There’s been a blaze of volcanic fire coming from the music scene in Baltimore and Oakland as of late. Charm City and Oaktown should be very proud of some of it’s favorite sons in Producer/Emcee Sean-Toure’ and Film Editor/Producer Todd “Big La” Kelley. Recently, the buzz making beat smith Sean-Toure’ has been blessing the music world with some of the most magnificent remixes of classic Hip Hop and R&B songs we’ve heard in sometime. The Sean-Toure’ Remix Video Project is sure to garner a lot of attention from music lovers.

This time the duo has teamed up to release their 7th “remix video” in as many weeks in the form of Mello Music Group recording artist Substantial’s, “See Hear”. The “See Hear” remix gives listeners a gritty boom bap feeling, with hard drums, and dark piano chords reminiscent of 90’s east coast Hip Hop. We can definitely “see and hear” this remix video getting lots of airplay by lovers of the classic Hip Hop sound.

Some may think that it’s a sacrilege for an artist to re edit some else’s music or video. However, it is safe to say with each release Toure’ and Big La have respectfully retailored the work of each artist they’ve remixed without tampering with the legacy and authenticity of the original piece.

Substantial’s ability to paint a vivid portrait of the urban environment in Baltimore and the tenaciously tough beat tailored by Toure is a match made in music heaven. The Sean-Toure’ Remix Video Project will be available as a free download on Tuesday, October 29th at www.seantoure.bandcamp.com. To view more of the Charm City and Oak Town duos previously released remix videos subscribe and go to Todd’s Vimeo channel at https://vimeo.com/toddkelley.

See Hear (Sean-Touré Remix) – Substantial from Todd Kelley on Vimeo.






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