A Headbangers Guide To High School is a comedic coming of age story that will appeal to a massive audience demographic. As well it can't be expertly shot on a low budget with minimal locations. If you are interested and would like for me to submit my full script please feel free to email me (ericrobertsnelling@http://sign-in-or-sign-up-to-see-the-link.com I will put my log line and synopsis below.

Logline: Brought up in the 80's life style, a homeschooled student is forced to modernize in order to survive the perilous waters of every day high school.

A Headbangers Guide To High School follows the hilarious story of Glen a sixteen year old boy who is homeschooled by his two overprotective eighties loving parents. Glen’s Mother Betty is a stay at home mom who takes care of Glen and his education needs. Glens Father Chris on the other hand is a legendary eighties frontman of heavy metal band Phantom Fright. When Betty found out she was pregnant her and Chris decided to go into hiding to give Glen a life free of the constant harassment that they had learned to deal with. Glen ends up being raised in a cocoon of the eighties with little influence from the twenty second century. Finally when Glen is sixteen his parents allow him to go to public high school, Glen goes in to combat the treacherous waters of high school with the help of his burn out Uncle Eddy. Uncle Eddy who also happens to be the drummer for Phantom Fright claims to have been the coolest kid in high school the only problem is its been more then thirty years since Eddy has gone to high school. Eddy prepares Glen for what he believes will make him cool and popular in high school but what ends in Glen making a complete fool out of himself.

Glen is quickly isolated due to his different interests and the fact that he dresses in a style that hasn't been popular in decades. Through his isolation Glen meets two lovable misfits who quickly become Glens best friends. Linus Richardson and Sarah Rays, Linus is a sarcastic socially awkward teen who seems to always find himself in embarrassing situations. Where as Sarah on the other hand is a heavy metal loving goth who although being constantly judged on her appearance is a extremely intelligent and sweet girl. The three of them go through high school together and have one hilarious situation after another happen to themselves, whether it be a deranged midget crossing guard on a power trip attacking them, or a video of Linus and Glen having a dance off to Soft Cells Tainted Love getting leaked and going viral. The three of them get into situations that will have the audience roaring with laughter.

Glen, Sarah and Linus go through the years of high school together one hilarious mishap at a time and soon come to terms with their individuality and learn that normal is boring and that being different isn't a bad thing. All in all, A Headbangers Guide To High School is a hilarious coming of age story that will appeal to audiences of all ages.

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