LED Lenser M14 Flashlight

This is a brand new in box LED Lenser M14 flashlight. This is a really nice flashlight, I just have way too many! FREE SHIPPING!

LED Lenser info:

A large reflector and extremely efficient microprocessor make LED Lenser M14.1 LED Flashlight one of the brightest and longest running lights on the market. This flashlight puts out up to 210 lumens over 918 feet. If longevity is what you are after, the low power function puts out 28 lumens for an astounding 95 hours!

The beam of the M14 can be quickly and easily focused with one hand by simply sliding the head of the flashlight forward and back. Smart Light Technology drives the 8 light functions of this award-winning light, and the patented Advanced Focus System provides consistent, high-quality focused light over a long range.

Smart Light Technology

The LED Lenser M14 features Smart Light Technology - an advanced system of computer-optimized microprocessors enabling multiple light programs that run eight different functions - all operable from a single switch.

Energy Saving Mode

In addition, Smart Light Technology also optimizes energy consuption through the choice of either Energy Saving (runs the light at decreasing levels of power to extend the battery life) or Constant Current (runs the light at full power until the battery is depleted) modes.

8 Light Functions

The 8 functions of the M14 include: Morse Code, Boost (extra bright for a short time), Power (standard luminosity), Low Power (approximately 15% output), Dim (stageless adjustment between 15% and 100% allows for the selection of the desired light intensity), Blink (light pulses emitted automatically at regular intervals), Automatic SOS, and Defense Strobe.

3 Light Programs

The M14 LED flashlight also features 3 program modes, allowing you to select the light functions you need for your situation. Professional includes all 8 functions; Easy includes the basic functions of power, low power and dim; and Defense includes power and defense strobe.

Advanced Focus System - Patented LED Lenser Optics System

The M14 LED Flashlight's Advanced Focus System reflector-lens optics system combines the light-quality of a lens with the power of a reflector. The Advanced Focus System emits a circular, homogonous light pattern indicative of a lens, while eliminating the loss of light over long distances that goes along with this through the use of reflectors which, by themselves, would create "rings" and "holes" in the light. The even, far-reaching, efficient beam of light produced by the LED Lenser Advanced Focus System creates an even, full-coverage beam of light that can reach long distances when needed.

Features of the LED Lenser M14.1 LED Flashlight:

High-end Power LED with white beam

Battery life of 11 hours at 165 lumens in Energy Saving mode

3 light functions

Rapid-focus beam with 1-hand operation and lock to hold focus

Hard gold-plated battery contacts to maximize efficiency and resist corrosion

Modular design for easy replacement of parts

Water resistant

Includes 1 M14.1 LED flashlight, 1 set of batteries, 1 carrying case, 1 hand strap, 1 Intelligent Clip, and instruction manual

Light Output: Up to 210 lumens (varies by light function)

Beam Distance: Up to 285 meters (varies by light function)

Run Time: Up to 95 hours (varies by light function)

LED: High End Power LED

Length: 6.38 inches / 16.2 cm

Weight: 12.84 oz / 364 grams

Battery: 4 x AA

Energy Tank: 16.8 Wh*

LED Lenser lights are covered by the LED Lenser USA 5 Year Warranty.

List Date: 12/21/2014

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