, and puts the companies under the authority of the Nevada Transportation Authority. Uber briefly operated in Nevada last fall until a state judge issued an injunction requested by the state.” [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 5/29/15]

Headline: KLAS: “Lyft, Uber Are Officially Operating In Nevada.” [KLAS, 9/15/15]

Nevada Transportation Authority Approved Uber And Lyft After Lawmakers Authorized Them. “The Nevada Transportation Authority approved the applications months after state lawmakers passed a law authorizing so-called transportation network companies.  Uber and Lyft say it’s in compliance with all existing rules.” [KLAS, 9/15/15]

Voiceover: Once. Twice. Three Times. Until she drove them out of town. Along with all their jobs.

Text: Judge Blocks Uber’s Ride-Sharing

Source:Associated Press, 11/25/14

Text: Cortez Masto Seeks another Order

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal, 10/30/14

Text: “Uber Challenges Court Order…

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal, 10/25/14

Text: “Nearly 1,000 Jobs Just Disappeared”

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal, 12/03/14


Bank Lobbyists Pushed Heck’s Bill To Repeal Nevada’s Excise Taxes On Banks. “Nevada bankers asked lawmakers on Thursday to back a bill repealing two excise taxes imposed on banks in 2003, calling them unfair levies that single out their industry. Bill Uffelman, president of the Nevada Bankers Association, said the taxes have caused a severe drop in some small rural banks’ earnings. That’s particularly difficult when banks are facing competition from credit unions that don’t pay the extra taxes, he said. […] John Sande, a lobbyist with the Nevada Bankers Association, said the bill emphasizes the discrimination in the excise tax and reiterated that financial institutions should be charged the same taxes as any other business. He was not opposed to AB290, but said, ‘It just goes to show you how unfair the existing law is.’” [Associated Press, 3/22/07]

2010: Heck Defended Bill To Cut Taxes On Banks, Argued It Put Them On Equal Footing With Other Businesses. “Heck said that he didn’t remember the vote on the tax rebate for seniors and that the tax cut for banks was meant to put them on equal footing with other businesses. ‘I have no recollection of that vote,’ he said of the tax rebate vote. The bank vote, he said, corrected a two-tier system Titus supported in 2003. ‘It didn’t make a difference if it was banks,’ Heck said. ‘It could have been somebody who was making widgets or baskets.’” [Las Vegas Review-Journal,10/15/10]


Heck Voted To Create A Safe Harbor From ThePenalties Under Wall Street Reform For BanksThat Originate Non-Qualified Mortgages That Do Not Comply With The Ability-To-Repay Requirements. In November 2015, Heck voted for: “Passage of the bill that would create a safe harbor from the penalties under the Dodd-Frank Act for banks that originate non-qualified mortgages that do not comply with the ability-to-repay requirements, as long as the bank retains the mortgage in its own portfolio. The bill would also create safe harbor for mortgage originators (brokers) if the mortgage lender is a depository institution and intends to hold the mortgage for the life of the loan, and the originator tells the consumer that the lender will hold the mortgage for the life of the loan. The bill would also require that prepayment penalties comply with current statutory requirements. Further, the bill would provide safe harbor to balloon payment loans, as long as these loans meet all other qualified mortgage requirements. As amended, the bill would clarify that systemically important financial institutions (SIFIs) are excluded from the safe harbor provisions under the bill.” The bill passed 255-174. [CQ, 11/18/15; HR 1210, Vote 636,11/18/15]

The Bill Would Roll Back Regulations For Mortgages That Were Created To Prevent The Bad Lending Practices That Led To The 2008 Financial Crisis – It Would Extend An Exemption To A Rule From Just Small And Rural Banks To All Banks. “The House passed legislation Wednesday that critics argue rolls back regulations for mortgages that were created to prevent the bad lending practices responsible for the financial crisis of 2008. The Portfolio Lending and Mortgage Access Act, which was introduced by Rep. Andy Barr (R-Ky.), passed by a 255-174 vote. The bill extends a federal exemption meant for small and rural banks to all banking institutions. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued regulations last year that require lenders to ensure a borrower’s ability to repay a loan in order to obtain a qualified mortgage status, which provides lenders a ‘safe harbor’ protection from federal penalties and lawsuits brought by borrowers who have defaulted on their loans. But the bureau created an exemption to allow small and rural banks to achieve that qualified mortgage status without following the ability-to-repay rule, which requires a borrower’s debt-to-income ratio to be 43 percent or less. Banking organizations, which support extending the exemption, argued that the rule was too restrictive and caused mid-size community bankers to decrease or eliminate their mortgage businesses.” [The Hill, 11/18/15]

Heck Voted To Exempt From The Prohibition Any Covered Depository Institution That Limits Its Security-Based And Other Swap Activities To Hedging And Other Similar Risk-Mitigation Activities. In October 2013, Heck voted for: “Passage of the bill that would amend a provision of the 2010 financial regulatory overhaul law that prohibits the federal bailout of swaps dealers or participants. The bill would exempt from the prohibition any covered depository institution that limits its security-based and other swap activities to hedging and other similar risk-mitigation activities. Non-structured and certain structured finance swap activities also would be exempt. Under the bill, insured depository institutions and uninsured U.S. branches of a foreign bank would be considered covered depository institutions.” The bill passed 292-122. [CQ, 10/30/13; HR992, Vote 569, 10/30/13]

Bill Rolled Back Major Elements Of The Dodd-Frank Financial Regulatory Bill. “The House of Representatives, with bipartisan support, passed legislation on Wednesday that would roll back a major element of the 2010 law intended to strengthen the nation’s financial regulations by allowing big banks like Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase to continue to handle most types of derivatives trades in house. The bill, which passed by a 292-122 vote, would repeal a requirement in the Dodd-Frank law that big banks ‘push out’ some derivatives trading into separate units that are not backed by the government’s insurance fund.” [New York Times, 10/30/13]

A Swap Was A Type Of Securities Exchange, One Type, A Credit Default Swap, Transferred Risk From The Owner Of A Stock To The Buyer Of A Swap In Exchange For Period Payments. “Credit default swap: A swap designed to transfer credit risk, in effect a form of financial insurance. The buyer of the swap makes periodic payments to the seller in return for protection in the event of a default on a loan. […] Swap: An exchange of securities between two parties. For example, if a firm in one country has a lower fixed interest rate and one in another country has a lower floating interest rate, an interest rate swap could be mutually beneficial.” [BBC Magazine,8/4/09]

Fortune Magazine: Credit Default Swaps “Played A Critical Role In The Unfolding Financial Crisis.” “As Congress wrestles with another bailout bill to try to contain the financial contagion, there’s a potential killer bug out there whose next movement can’t be predicted: the Credit Default Swap.  In just over a decade these privately traded derivatives contracts have ballooned from nothing into a $54.6 trillion market. CDS are the fastest-growing major type of financial derivatives. More important, they’ve played a critical role in the unfolding financial crisis. First, by ostensibly providing ‘insurance’ on risky mortgage bonds, they encouraged and enabled reckless behavior during the housing bubble.” [Fortune Magazine, 9/30/08]


Heck’s Campaigns Received $324,619 From The Securities & Investment Industry. [Open Secrets, Joe Heck Career Top Industries, Accessed5/2/16]

Heck’s Campaigns Received $214,042 From The Insurance Industry. [Open Secrets, Joe Heck Career Top Industries, Accessed 5/2/16]

Heck’s Campaigns Received $112,039 From The Commercial Banking Industry. [Open Secrets, Joe Heck Career Top Industries, Accessed5/2/16]

Voiceover: She put campaign donors ahead of Nevadans and protect special interests instead of us.

Text: Catherine Cortez Masto Campaign Donors Ahead Of Nevadans

Text: Catherine Cortez Masto Protected Special Interests Instead Of Us


Heck Proposed Allowing Workers To Invest Retirement Funds In Private Accounts, Instead Of Social Security. “The two candidates also got into an angry back-and-forth in discussing veterans benefits, Medicare and Social Security. Bilbray said Heck wants to privatize Social Security, and she said he’s done nothing to raise Medicare reimbursement rates so doctors won’t drop patients. Congress had boosted reimbursement rates, but on a year-to-year basis instead of a permanent fix. Heck, sounding exasperated, said he introduced the first bill to ‘repair Medicare’ and reintroduced it this year. He said it passed the House. As for Social Security, Heck said he has proposed allowing younger workers to invest retirement funds as they like, instead of with the government.” [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 10/20/14]

Heck: “I Believe That Any Individual Should Have The Right To Voluntarily Take Their Portion Of Social Security Withholding And Invest It As They Deem Appropriate.” In May 2010 interview Joe Heck stated, “I believe that any individual should have the right to voluntarily take their portion of Social Security withholding and invest it as they deem appropriate. It is arrogant of government to think that they can invest someone’s money better than they can. Since this would be voluntary, any individual who would exercise this option must understand that they are assuming the risk associated with private investment. The employer contribution should continue to go to the Social Security program and the benefit upon retirement calculated based on those contributions.” [Nevada News and Views, 5/4/10]

Koch Brothers’ Political Organization Recommended Partial Privatization Of Social Security. In April 2014, Americans for Prosperity released a document outlining its “recommendations for federal budget reform.” These included, “AFP supports empowering workers with a choice: stay with the tax-and-benefit system of Social Security as it is now, or save and invest your same payroll tax contributions through a personal savings account. Instead of seeing their hard-earned dollars funneled through Washington to pay for current retirees’ benefits, workers would truly own and control the accumulated funds and could invest them with a wide variety of investment funds offering different mixes of stocks and bonds and different levels of risk and reward – similar to the defined contribution 401k-style plans that many American workers already use.” [AFP, 4/8/14]

Koch Brothers-Backed Plan Would Allow Workers To Invest Social Security In Private Accounts. “But AFP’s suggested plan wouldn’t totally privatize Social Security, either. It was a voluntary plan that allowed workers to choose to invest with private accounts or avoid the risk and stick with traditional Social Security.” [FactCheck.org, 10/7/14]

381,000 Nevadans Aged 65 Or Older Received Social Security Benefits. According to the Social Security Administration report on OASDI Beneficiaries by state and county issued July 2014: 381,000 aged 65 or older received Social Security benefits, which was 16.5 percent of Nevada’s total population and 87.3 percent of Nevada seniors. [Social Security Administration Beneficiaries Report, July 2014]

Privatizing Social Security Could Be A Windfall For Wall Street, Generating Billions In Fees. “President Bush’s plan to partly privatize Social Security could be a windfall for Wall Street, generating billions of dollars in management fees for brokerages and mutual fund companies.” [NBC News, 12/28/04]

Wall Street Firms Could Reap Billions In Management Fees If Social Security Taxes Were Funneled Into Private Accounts. “The nation’s brokerages and mutual fund companies could be big winners if the government were to allow Americans to funnel some of their Social Security taxes into private investment accounts each year. Firms such as Fidelity Investments, Vanguard Group, Merrill Lynch & Co. and Schwab collectively could reap billions of dollars in management fees and commissions over the long term.” [Los Angeles Times, 1/18/05]


Heck Opposed Raising The Minimum Wage: “The Last Thing Our Economy Needs Is Another Mandate From Washington That Will Cost Us Jobs. Raising The Minimum Wage Will Not Increase Jobs.” In October 2014 Elko Daily Free Press column, Thomas Mitchell wrote, “Asked about the minimum wage issue after his Democratic opponent came out in favor of raising it not to $10.10 but to $15, Republican Rep. Joe Heck, whose 3rd Congressional District covers the southernmost reaches of the state, replied, ‘The last thing our economy needs is another mandate from Washington that will cost us jobs. Raising the minimum wage will not increase jobs, expand opportunity, or be a silver bullet to reduce poverty. Instead, it will cost mainly young and low-skilled workers the chance to get a start in the working world and learn critical job skills that will help them transition to more gainful employment.’” [Elko Daily Free Press, Thomas Mitchell Column,10/22/14]

·      Koch Brothers Political Organization Opposed Raising The Federal Minimum Wage To $10.10. In December 2013, Americans for Prosperity Federal Affairs Manager Christine Hanson wrote, “On behalf of more than two million Americans for Prosperity activists in all 50 states, I write in strong opposition to the so-called Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013 (S.1737), which would gradually raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.” [Americans for Prosperity Letter to Sen. Harkin, 12/17/13]

·      Charles Koch: We Have To “Clear Out” The Minimum Wage. In an interview with the Witchita Eagle Charles Koch said, “We want to do a better job of raising up the disadvantaged and the poorest in this country, rather than saying ‘Oh, we’re just fine now.’ We’re not saying that at all. What we’re saying is, we need to analyze all these additional policies, these subsidies, this cronyism, this avalanche of regulations, all these things that are creating a culture of dependency. And like permitting, to start a business, in many cities, to drive a taxicab, to become a hairdresser. Anything that people with limited capital can do to raise themselves up, they keep throwing obstacles in their way. And so we’ve got to clear those out. Or the minimum wage. Or anything that reduces the mobility of labor.” [Witchita Eagle,7/9/13]

Las Vegas Review-Journal Editorial: “Heck Has Largely Ignored Efforts To Raise Wages For Working People.” In April 2014, Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial board wrote, “As our unemployment numbers lower and our economy recovers, income inequality should be decreasing — not growing exponentially — and yet for some of our elected leaders, that is simply not a priority. Instead of building on the progress and momentum to raise wages that Nevada voters built up nearly eight years ago, Sen. Dean Heller declared the minimum wage issue ‘solved’ and Rep. Joe Heck has largely ignored efforts to raise wages for working people. As representatives of Nevada, Sen. Heller and Rep. Heck should be actively supporting what the majority of Nevadans, and the majority of Americans, are in favor of — a federal minimum wage of $10.10 an hour.” [Editorial, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 4/29/14]

Voiceover:Freedom Partners Action Fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.

Text: Paid for by Freedom Partners Action Fund.


Heck Has Voted With Americans For Prosperity 88% Of The Time. According to the Americans for Prosperity website, Heck supported Americans for Prosperity’s positions 100 percent of the time during 2013. [Americans for Prosperity, Scorecard, Accessed 12/22/15]

2013: Heck Voted With Americans For Prosperity 100% Of The Time. According to the Americans for Prosperity website, Heck supported Americans for Prosperity’s positions 100 percent of the time during 2013. [Americans for Prosperity, Scorecard, Accessed 12/22/15]

Political Science Professor Fred Lokken: “You Know Already That The Koch Brothers And Others Have Indicated They Will Dump Money [In Support Of Heck].” In July 2015, political columnist Ray Hagar wrote: “Fred Lokken, a political science professor at Truckee Meadows Community College, agreed that outside PAC money will help Heck more than Cortez Masto. ‘You know already that the Koch brothers and others have indicated they will dump money (in support of Heck),’ Lokken said.” [Reno Gazette- Journal, Ray Hagar, 7/10/15]

Koch Industries PAC Contributed At Least $35,000 To Heck. From 2009-2015, Koch Industries contributed $35,000 to Heck, all through PACs. [OpenSecrets, Joe Heck, Top Contributors, Career Profile, Accessed 10/21/15]

The Hill: Many Of Heck’s Donors Are Connected To The Koch Brothers. According to an article by Jonathan Swan of The Hill, “Conservative donors across the country are already sending his campaign checks, and many of these donors are connected to the powerful network helmed by billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch.” [The Hill, 12/22/15]

Koch Brothers Funded Americans For Prosperity Ran Ads Supporting Heck. “As for Reid taking on the Koch brothers, the tactic may be a way to divert attention from difficulties Americans are having with President Barack Obama’s health insurance law, Duffy said. The Koch brothers are putting tens of millions of dollars behind Senate candidates with the aim of giving Republicans control of the upper house. The brothers also are among the most generous donors to Americans for Prosperity, which is running ads to support Heck.” [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 3/16/14]

Americans For Prosperity Made $200,000 2-Week Ad-Buy Supporting Heck, Thanking Him For Opposing Affordable Care Act. “Eight months before the Nov. 4general election, Nevada’s most competitive congressional contest is heating up. Last week, Americans for Prosperity launched its second TV ad praising U.S. Rep. Joe Heck , R-Nev., who is running for his third term. He represents the 3rd Congressional District in Southern Nevada, including Henderson and most of unincorporated Clark County. The seat has switched parties several times since its creation after the 2000 census. The 30-second commercial thanks Heck for opposing President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare. The ad is running for two weeks at a cost of about $200,000, according to an insider.” [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 3/10/14]

Headline: Bloomberg: “Dark Money Dominates Political Ad Spending.” [Bloomberg, 1/28/16]

Koch Brothers Dark Money Group Concerned Veterans For America Has Spent Almost $2.4 Million During 2016 Election Cycle. “Dark money groups are also bearing down on Senate races, where groups have spent more than $39 million since the start of 2015, according to the CMAG data. For example, Senator Pat Toomey, a Pennsylvania Republican, featured in more than $7.1 million worth of ads. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the American Chemistry Council and Concerned Veterans for America, a nonprofit with links to the network of organizations created by Charles and David Koch, spent almost $2.4 million touting aspects of Toomey’s record.” [Bloomberg, 1/28/16]

Las Vegas Sun: Koch Brothers Shelling Out $1 Million For Television And Digital Ads Targeting Catherine Cortez Masto. According to an article by Megan Messerly of the Las Vegas Sun, “A Koch brothers-backed group announced today it is shelling out $1 million for television and digital ads targeting Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto. […]

The ads are paid for by the conservative-learning super PAC Freedom Partners Action Fund, part of the network of organizations affiliated with conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch.” [Las Vegas Sun, 5/2/16]

Las Vegas Sun: Koch Brothers Already Spent $700,000 In Ads Propping Up Congressman Heck. According to an article by Megan Messerly of the Las Vegas Sun, “This isn’t the first Koch-backed group to spend money on this Senate race this year. In March, the veterans-focused group Conservative Veterans of America spent $700,000 lauding Republican Rep. Joe Heck for his service to veterans in Congress.” [Las Vegas Sun, 5/2/16]


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