(PRWEB) February 22, 2013

This week, idcloak Technologies rolled out its much-anticipated free proxy list – a free online database of international public proxy servers that give you access to the internet from different parts of the world. When you pass through a remote proxy server, you take on that computer’s IP address, leaving yours at the door, and this has all manner of useful applications: everything from bypassing internet blocks, to anonymizing your browsing or even researching web advertising abroad. What is more, if you use an HTTPS proxy, you encrypt all your browser traffic and stay safe from local WiFi snoops or ISP sniffing.

The free proxy server list is the first in a whole suite of internet anonymity and security services that idcloak plans for a 2013 release, including what is tipped to be the fastest and most versatile VPN technology on the market.

“Free proxies are a good way of introducing newcomers to anonymous surfing, in concept and in practice. We are releasing our free proxy address list and free web proxy before our Smart VPN Technology so people have a chance to dip their toe in the water, as it were.” says Gill-Chris Welles, Director of Marketing at idCloak Technologies.

About the wider goals of idcloak Technologies…

“We hope that, ultimately, personal anonymity and geofreedom online will be as common as, say, connecting to a site over HTTPS or creating an email address that is not associated with your actual name. You should have the right to choose when you want to reveal your identity online and when you don’t. And it’s a question of freedom as well – if the web is global, why should we always want to experience it locally – always getting fed content based on our physical location? Hopefully with our free proxy address list, we are giving people a chance to see just how useful it can be to change your IP address and internet country at will, something a good VPN can do at the tap of a screen.”

If you are interested in learning more about anonymous surfing and how proxy services can protect your privacy online or make your web access more global, visit idcloak.
Look out for the free web proxy, and idcloak’s ground-breaking cross-platform VPN also coming soon.

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