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About the Book

Don’t spend another cent online before going through this guide! Guaranteed you will find at least couple of new favorite online stores!

This guide reveals you the Top 100 websites around the globe, in 16 different categories, that you can shop at, and have all the products delivered to you FOR FREE, anywhere in the world!

There are no minimum order values or coupons here. All 100 online stores deliver even the smallest package for free anywhere in the world!

Without thinking about shipping costs, you can always know the price you see on the web page is the price you will pay for a product! Always!

That makes online shopping much more enjoyable and smart!

All of the websites on the list are categorized in 16 categories and additionally described by 12 tags, so the navigation inside the document is quick and simple.

Categories: Beauty, Fashion, Shoes, Books, Gadgets, Electronics, Photography, Watches, Design, Entertainment, Art, Sport, For Pets, Sex Shop, Stationery, Medical.

Tags: Cosmetics, Health, Hair, Organic, For Women, For Men, For Kids, Designer, Luxury, Cool, Chinese products, Cycling.

All of the websites on the list are ranked by their popularity. Three factors influence the popularity mark: the website’s Alexa ranking, number of Facebook fans, and the overall development quality of the website.

As part of the description of each website on the list is also the country they are shipping their products from. This is useful information for any customs implications, depending on where you live and where are the products coming from.

A true global shopping is finally possible. The global logistics routes are opening again, and consumers are enjoying strong trend of offering truly free worldwide shipping on all products.

This book will be regularly updated in case some websites change their ‘Free shipping policy’. You will get free updates once you have bought this book once.

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