Question by Fickle: Great small mountain towns in Montana?

I am looking to maybe move to Montana, but am not sure where to move. I would really like a small remote town, not a lot of people, but somethig that has a hoemtown feel. Mountains and forest is really important, and i mean like right there. Hiking trails, cabins, wild life, etc. I just need a break from the city life, which is just to overwhelming.

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Answer by Indiana Jones

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Answer by Lone Wolf McQuade
Red Lodge is a nice town, kinda touristy in the summer because of its proximity to Yellowstone, but it is near a LOT of mountain recreation and wildlife, including the beautiful Absaroka-Beartooth wilderness area.

Hamilton and Darby are also nice. Right next to the Bitterroot mountains and close to the vast mountain wilderness in Idaho. Friendly people there, and close to Missoula in case you get a jones for some nightlife.

Livingston is a great little town, but it’s right off the interstate and a little further from the mountains. It has a nice vibe to it though.

If you want a less-touristy and more remote way of life then you should consider the Idaho side. Salmon, Idaho is surrounded by rugged wilderness, with trails leading right out of town in every direction. Stanley is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in North America. Challis, Wallace, McCall, Kooskia, Riggins and Island Park are also noteworthy.

If I were you, I would fly into Missoula (or drive) and make a loop around the mountains in the area so you can get a feel for it yourself.

Answer by Libby
My favorite is Red Lodge. You have a moutain right there and even though it is a ski town — it is a very small ski town. Believe me the town rolls up their carpet pretty early. Had a tough time finding somewhere to eat. You are also a very short distance to the Beartooth highway right on through the mountains — I’ve been there several times, the last time was in the spring and they were skiing up in the mountains. It is so beautiful with lots of little lakes and fishing.

The best pizza in the world right in downtown red lodge too.

Have family in MT.

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