Healthcare PR veteran Bob Chandler, former President of inVentiv Health Communications and co-founder of Chandler Chicco Companies, has announced the launch of MaxAscent, a communications consultancy aiming to work with industry-leading healthcare companies. MaxAscent is designed to ensure that consumers and patients have more productive conversations about health with their doctors, employers, and the increasingly broad array of community-based provider organizations.

“With the constant state of confusion about insurance requirements, preventive-health approaches, new treatment options, and short-and long-term decisions, there are conflicting views that inevitably weigh heavily on the consumer,” said Chandler.  “What’s important to keep in mind is that patients and their families often are hurt by this transitioning state of medicine.  Our excitement about establishing MaxAscent is to initiate and sustain conversations between patients and the communities that treat them, making these interactions more frequent, engaging and, ultimately, more successful.”

The impact of technology in healthcare, from portable medical records, wearables, tele-docs, remote patient monitoring along with dozens of other advances, will profoundly influence how well and how long people live. MaxAscent is designed to reveal options and facilitate actions that put patients and consumers in a state of Maxengagement, where what the company initiates will effectively hand more control over to those who are willing to be partners with their medical champions.

MaxAscent encourages a multi-disciplinary team approach, maximizing the incredible value of having highly seasoned talent regularly interact with young up-and-comers. By this process, MaxAscent clients benefit from novel, advanced perspectives that connect with audiences through public relations, social/digital initiatives, advertising, public affairs, corporate positioning, and effective issues/crisis management.

“I’ve been in healthcare my entire career and it’s endlessly fascinating but also uniquely demanding,” said Chandler. “The time is right to return to certain basics I’ve always believed in. That means we are fully committed to identifying ever-evolving patient interests, guiding the resolute healthcare consumer, and partnering with forward-thinking companies with the same priorities. This industry deserves nothing less.”

MaxAscent is launching as part of Watershed Bridges, LLC, a micro-network bringing together leading firms in the fields of patient behavior, medical education, public affairs, experiential marketing, advertising, corporate communications, narrative development, and storytelling, as well as the emerging field of patient intelligence.

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