**Job Description Summary**

The role of the Clinical Nurse Educator is to provide BD customers with training, knowledge and education in the correct technical procedures for the application of Diagnostics products in the clinical setting. Provision is through in-service sessions, training workshops and clinical evaluation.

**Job Description**


1. Support the sales process to achieve/exceed sales budget.

2. In alignment with the business strategy, provide product training, clinical procedure training

and technical assistance to customers as required, utilising relevant educational and

training resources.

3. Tailor, plan for and coordinate education programs to meet individual customer

requirements to support product trials and implementations. Engage internal and external

stakeholders to deliver on plan.

4. Provide management with information on activity in the market place including competitive

activity, product assessment and industry trends.

5. Maintain an accurate up to date CRM database of all accounts including activities, in-servicing records and contact details.

6. Attend relevant industry trade shows, conferences and meetings as required.

7. Develop and maintain strong relationships with key customers and key opinion leaders.

Where appropriate develop and maintain relationships with relevant associations and

government representatives to raise the BD profile with relevant decision-makers in the

healthcare environment.

8. Have a sound knowledge of relevant Government legislation, standards and policies and maintain a strong clinical knowledge relating to blood collection, Infection Control,

Healthcare Worker and Patient Safety issues.

9. Liaise with Marketing and Sales Management to assist in the development and assessment of product support tools that may include instructions for use, points to

practice, instructional DVDs etc.

10. Maintain company property, including computer equipment, in good working condition and

also in an image that reflects the professional standards of BD at all times.

11. Adhere to the requirements of the Quality Management System as maintained by BD Australia and New Zealand.

12. Other related tasks at the discretion of management.

**Other Working Conditions**

 Some weekend work may be required as will out of normal business hours work

 Domestic travel will be required.


**Skills, Knowledge & Experience**

+ Registered Nurse (with current registration) with at least 3 years clinical experience

+ A Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or equivalent preferred

+ Experience in the provision of adult education & training required

+ Business Acumen and commercial awareness are desirable qualities

+ Must have a high level of relevant technical competence and clinical experience

+ Ability to deal with multiple priorities and short time lines from time to time. Must be able to work with the Sales team to set and manage appropriate customer expectations

+ Demonstrated ability in matching and delivering the appropriate level of education / support with the value of a business opportunity

+ Demonstrated competence in computer literacy with knowledge of MS Office and Outlook

+ Project Management experience an asset

+ Active involvement in relevant nursing societies is desirable

+ Problem solving ability and demonstrated examples of innovative solutions

+ Excellent oral and written communication skills required

+ Ability to interpret and maximize use of clinical data

+ Excellent presentation skills

**Driving for Results**

The personal drive to achieve results, and the ability to focus one’s attention on accomplishing

key objectives and positive outcomes for oneself, one’s team and the business. It is a concern for working well or for surpassing a standard of excellence. The standard may be one’s own past performance (striving for improvement), an objective measure (results orientation), outperforming others (competitiveness); challenging goals one has set, or even what anyone has ever done (innovation). It includes having the tenacity to overcome obstacles and striving for quality,

timeliness and efficiency in carrying out work. It also involves effectively assessing and managing risk, and measuring results.

1. Achieves or exceeds performance expectations

2. Establishes own standards to maximize performance

3. Sets and works to meet challenging goals

4. Makes cost-benefit analyses

5. Drives the business forward

**Building Relationships**

The ability to build and nurture solid, ongoing relationships to advance stakeholder satisfaction

and professional influence in the stakeholder’s organization. It is based on becoming an indispensable partner and involves focusing one’s efforts on discovering and meeting the needs

of customers, and demonstrating a commitment to providing the highest levels of value added,

quality service.

1. Identifies and approaches key contacts

2. Targets relationship building based on customer insight

3. Organises involvement of key players

4. Establishes relationships for strategic advantage

5. Leverages success, contacts and relationships

**Customer Centric**

Implies a desire to work closely with customers to understand and address their needs and

concerns and continually provide high levels of service so that overall customer satisfaction is

achieved. Individuals with a strong customer service orientation make customers and their needs a primary focus of their actions, and develop and sustain productive customer relationships.

1. Responds appropriately

2. Makes efforts to understand customer needs

3. Takes personal responsibility

4. Acts to add value and make things better for the customer

5. Addresses underlying customer needs

**Influencing Others**

The ability to persuade, convince, influence or gain the commitment of others (individuals or

groups) to get them to accept a point of view, adopt a specific direction, commit to an idea, come to consensus on mutually beneficial agreements, or take a course of action. The key is

understanding others and using that understanding to have a specific impact or effect on them.

1. Uses direct persuasion

2. Adapts actions or words to the audience

3. Uses customized influence strategies

4. Uses complex indirect influence strategies

**Gathering Intelligence**

Systematically acquires/gathers information (e.g., facts, ideas, and opinions) needed for

analyzing situations, effective decision making, planning, relationship building, and the well informed execution of responsibilities. At the lower levels, it is the ability to ask questions and go

to the source for information; at the higher levels, it is the ability to be more proactive in

conducting research and employing systems and processes to systematically maintain strategic


1. Asks questions

2. Investigates

3. Conducts research to collect relevant information – digs deeper

4. Uses systems to inform sales process

**T** **eamwork**

Puts into practice values and behaviours that contribute to group effectiveness and performance, and the achievement of team objectives.

 Listens effectively (active listening);

 Constructively responds to point of view expressed by others;

 Gives others the benefit of the doubt;

 Provides support to those who need it;

 Recognises the interest and achievements of others.

**Planning, Coordination and Execution**

The ability to plan and coordinate work, understand and effectively manage resources, and execute individual and team activities in a way that maximizes productivity and ensures alignment with priorities, and the achievement of goals and objectives and. At the highest levels, individuals are able to achieve desired results on a consistent basis despite having to deal with unpredictable or unexpected circumstances.

1. Plans own work activities

2. Manages multiple priorities

3. Coordinates activities involving others within one’s team

4. Plans and executes broad implementation efforts

5. Assigns priorities to complex, multiple competing products and plans effectively

**Additional Remarks**

The role demands an ability to impart technical and clinical information while maintaining presence and vitality within the training and clinical environment.

The person who functions in this role must have tenacity and be highly self-motivated. This person will also demonstrate self-learning and be abreast of current issues in the health care


As part of the Sales and Clinical team this person needs to have a good sense of the commercial picture and the desire to be part of a team as well as a flexible approach to satisfying customer needs.

**Primary Work Location**

AUS Brisbane

**Additional Locations**

**Work Shift**

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