A new report from analytics company App Annie claims that total IOS and Google Play app downloads reached over 260 billion last year, with mobile apps and app stores rising even further in prominence in the developer ecosystem. On the back of this app explosion has been the emergence of specialist agencies offering services in app promotion, optimization and advertising. It’s a vital service for developers working in the increasingly saturated mobile app industry.

And the criteria for today’s successful app marketing agencies is they must think and react the same way as consumers, in terms of becoming adept at fully embracing mobile and adopting an “always-on” attitude. This why we have updated our list, The World’s Best App Marketing Agencies, to keep pace with the ever changing industry landscape.

Each of the companies on our list employs a different approach to mobile app marketing. There is no one-size fits all so take your time to discover what each agency has to offer to help determine which one is most relevant for your app marketing campaign. In compiling this list we have looked at each company in terms of its methods, client base, service offering and specialist understanding of the mobile app industry. We hope it will help you choose the right app marketing agency to work with.

Here is our list in full:

Combo App





Dot Com Infoway

App Promo

Pulse Mobile

The Mobile House

App Marketing Agentur

Yodel Mobile

M&C Saatchi Mobile

Kumuva Digital


Phone Valley


Consumer Acquisition


Combo App

A new addition to our list, but ComboApp has earned its place by building a reputation as “a communications and marketing solutions provider for the global mobile marketplace”. The company is made up of three units which include ComboApp Consulting, ComboStore and GoWide.

Founded in 2009, ComboApp’s mobile app marketing consulting service provides clients with a detailed marketing plan, which includes a step-by-step approach to launch, promote and monetizing their apps by outlining competitive landscape, audience profile, users’ expectations and structuring market opportunities and challenges.

Strategies used by its team include:

Analyzing your competitive landscape

Getting detailed insight on the mobile app ecosystem

Understanding the role of your app in the global markets

Defining your key competitive advantages

Structuring your unique value proposition

Developing a profound understanding of your audience segments

Making value-based target group segmentations

Determining key markets and categories suitable for your app

Understanding the best time, place and context to launch your mobile app

Determining your ultimate marketing and tactic campaign goals

Forecasting the projected campaign performance

Measuring your long-term ROI and lifetime user value

Transforming insights and research data into actionable marketing tactics

Location: Chicago, IL

Services: mobile app marketing strategy, public relations strategy for mobile apps,

app store optimization

Tagline: “A full cycle communications and marketing solutions provider”


MobileTraffic is neither an advertising agency or a publisher, but a full service mobile performance acquisition agency for mobile campaigns.

“As an advertiser you shouldn’t have to waste your time or money for nothing,” says the German outfit. “There is no need to pay for pointless advertising on CPC or CPM basis. Pay for results only!”

For publishers, MobileTraffic offers competitive and timely payments, a great list of advertisers from different countries and different projects.

Founded in 2014, MobileTraffic is of interest to us and makes our list because its new, revolutionary service means that whether you are an advertiser or publisher, you no longer have to register with a large number of systems and monitor them, as all the benefits are collected in one place in one easy to use full-stack platform.

Location: Berlin

Services: advertising, iOS CPI traffic, mobile marketing, Android CPI traffic

Tagline: “Mobile marketing partner for highest performance


Coming in on the back of another prestigious award, having been named ‘Mobile Agency of the Year by Mobile Marketer’ Fetch’s rise to prominence since they were last featured on our list is just rewards, we reckon.

The London-based agency focuses exclusively on mobile and was acquired by Dentsu Aegis Network in 2014. With a growing list of big-name clients including eBay, Warner Bros and Hotels.com, Fetch is ideally positioning itself as a strategic partner or lead agency.

Here’s what Fetch does:

Media strategy

Media planning and buying

Programmatic buying


Paid Social Media

Cross device campaigns

Native advertising

Dynamic creative retargeting

Brand/Engagement campaigns

Digital OOH

Location based targeting

Mobile ad marketing

Beta testing for Facebook and Twitter


Fraud detection

App marketing strategy

App marketing solution

App ranking


User acquisition


Location: London (HQ), San Francisco, Berlin and Hong Kong

Services: strategy, media, creative, analytics

Tagline: “Visionary. Bold. Creative”


DSNR Media Group (dmg) is a global digital advertising network serving advertisers, agencies and publishers. With a reach of over 300 million unique users, the Israeli outfit’s cross-platform solution is capable of delivering hundreds of thousands of campaign conversions every month in online, mobile, social, video and apps.

Similar to MobileTraffic in that it works with both advertisers and publishers operating across a multitude of sectors; including e-commerce, coupons, travel, social and casual gaming, dating, banking and finance, and mobile entertainment.

Whether you are a brand seeking to make an impact on on-the-go audiences or a direct response advertiser who wishes to expand its mobile activities into additional, dmg will be a good choice.

Location: Ra’anana, Israel

Services: optimization, SEO, advertising

Tagline: “A Global Advertising Network for Mobile, Display, Social, Apps & Video”


Describing itself as “mobile-first since our birth in 2009” Somo integrates throughout the full life-cycle of companies adopting the mobile medium. In the past it has worked with global brands including; Audi, Conde Nast, Paddy Power and Interflora.

Its strategy is to make sense of the complex, fragmented, fast-paced world of mobile to increase sales, develop customer engagement and enhance productivity.

Somo does this by providing the following:

Marketing strategy

App Install and Promotion

Performance marketing

Display, Video and Rich media




Creative development

Cross platform strategy and execution

Marketing tracking and data analytics



Mobile training

Somo splits operations into the following categories, providing focussed groups that offer your company support in each area of app marketing and development:

Creative and custom development

Enterprise technology platforms

Performance and brand marketing

Advertising tools and technology

Strategy and innovation

As we highlighted in our previous listing on Somo, what is most unique about the company is its creative and custom development support. Somo designs and build all forms of mobile assets including apps, mobile websites, display and rich media advertising creative, a service not all marketing agencies provide.

Location: London

Services: mobile advertising, mobile development, connected device development

Tagline: “Solutions for the connected world”

Dot Com Infoway

Among many hats it wears Dot Com Infoway (DCI) is an internet Marketing and mobile application development outfit with offices in India, the United States and Germany.

Its strategies for mobile include:

Pre-launch campaign to create buzz about the app

Strategically-timed launch to grab the attention of maximum users

Post-launch viral campaigns via mobile, Web, videos, podcasts etc.

In-app advertising via other popular apps in the app store

Exciting updates to make existing users revisit the app

Promotions on recent functionality upgrades to hook new users

Paid promotion and review generation to drive downloads

Suggestions for new upgrades based on user feedback

Maintaining communication with users to ensure app popularity

Establishing touch points with users to build value for the brand

Its mobile apps marketing division is split into four sub-sections:

iPhone apps marketing

iPad apps marketing

Android apps marketing

App user testing

Location: Chennai, India

Services: mobile apps marketing, internet marketing

Tagline: “Wanna roar at the App Store? You’ve Come to the right place!”

App Promo

Another company that made our previous list, App Promo specializes in working with developers, brands, agencies and advertisers to plan and execute marketing strategies that maximize the visibility of your app.

Marketing services include:

App Store Optimisation (ASO)

PR & Blogger Outreach

Media Buying and Management

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Contests & Promotions

Direct Email Marketing

Marketing Collateral & Branding

Campaign Analytics & Insights Launch

Boost or On going Custom Campaigns

App Promo has experience in app marketing across every carrier, device, platform and category, with marketing programmes to meet every objective.

Location: Toronto Canada

Services: see above

Tagline: “Innovators in app strategy, marketing and monetization”

Pulse Mobile

Since it was last featured on our list, Pulse Mobile has been making more of its App Surge service, an integrated marketing programme that blends app store ranking with loyal user objectives and target cost-per-install goals. Whether it’s a transparent brand-safe campaign or a burst promotion to grow your app install base – Pulse Mobile customize data-driven campaigns to meet any business needs.

As part of Global Wide Media, the company provides online media services across all  digital media channels.

Services include:

Global Marketing-For app marketers looking to quickly boost rankings in App stores worldwide, Pulse Mobile offers App Surge, an integrated marketing program that blends app store ranking with loyal user objectives and target cost-per-install goals.

Media Buying-Pulse Mobile media buying experts in Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles and Victoria execute round-the-clock buys on direct site, ad network and programmatic trading platforms

Performance Network- The Pulse Mobile Performance Network is powered by their sister company, Neverblue.

Brand & Creative

Location: California

Services: media, advertising,

Tagline: “Mobile marketing simplified for the world’s best companies”

The Mobile House

The Mobile House is a full service mobile marketing agency. It offers a free mobile audit for any business interested in looking at the possibility of mobile marketing, and is keen to engage businesses of all shapes and sizes improve, or in a lot of cases, begin their mobile marketing journey.

A London-based outfit and new to our list, as a part of The Specialist Works advertising agency, The Mobile House has experience of working on some of the largest app brands in the world and co-ordinating campaigns across multiple operating systems, countries and languages.

Location: London

Services: mobile advertising, mobile display, mobile wifi advertising, tablet advertising, app promotion

Tagline: “We are mobile advertising experts”

App Marketing Agentur

Since it last featured on our list, App Marketing Agentur (AMA) has been ranked ‘top as the best App Marketing Agentur’ by  bestwebdesignagencies.com. Five years of app marketing knowledge/experience and access to comprehensive mobile inventories with 150+ networks, RTB exchanges and numerous direct media partners ensure AMA is going to be a safe bet when it comes to the successful marketing of your app.

One of AMA’s main strengths is in social media marketing and the advantages of Facebook Mobile App Install Ads, which are:

Extreme range with simultaneous super-precise targeting

High quality user, app commitment and loyalty User

Effective optimization campaigns for the lowest cost-per-Install Prices

Location: Munich, Germany

Services: app marketing, mobile marketing

Tagline: “The leading agency for app marketing”

Yodel Mobile

‘Why us?’ asks Yodel Mobile on its home page. Good question, we like Yodel Mobile because it is a fully independent mobile marketing agency, established way back in 2007.

Yodel Mobile has an excellent track record of delivering effective mobile communications solutions across all the sectors.

Founded by its CEO Mick Rigby, who has more than 20 years of experience as a strategist in advertising and marketing for big agencies & consultancies, Yodel Mobile bring a young and fresh impetus to the industry, and its work has been acknowledge with heaps of mobile marketing agency awards.

Location: London

Services: mobile strategy, mobile advertising, mobile development

Tagline: “Yodel Mobile deliver the best strategy, mobile advertising and mobile success solutions”

M&C Saatchi Mobile

A visit to M&C Saatchi Mobile’s website since it was last on our list reveals that the advertising giant’s mobile division has won another award: IMEDIA’S BEST AGENCY FOR MOBILE in 2014.

‘There’s no question that mobile is a critically important part of marketing today, but while some agencies are late arrivals in the space, clients turn to M&C Saatchi because they’ve been a mobile specialist since 2006. That’s one year before Apple debuted the first iPhone, for those who are keeping track,’ says the glowing accolade from iMedia.

M&C Saatchi’s mobile advertising services include:

Conversion Tracking & Optimisation


Branding & Rich Media

Mobile Search

Mobile Acquisition

Mobile Media Planning & Buying


App Store Ranking

Social Media

Location: Worldwide

Services: all types of mobile media

Tagline: “Global mobile agency of the year”

Kumuva Digital

New to our list, Kumuva Digital describes itself is a mobile development consultancy. Its CEO, Dom Bracher, has been managing and promoting mobile apps since the app store launched way back in 2008, and has now been responsible for nearly 7 million downloads globally.

Services include:

Press releases

App reviews

Social media

video marketing

Landing pages

Cross promotion

Location: London

Services: mobile development consultancy

Tagline: “Effective mobile application marketing”


Another newbie to our list, German outfit Iconmobile is bold and brash, and everything you want from an advertising agency. Fusing innovative design with expertise in technology, Iconmobile enables companies to grow and optimize their business through the creation of new digital services and products conceived for the mobile market.

Founded in 2003 with more than 170 employees and a global reach, the Iconmobile Group covers the entire mobile service range, from consulting, concept development and design to implementation and hosting.

Current partnerships with global brands include: BMW, Microsoft, Samsung, Telefonica and Vodafone.

Location: Berlin (HQ)

Services: planning, concept, design, build, analyse, optimization of mobile marketing and loyalty programs

Tagline: “Connecting brands with their audience in the most direct and engaging way possible”


French outfit Phonevalley describes itself as a leading mobile marketing agency and has been in the game for 12 years. As part of Publicis Groupe, a French multinational advertising and public relations company, Phonevalley provides its expertise to major brands, such as Renault, Nissan, Club Med, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, L’Oréal and Cartier.

Phonevalley’s marketing services include:

Recommendation on free and charged incentives for your mobile websites and applications

Media campaign conception: banners, interstitial, rich media

Recommendation on media planning, SEO, SME, SEA in cooperation with Publicis Groupe media agencies and your usual agency

Location: Chicago

Services: see above

Tagline: “Phonevalley imagine, conçoit et développe des services mobiles innovants et performants” (“Phonevalley imagines, designs and develops the innovative mobile services and performance”)


AppN2O is a nifty little outfit and a renowned app marketing service provider that is committed towards serving the finest app marketing and monetization strategies for your apps.

New to our list, AppN2O is the brainchild of Openxcell Technolabs, an award-winning company that is one of the pioneers in mobile app development services.

From consulting and market research services to individual app marketing services, AppN2O focus areas include:

Marketing strategy & road map, ASO & SEO, media presence & buying

USP evaluation & monetization plan, geographical penetration, buzz marketing & viral campaigns

Location: Ahmedabad, India

Marketing services: consulting & market research, social media marketing, press releases, app reviews, app preview videos

Tagline: “Your app marketing partner”

Consumer Acquisition

Consumer Acquisition is a full-service performance marketing agency working at the elite end of the scale and providing expertise in Facebook mobile app install advertising and direct response marketing on Facebook, Google and Twitter, as well as web conversions.

Its ‘growth hacking’ approach is rooted in a/b testing and data-driven decision making for advertising. Consumer Acquisition says it has profitably managed over $250MM in online advertising and offers agency and affiliate pricing.

The Californian company’s range of services include:

Mobile app installs


Product market fit

Search marketing


Performance analytics

Location: Livermore, California

Services: lead Generation, Facebook Applications, Mobile Advertising, Performance Marketing

Tagline: “Social performance marketing agency and Facebook Super Affiliate”


One of France’s premier mobile marketing agencies, Surikate’s  app marketing services include a unique mobile-test application panel and effective app marketing strategy development

Established in 2010 Surikate’s expertise lies in its combination of knowledge for mobile application promotion and its strong grasp of high performance tools.

Surikate has a pretty impressie client list and says it can provide guaranteed results for media agencies, advertisers and editors, optimising campaigns to optimize their mobile applications

Location: Paris (HQ), London

Services: app marketing, mobile

Tagline: “The Mobile Performance Expert”

Final thoughts

While the app marketing industry is, for the moment, flourishing. However, Andy Shen, research director at media analysts Gartner, predicts “growth is forecast to slow” The reason for this is simple, says Shen: “The average downloads per device should be high in early years as users get new devices and discover the apps they like. Over time they accumulate a portfolio of apps they like and stick to, so there will be moderate numbers of downloads in the later years.” All the more important then, that developers make the right choice of marketing partner to fit their needs and budget. We hope this list is a useful start, and we will of course be updating it and keeping a close eye on future developments in the app marketing industry.

If there are any app marketing agencies you think we may have missed, add yourself to our directory here.

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