ServoCity® / Actobotics®


6WD Mini Mantis

The Mini Mantis™ 6WD rover will take your off-road robotics excursions to the next level! The bug-like chassis offers extreme A-arm style suspension and 3.3125” of independent wheel travel. With 485 rpm Economy Gear Motors, you’ll have plenty of torque to turn the aggressive 4.3” off-road tires even when up against the toughest obstacles. The suspension incorporates 3.85” aluminum beams and our 130mm, oil-filled, aluminum bodied shocks. The 11.75” wide (full extension), 14.75” long, 6.875” tall (full extension) boxed channel chassis provides a rigid backbone with endless mounting and customization options, making it easy to bolt Actobotics® components and electronics directly to the chassis of the rover. Rubber grommets and end caps are included for protecting the motor wires as they get routed to your motor controller of choice. The 1.90″ Black Robot Wheels are driven using 12mm aluminum hex wheel adaptors to ensure a solid, no slip connection. Price: $299.99

85MM Wheels & Tires

Great for your next off-road excursion! Available in blue, red, silver. These wheels/tires make it easy to create compact robot platforms. Price: $6.99 / pair




V-Wheel Kit A

This ball-bearing v-wheel kit works in conjunction with 80/20® (1010 series) as well as our own X-Rail to create smooth linear motion. The Acetyl construction of the V-Wheels offers high durability and wear resistance. The internal ball bearing has an ID of 5mm and the overall v-wheel diameter is 0.60”. Four 5mm to 1/4” tapped standoffs are included to make it easy to attach the V-Wheel to channel or other Actobotics® components. The 0.675” standoff length makes it ideal for more compact projects. Price: $29.99

Actuonix, Inc. (Formerly Firgelli)


L 12-R Series Linear Servo

Our L12 series actuator is an axial design that utilizes a powerful PMDC motor and a rectangular cross section for increased strength. But by far the most attractive feature of this actuator is the broad spectrum of configurations available. This is a standard hobby-type remote-control digital servo interface (CMOS logic), compatible with most RC receivers. They are a 6v unit. Available in 30mm, 50mm and 100mm strokes. Price: $70.00

PQ12-R Linear Servo

The PQ12-R series of linear servos operate as a direct replacement for standard rotary servos. They use the same standard 3 wire connector, ground power and control. Regardless of how you drive your servos, be it with an RC receiver, an Arduino board, or a VEX micro-controller, the PQ12-R servo will function in place of a regular servo, but with the added benefit of providing linear motion. The PQ12-R is available in a 20mm stroke coupled with gear ratio options of 30:1, 63:1 and 100:1 to cover a large variety of applications. Price: $65.00

P16-P Actuator

The “P” series actuators offer no built-in controller, but do provide an analog position feedback signal that can be input to an external controller. The “P” series can be used with our Linear Actuator Control Board (LAC) to give the “P” series the ability to be controlled with USB (via our Configuration Utility Software), 0-5v, 4-20mA, RC Servo or PWM. On board adjustment of speed, sensitivity and stroke limits are available via the LAC. The “P” series are available in 12v only. P16-S: With limit switches: These units are operated by reversing polarity on the actuator’s two leads. Price: $90.00

Linear Actuator Control Board

The Linear Actuator Control Board is a stand-alone closed-loop control board specifically designed for Actuonix “P” series actuators. The LAC greatly simplifies designs by saving the development time, cost, and processor overhead associated with direct motor control. As little as 1 digital or analog output is required for position control. Supported input signals include USB, Voltage, Current, RC Servo, and PWM. On board adjustment of speed, sensitivity, and stroke limits are available. The LAC can be operated as both an interface board, or as a stand alone controller with the addition of an external potentiometer and power supply. Each LAC Board controls 1 linear actuator and will require an external power supply rated for the actuator. The LAC will work with the PQ12-P, L12-P, L16-P and P16-P series actuators. Price: $40.00



Routakit SD

Fan those creative flames inside of you and let us help you delve into the world of CNC routers. This holiday treat yourself, or a fellow maker, to our affordable Routakit SD kit. It features 0.19in thick aluminum/steel plates for high rigidity and strength, a stiff 4080 extrusion as the gantry, 100mm (~4in) of clearance, and a 250mm (~10in) tall industrial grade ball screw for the z-axis. Combine this with a 600w spindle (1.5kw upgrade option available) and powerful Nema 23 stepper motors for excellent performance in cutting, carving, and etching a wide variety of materials with great accuracy. All Routakits are scalable and upgradable so as your shop grows in both size and capability so can your Routakit. Where will your imagination lead?” Part number: 002-RK Price $1,799



Star Wars Force Band

The Force is strong with you. Channel it with the Star Wars™ Force Band™ by Sphero. Designed with an authentic Star Wars look and feel, the Force Band fastens to your wrist and allows you to enhance your native Force powers.

Like a Jedi Knight, you can control your BB-8™ App-Enabled Droid™ with just a wave of your hand. Learn to control your Droid by mastering moves like Force push and pull. After you’ve advanced beyond Droid Control, expand your abilities as BB-8 guides you through Force Training. Use the band by itself to complete Combat Training for Blasters, Lightsabers, and the Force itself, or uncover and collect digital holocrons in your environment with Force Awareness.

The Force Band is compatible with the original BB-8 App-Enabled Droid by Sphero and other Sphero robots powered by Bluetooth SMART. Fulfill your destiny and become strong in the ways of the Force. Price: Bundle price is $199.99 while the Stand alone Force Band is $79.99

BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

Meet BB-8™ – the app-enabled Droid™ that’s as authentic as it is advanced. BB-8 has something unlike any other robot – an adaptive personality that changes as you play. Based on your interactions, BB-8 will show a range of expressions and even perk up when you give voice commands. Set it to patrol and watch your Droid explore autonomously, make up your own adventure and guide BB-8 yourself, or create and view holographic recordings. It’s now possible to explore the galaxy with your own trusty Astromech Droid by your side. BB-8 is more than a toy – it’s your companion. Price: $149.99


Meet Darkside. Devious. Defiant. Diabolical. Dangerous. Few have the strength to command the dark powers bound within this robot. This is Darkside – an electrical beast that draws its energy from unrestrained competition and reckless abandonment. Command this app-enabled robot with these forces to unleash its unrivaled power. But take heed – the Darkside will overpower anything standing in the way of victory – including its master. You have been warned. Darkside rolls at speeds of up to 14 mph and connects instantly to your device via Bluetooth SMART with a range of up to 100 feet. Turn on a dime with Nubby Tires or take them off to drift like a street racer. Darkside also comes with a bonus set of Turbo Tires and Flux Hubs so you can customize performance. Powered by USB charging, Darkside’s LED’s glow in customizable colors as it spins, drifts and flips with app-powered tricks. Price: $129.99

Sphero SPRK Edition

There’s no rule that says learning shouldn’t be fun, or that playing can’t be valuable. If there is, we created SPRK Edition to break it. We know that kids love Sphero, so we turned that love into learning and creation. SPRK makes the skills of the future approachable and practical. And most importantly, fun. The SPRK app experience lets you give your robot the orders with visual blocks representing code – our own C-based language called OVAL. Immediately see the connection between the program you created and how the guts of your Sphero work and react. Sphero SPRK Edition will inspire a love of robotics, coding, and STEM principles… all through play. SPRK is simple enough for beginners of all ages, yet sophisticated enough for seasoned programmers. The SPRK community is thriving as thousands of kids shape their future through fun and discovery. Fire up your imagination and break the rules about learning. Price: $129.99



mUVe 1.5 DLP Pro & Pro+ Printers

The mUVe 3D DLP Pro and Pro+ Printers are available 95% or 100% pre-assembled, and operate without the need for an attached PC! They’re complete systems and arrive ready to use. No going back to the store or online searching for parts and materials before you start printing. We’ve removed all the boundaries standing in the way of your high-resolution 3D printing bliss! Whether you’re a dentist, jeweler, organic or solid modeler, our printers can do it all. The new FlexVat is long lasting so you won’t be replacing your reservoir non-stick coating for hundreds of prints! Our Pro system should allow mounting of nearly any projector you choose. Or you can order the Pro+ and get everything you need to start saving yourself some time and money.


-Build Area 175mm x 98.5mm x 250mm Z with included reservoir and build plate. X/Y and Z resolution fully adjustable to your needs, ~25micron-90micron

-1920 x 1080 pixel ViewSonic projector included with Pro+ model.

-Raspberry Pi 3 with nanoDLP preloaded included, easy calibration and sample printing profiles.

-120-240VAC 50-60Hz approx 250W power consumption, US Power Cord Supplied.

-Compatible with all UV curable resins.

Product Number/SKU: MUVE3D-DLPPRO

Priced: $1899-$2999

Parallax, Inc.


Scribbler 3 (S3) Robot

The Scribbler 3 (S3) robot has a multicore Propeller brain, arrives pre-programmed, and is hackable and reprogrammable with the BlocklyProp tool. Suitable for middle school and up. Easy to learn and fun to teach. Perfect intro to robotics! Price: $179.00





BlocklyProp Starter Kit

What will you make with: 5 sensors, 2 input devices, LEDs, a beeper, a servo motor, a full-color display, and the Propeller Activity Board WX? Inventing is fast and fun with no code typing or circuit soldering to slow you down! Dive in to the BlocklyProp online graphic programming tool and our easy-to-follow web tutorials. Price: $249.00

ELEV-8 Quadcopter Kit

Build, fly, repair, and customize – without soldering. Fly up to 20 minutes or carry a 3.3 lb payload. Easy to learn to fly with auto-level, altitude hold, & heading hold. Study mechanics, electronics, physics, programming, and good UAV citizenship. Fully open-source hardware, electronics, firmware, and software. Price: $500.00




Pololu Robotics & Electronics


Zumo 32U4 Robot

Pololu’s newest robot brings motor encoders, obstacle/opponent detection sensors, and a built-in Arduino-compatible microcontroller to their popular Zumo platform. Carryover features from the previous Zumo Robot for Arduino, which appeared in last year’s gift guide, include an array of reflectance sensors for line or edge detection and a full IMU (gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass). The low-profile robot is small enough to qualify for Mini Sumo (less than 10 cm × 10 cm), but its high-performance motors and integrated sensors make it a great general-purpose robot for ambitious newcomers to robotics and seasoned engineers alike. The Zumo 32U4 is available as a kit for $99 (motors are sold separately so you can pick your desired combination of speed and strength) or assembled with one of three different motor options for $149.95. Price: $99.00 – $149.95

Romi Chassis

The recently released Romi chassis is Pololu’s newest platform for mobile robotics. Romi is a 6.5”-diameter round chassis that includes all the basic mechanical parts that you need for a mobile robot: a base plate with integrated battery holder, motors and motor brackets, wheels with silicone tires, and a ball caster as a third point of contact. Numerous mounting holes and slots, including specific spots for the popular Arduino and Raspberry Pi control boards, result in a versatile base to which you can add your own electronics and sensors. A variety of colors make it especially easy to create your own unique mobile robot without having to reinvent everything from the ground up. Add-on boards designed specifically for the Romi chassis are available to help you get your robot up and running quickly, including encoders and a motor driver and power distribution board. Price: $29.95

VEX® Robotics – Hexbugs


VEX Robotics Zip Flyer

Ready? Set. Take to the sky! Introducing the VEX® Robotics Zip Flyer, a re-envisioned take on airborne adventures. This robotic gadget is capable of shooting propellers over 30 feet in the air!

Pull the zip-cord stick to release, the faster you pull, the higher they’ll go. The excitement doesn’t stop there, the VEX Robotics Zip Flyer can be built for both handheld and tabletop action. Two ways to build, two ways to launch. Once it’s up and running, this model is fun for hours. VEX Robotics is dedicated to promoting the rewarding and exciting hands-on learning that comes from its STEM-based construction kits, like the VEX Robotics Zip Flyer. Challenge yourself and your friends, how far can you make your propellers travel? VEX Robotics Zip Flyer (MSRP $9.99) is compliant with CPSIA standards. Includes 3 propeller flyers. Batteries not required. Available at mass and specialty retailers. Ages 8 years and up. Price: $9.99

VEX Robotics Snap Shot

Wield the power to defend your turf by building your own handheld space blaster! Sneak up on friend or foe with the VEX® Robotics Snap Shot™. Watch as the ammo drops down and secures into position. Lock target, aim, and send projectiles flying over ten feet for long-range attacks! Open construction with snap-together pieces allows for a glimpse at the planetary gears and real working shock absorber style springs. Learn how simple gear ratios and spring energy ensure that no one down range is safe. VEX Robotics is dedicated to teaching kids the science behind the fun through hands-on learning with its STEM based robotics construction kits. Assemble and annihilate. VEX Robotics Snap Shot (MSRP $19.99) is compliant with CPSIA standards. Includes 4 blaster balls. Batteries not required. Available at mass and specialty retailers. Ages 14 and up. Price: $19.99

HEXBUG Battlebots Arena

The lights dim as the audience roars, you have just entered the ultimate robot showdown! Modeled after television’s favorite metallic war-zone comes HEXBUG® BattleBots® Arena™. Watch action-packed matches unfold inside this arena, a perfect place to pit a collection of the world’s most destructive machines against one another!

The HEXBUG BattleBots Arena features game-changing attributes such as two push activated pulverizing hammers! A fold-out game board features authentic graphics, plastic side panels and protective glass surroundings, just like on TV! Also included are two miniature remote control adversaries! Tombstone with its grave-making spinning blades and Witch Doctor equipped with its fearsome battering ram armor – ready to fight at your will! HEXBUG BattleBots Arena ($79.99) is compliant with CPSIA standards. 6 AAA batteries included. Available at mass and specialty retailers. Ages 8 and up. Price: $79.99



Handibot® Smart Power Tool Adventure Edition

ShopBot Tools has launched an expanded version of its portable CNC tool, the Handibot® Smart Power Tool. Sized to fit on a desktop and easily carried to any work site, the new Handibot Smart Power Tool Adventure Edition enables wood cutting, carving, and milling; it can also be used to cut MDF, plastics, foam, and aluminum with engraving-level precision and impressive power.

This new edition allows you to take the tool anywhere and run it from any WiFi-enabled device. This freedom is made possible by the debut of our revolutionary control software, FabMo. FabMo lets you use Handibot apps to make projects and run simple jobs — without requiring knowledge of CAD and CAM software. For full tool specs and to purchase, visit www.Handibot.com Price: $2,895.00

Dash Robotics


Kamigami Robots

You’ve never had this much fun driving a robot before. Inspired by nature’s fastest animals, Kamigami robots can run up to five feet per second! App-Enabled Robotics With software that changes over time, they’ll never run out of new ways to play. Our free app allows them to create behaviors, learn the basics of programming and even play interactive games! Learn by Building Experience the fun of building your own robot! Easy enough for an 8 year old and sophisticated enough for teens, Kamigami fold and snap together from a flat sheet. No tools required. For full specs and to purchase visit www.kamigamirobots.com Price: Single Kit: $99.00, Two-Pack Bundle: $149.00



Super Mega Bot

This is the Super Mega Bot Robotic System: a Heavy-Duty Robotic Platform from Inspectorbots. This Rugged 4WD platform has a payload capacity of 250 lbs, Zero-Radius Turning and Computer Fabricated Aluminum Components. It features Four High-Torque Brushed Motors and four 16” Bar-Lug Tires. This Modular, Heavy-Duty Platform can tow 3000 lbs, Climb a 35? Incline and Turn on a Dime. It is designed for Multiple Applications such as Autonomous Research, Engineering, Mining, Scientific and Industrial Applications. Customers can easily mount their own equipment to this All-Terrain Platform. Price: $9,990.00

Pan/Tilt Minibot

This is the Pan/Tilt MINIBOT Robotic Platform: a new robotic platform from Inspectorbots. It takes the best features of previous robots and combines them into one super platform for inspection, security, and industrial applications. With its Go-Pro Camera you can Record and Control it from a Smartphone. With its 4WD wheels, it can Turn on a Dime. It is designed for multiple applications such as Home Inspection, Engineering, Education, Pipe and Industrial Inspection. Price: $4,990.00


This is the MINIBOT Robotic Platform from Inspectorbots. It features a Rugged, Portable Platform with a Fixed Front-Facing Camera. The Live Video Feed is Recordable with an Optional DVR. This Tough, 4WD Robot can fit through opening only 14” Wide x 5” High and it can Rotate “In Place”. It is designed for several applications such as Confined-Space Inspection, Law Enforcement, Engineering, Education, Scientific and Industrial Applications. Price: $4,990.00

Pitsco Education


TETRIX® PRIZM™ Robotics Controller

The TETRIX® PRIZM™ Robotics Controller is a fully integrated, programmable brain for your bot that features a variety of motor, servo, encoder, and sensor ports with convenient connectors that enable you to control your robot’s behavior like never before. This controller offers the best of both worlds – a learning tool that is powerful yet easy to use. With PRIZM you can take learning to new heights by creating robots that are smarter, more precise, and as real world as it gets. The controller is specifically developed for use with the Pitsco Education TETRIX MAX building system and comes with programming support for the Arduino Software (IDE). The PRIZM Robotics Controller features: 32 KB flash programmable memory; ATmega328P processor with Arduino Optiboot bootloader installed; four digital sensor ports (D2 can be used as a serial port) and three analog sensor ports; one I2C port, one USB programming port, one motor controller expansion port, and two quadrature encoder input ports; two high-current DC motor control ports; six standard control servo ports and two continuous rotation (CR) servo ports; battery connection port (additional port used to daisy-chain power to other devices); USB cable, power switch, motor cables; and a Quick-Start Guide and comprehensive Programmer’s Guide. Price: $179.00


The TETRIX® PRIME R/C Starter Set includes everything you need to start building robots, such as the three hero models – Buggee Bot, Wheelee Bot, and Pickee Bot – with step-by-step instructions in the builder’s guide. PRIME’s patented quick-rivet system separates it from the pack for ease of construction with durable high-grade aluminum parts and pieces. The set includes: 298 TETRIX PRIME aluminum and plastic pieces such as structural elements, connectors, hubs, brackets, wheels, and gears plus a Gripper Kit; gamepad-style, four-channel wireless controller for easy operation of the motors and servos; rechargeable battery pack and charger; two standard servos and two continuous rotation servos; on/off switch; 4-in-1 tool, 2-in-1 screwdriver, and hex nut driver; storage bin; balls and cups for robot course; and detailed, illustrated builder’s guide. Price: $329.00

TETRIX® MAX Programmable Robotics Set

The TETRIX® MAX Programmable Robotics Set contains the PRIZM™ Robotics Controller and the building elements needed for students to engineer, code, and test solutions using real-world robotics technology. Designed to provide from one to four users with the hardware to create autonomous robots, the set features two sensors and a comprehensive programming guide that introduces the basics of coding through a series of hands-on projects. The set includes: TETRIX PRIZM Robotics Controller with USB cable; Grove Line Finder and Ultrasonic Sensors; 679 building elements; structural, motion, and hardware elements including a variety of wheels, gears, channels, flats, and connectors; two 12-volt DC motors, motor cables, and two 180-degree standard-scale servo motors; rechargeable battery pack and charger; battery switch and assembly tools; sturdy storage bin, lid, and sorting tray; and a printed guide to programming the PRIZM controller using the Arduino Software (IDE), which is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X 10.7 or newer, and Linux devices that contain a USB port. Price: $650.00



Q.U.E.S.T. Vest for Men and Hidden Cargo Pants

Sick of fumbling through a bag or case for your gear, or needing to constantly run back to it for extra batteries and parts? The SCOTTeVEST Q.U.E.S.T. Vest and Hidden Cargo Pants are designed with specially engineered pockets to hold everything you need for all-day flying. The clothing helps store and organize all your accessories and tech including extra batteries, propellers, smartphones, memory cards, tablets, keys, sunglasses and much more.

If vests aren’t your thing, SCOTTeVEST designs an array of options including hoodies, jackets, lab coats, hats, even boxer shorts. All garments also feature staggered interior/exterior pockets so contents don’t overlap (or make users look like the Michelin Man); as well as a Weight Management System (chiropractor tested!) to ensure maximum carrying capacity and maximum comfort. Whether you’re a hobbyist, professional or fpv racer, SCOTTeVEST has gear that will streamline your flights. For more information, visit www.scottevest.com . Price: Q.U.E.S.T. Vest for Men $175.00 – Hidden Cargo Pants $95.00

Lever Gear



Be Prepared… Everywhere. The Lever Gear Toolcard™ packs 40 functions into a beautifully crafted, credit card-sized multitool. Whether tucked away in your wallet or on display as a money clip, it’s always with you so you can get things done. Visit www.LeverGear.com for details. Price: $32.00 – $35.00




BAT-SAFE is a lipo battery charging and storage safe box that significantly improves your safety in the event of a battery fire. It contains heat, arrests flames and filters oily soot from exhaust gasses. Lipo fires are RARE, and that can make us complacent when handling these energy dense batteries. But they can catch fire and can cause a tremendous amount of damage. Even if the fire does not spread, it will produce a large quantity of soot that settles on everything. The BAT-SAFE is a spot on solution, designed to be so convenient, that you will use it every time you charge, so it to be there for you, if you need it. Price: Available, for a limited time for $49.00 (Free Shipping)

OWI, Inc.


Hydraulic Arm Edge

No longer riding the wings of the award winning Robotic Arm Edge, OWI has made robotic arm technology a little more interesting and hydro-mechanically fun. With Hydraulic Arm Edge, command six axes of varied movements: the gripper to open and close up to 1.89 inches, wrist rotation of 180 degrees, wrist mobility of 98 degrees, elbow range of 44 degrees, base rotation of 270 degrees, and shoulder motion of 45 degrees. With a vertical reach of 16.35 inches, horizontal reach of 12.42 inches, and lifting capacity of 50g, your robotic friend is ready for your genius to erupt. With the removal of the gripper, you can activate the suction apparatus. This feature enables the user to elevate objects with a larger surface area (like a small mobile phone). Another prodigious attribution is a braking system that is integrated in the lever controllers to execute all commands accurately. WOW! Price: $49.95




The Zippkits Tugster is a great kit for the beginner or seasoned skipper. This laser cut birch kit is designed to assemble easily, and provide hours of fun or work. Stock number 7300. Measures 18 by 8 inches. Kit only $29: Requires finishing materials, electronics, etc. Order everything online at www.zippkits.com or call toll free (866) 922-9477 today! Price: $29.00

All Electronics


3-Phase Brushless DC Motor with 12 RPM Gear Head

Powerful 3-phase brushless DC motor and low-speed gear box. Heavy duty worm gear drive gearbox with grease fitting. 10mm square shaft is tapped with 5/16-18 UNC 28 thread, situated at a 65° angle. Overall length of motor and gearbox, 142mm. Gearbox is 87mm wide x 50mm. For detailed drawings of gearbox and motor specs visit our website. Price: $30.00

60 Watt Soldering Station

Xytronic LF-389D. A temperature regulated soldering station is essential for making consistent, reliable soldered connections. This 60 Watt temperature controlled soldering station was specially designed and developed to meet the present and future lead-free soldering needs of the electronic production industry. Flexible burn-resistant cord. Adjustable range – 150°C – 480°C.


• Digital read out

• Zero Voltage: protects sensitive components against transient voltage spikes.

• Password Protection: Temperature can be locked with a password code.

Price: $79.95

Powered Breadboard

Simplify projecting and prototyping with this triple-output power supply and solderless 2420 tie point breadboard. One fixed and two adjustable supplies, five bus strips and three plug-in strips for DIP and other components. DC power supplies: 5Vdc @ 1Amp fixed and two 0-15Vdc @ 300mA adjustable. Overload and short-circuit protection. Pre-cut jumper wires available or use 22AWG solid hook-up wire for connections. 10.75″ x 8.75″ x 3.25″. 6 lbs. Price: $138.00






Big brain. Bigger personality. Say hello to Cozmo, a gifted little guy with a mind of his own. He’s a real-life robot like you’ve only seen in movies, with a one-of-a-kind personality that evolves the more you hang out. He’ll nudge you to play and keep you constantly surprised. Cozmo’s your accomplice in a crazy amount of fun. Price: $179.99


Meccano by SpinMaster



Meccanoid G15 KS is your personal robot friend that you build using the latest Meccano parts. Standing 4ft tall, and comprised of 1223 parts, 8 smart servo motors and 2 motors to drive the feet, Meccanoid bridges the gap between fun and education. Meccanoid is an advanced yet easy to use, open source Robotic Building platform, making it accessible to builders covering a broad range of ages and skill sets. Meccanoid features three innovative programming options: LIM™ – Learned Intelligent Movement; “Ragdoll” Avatar control via a free app; and finally and perhaps the most fun of all, Motion Capture, where Meccanoid will mirror your movements in real time. In addition, Meccanoid uses its onboard “MeccaBrain” and voice recognition to say thousands of phrases, tell jokes, initiate conversations, and it will even remember your name! Price: $399.99



R.E.V.™ Robotic Enhanced Vehicles

R.E.V. are Robotic Enhanced Vehicles that are app-enabled and built for speed and battle! REVs think and fight for themselves and are equipped with BeaconSense™ technology, a proprietary indoor GPS system that enables them to sense their surroundings and navigate accordingly. REVs are hardwired to outwit, outplay and outlast YOU, their human opponents. REV does not require a special surface or mat to play on, and up to 12 players can enter the game. Each REV Starter Kit comes with two specially-equipped vehicles; just download the free app onto an iOS or Android smart device and jump into the driver seat, while setting the second REV to Autonomous Mode. Square off against your REV opponent in multiple game modes like Chase and Evade and REV Campaign, but be warned…Artificial Intelligence can be dangerous!

R.E.V Starter Set includes 2 REV vehicles. MSRP $99.99

R.E.V. Smart Ramp accessory sold separately MSRP $39.99

R.E.V Recharge Battery Packs sold separately MSRP $29.99


The MiPosaur is a highly intelligent robotic creature with an incredible, evolving intelligence and personality. It can sense its own surroundings and environment, and Interact with them in a unique and lifelike way. In addition to featuring GestureSense™ technology that lets you control it with the swipe of your hand, the MiPosaur has sturdy MIP (Mobile Inverted Pendulum, created with the UCSD Coordinated Robotics Lab) balance and comes with an interactive TrackBall equipped with BeaconSense™ technology. With it, the MiPosaur can chase the trackball, play with it, “smell” it, go for a walk, as well as alter its moods depending on the various interactions. The MiPosaur is fully interactive with the MIP ™ robot and a BLE enabled app, compatible with both iOS and Android smart devices, and features exciting and engaging games. Price: $119.99

LEGO® Education


LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Core Set with Software Pack

This pack includes all you need to teach using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3. It enables students to build, program, and test their solutions based on real-life robotics technology. with the EV3 Core Set and a single license of the EV3 Software, students will be able to:

• Design and build programmable robots using motors, sensors, gears, wheels and axles, and other technical components.

• Understand and interpret two-dimensional drawings to create three-dimensional models.

• Build, test, troubleshoot, and revise designs to improve robot performance.

• Gain practical, hands-on experience using mathematical concepts such as estimating and measuring distance, time, and speed.

• Communicate effectively using scientific and technical language.

• Please note the software included in this pack is delivered digitally and includes the tablet application for iPads. Price: $443.95

RTL Fasteners


Master Builder Assortment #5000

Complete Metric Assortment #992

RTL Fasteners specializes in fasteners for Radio Control Pilots, Robotics, and other hobbyists and is the home of the super popular Master Builder Assortment #5000 and the Complete Metric Assortment #992. To receive a discount on these products, simply put one or both assortments in your basket, then enter coupon code ROBOT44 at step two of checkout. Visit our website at www.rtlfasteners.com or call 1-800-239-6010


MBA #5000 Reg. $175.95, now $98.53

CMA #992 Reg. $131.95, now $73.89

Ion Motion Control


RoboClaw 2x45A Motor Controller</h3

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