It has been quite a long time coming! After Sacrifice of the Vaal and Forsaken Masters, the guys and girls over at Grinding Gear Games promised their community another big expansion, bigger than any of the ones before. Well, it turns out they weren’t lying. In fact, it turned out to get so big that it had to be extensively tested before it could actually be released. Since April 20th, players have been able to test The Awakening and give the developers their feedback. Finally, the expansion is in a state where it can be officially released. This Friday, on July 10th, players will be able to delve into the fourth act of Path of Exile.

The new expansion adds a plethora of new content, new features, and much more to the action RPG. While Dominus may be dead, his reign is not quite over yet. His dark power still remains, and it is up to each player to travel to the mountains of Highgate to face the Legends of Wraeclast. Only then will the nightmare actually come to an end. The further players progress below the mountains, the more dangerous it gets until they reach the beast.

Aside from that, The Awakening brings new skills to Path of Exile, including Magma Orb, Wild Strike, Frost Blades, Flame Dash, and Phase Run. Powerful jewels have been added to the RPG which can be put into the passive skill tree. They will get rid of players’ weaknesses and further increase their strengths. More than 100 new unique items await players including an entirely new set of equipment. Additionally, the expansion brings two new challenge leagues to Path of Exile – Warbands and Tempest.

Source: Official game homepage

It is not unusual for big publishers to send their upcoming games into a stress test, right before they go into open beta. Wargaming recently did exactly that for World of Warships. If you’re rather a fan of MMORPGs, you should listen up, as one of the most highly anticipated free-to-play roleplaying games is having a stress test today. What exactly does that mean?

Play the Game Today

During the stress test, any player interested in Skyforge can delve into the fantasy world without a beta key whatsoever. All they have to do is download the game client and jump right in. Players can even download the client in advance to make sure that they are not wasting any of their precious gaming time. Studios depend on stress tests to find out whether their servers are equipped for big numbers of players before open beta begins. The guys and girls over at the Allods Team and My.com are therefore encouraging all players to spread the word. The more people take part in the stress test, the more successful it is.

Early Access and Open Beta

After the stress test ends, players won’t have to wait for too long before they can enjoy the MMORPG for more than 24 hours at once. Those that are willing to spend some money can join Early Access starting on July 9th. One of the advantages of purchasing a Founder’s Pack is the ability to reserve a character’s closed beta name before open beta begins. Speaking of which, open beta starts on July 16th.

The stress test starts today, July 7th at 6am PDT and lasts for 24 hours.

Source: Official game homepage

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