Although, we had a lot of great questions, I could not answer them all. I tried to pick the most relevant and popular questions to answer.


Will you ever start to ban ppl who use pvp programs? Ovi
We are working with a security team in Korea to prevent and detect PvP bot programs being used in L2. The game accounts that created these bot programs have already been banned and we are in the process now of taking legal action against them.

Two popular bot programs have already shut down their service this month, and we will continue to take large strides in tackling this issue that has gone on far too long.

In addition, we are planning to add another anti-bot program that has better detection methods without impacting legitimate players.

Is it true that people that pay have a free pass if they are caught cheating? LightningStrike
There is no free pass for any player if they are caught cheating.

Bots vs drops. How do you plan to compete with gold sellers to make them less effective, get less profit and therefore make less impact on in-game. You cannot boost drops until bots can and will take advantage of that, what solutions you have in mind? Cepumzaglis
You brought up a very valid point about bots vs drops. One of L2’s challenges has always been bots/RMT, which is mainly due to the grindy nature of the game when it first launched 12 years ago.

The Adena drop rate was reduced in the Lindvior update two years ago to curb RMT farming Adena. If we had the detection tools that we have now, that decision probably would not have been made. We have been increasing the drop rate slowly back to the original rate with each new update. It is not quite to where it should be in certain areas, but we are making improvements to places that are harder to automate.

There is no perfect solution to getting rid of RMT. Any MMO that has tradable items and currency will always suffer from RMT to some extent. Even if we made all item drops and currency non-tradable, RMT would still try to find a way to exploit us.

The solution that we are working towards will address the two sides of the RMT problem:

1.) The RMT bots who farm Adena

2.) The players who buy Adena from RMT

Game Design

Is there any plans to balance the game? Tyrr's being underpowered. LightningStrike

Some classes like Yull GS and Trickster on 101 hit like a truck? mixa
The dev team is aware of the balance issue with Tyrr Warriors and already made some changes in their most recent update. We should see more information later about balance changes to other classes like Archer and Sayha’s Seer.

Will be there any changes with Beleth instance in future? especially on Naia server? AfroGlad
We have raised our concerns about this issue to the dev team. They are re-evaluating the Exalted quest for Beleth now. All territories are also experiencing this very issue.

Any chance judicators can awaken to something usefull? Jacky

There are no future plans to change or re-awaken the Judicator class. We are offering a free Dual Class change for players who still have Judicator as a Dual Class.

More information about this dual class change service will be posted later this week.

Can we get an actual Raiding system for open field raids with spawn times and death timers? LightningStrike
The spawn timer feature is already in the works, but I do not have an ETA on implementation.

Any update on new armor sets? Maybe adding a 2 or 3 new armor sets and remove the need for PVE & PVP gear? LightningStrike
There are no plans at this time for new armor sets. The Lindvior armor is still a myth.

Any plans on updating the clan reward system / daily login system to give better rewards and harder rewards require more work (and not a whole year of work)? LightningStrike
The clan rewards were updated recently with Daily Coin boxes. We are planning to add more Daily Coin rewards and an attendance check system in the future.

Why we have so many unavailable grand bosses like AQ, Baium, Lilith , Anakim. Those are literally locked away from 99.9% of the servers population and were/are only farmed by bots. Is there are plans to actually make them more accessible to the players. Things like Anakim/Lilith talismans only come from events... mixa

Can older raid bosses be updated to meet new standards so that they could be farmed by our mains instead of 98 low levels? LightningStrike
This is one of the most popular player suggestions we received lately, which the dev team is already reviewing.

Can we make soul crystal compounding possible up to level/stage 15/20??? So that we can have uber sa bonus. husdatyul
Compounding Soul Crystals is only possible up until Stage 5 for now. Stage 6 and higher can only be acquired through drops or events.

Is there any plan at NCSoft's end to change the Clan System within Lineage II? Illogical
We have requested to change the castle cloak requirements several times from 40 members to higher. There are no current plans to change how the system works now. The intent is that the castle cloak is an incentive to actively participate in the clan system versus having the reward for simply being in the clan.

Will Devil's Isle be ever populated again? Illogical
There were plans to update Devil’s Isle to a higher level hunting zone, but there have not been any more details about it since Ertheia.

Any chance of the "Conquest System" ever seeing the light of day on NCWest servers?" Illogical
We have not received any update on the Conquest System (Server vs Server).

General NCWest Questions

Any plans for Lineage II Classic? Jota
We are discussing with the dev team about bringing over the Classic server to NCWest, but a final decision has not been made yet.

Is there any interesting information you could share with players of L2 Classic? With respect to old Chronicles (Prelude–Interlude), what direction of development shall the Classic version take? Plumbum
If we were to move forward with a Classic Server, the only thing that we can mention regarding the direction of development is that the Goddess of the Destruction update will not be included.

What happened to the game's lore in the Classic version? It does not seem to be matching what is going on in the game. Plumbum
The Classic Server dev team is focusing their efforts to re-develop the lore and content. Our lore is also somewhat different than Korea since we have our own localization team.

I have already read a lot of players here on the official forums with numerous suggestions and the Juji could ever answer that such suggestions could be implemented or discussed in the future or that are in the works, to be placed within the L2 Store, such as services dual for main class as well as possibility of merge between servers. Kahwi
There will be server merges for Shilen, Magmeld, and Bartz next year. More details about the server merges will be revealed in the next few months.

The Dual to Main Class Change service is currently being reviewed by our legal team. It will take some time to add it to our website, but we ask our players to continue to be patient. We have an event in January that will allow you to change your dual class without resetting the level. We want to stress that this event is time-limited and a dual to main class change will be a permanent feature once we officially make it available.

From the last update (Infinite Odyssey) that brought innovations (by NCWest exclusively) that never existed before, could say it's a trend that could come other more innovations? Kahwi
These innovations were requested for the Steam launch, but the dev team is still open to additional changes and adjustments down the road. We know the China territory has some interesting features that could end up in a future update.

ETA for Zaken transfer? husdatyul
There is no ETA for Zaken server transfers. There will not be any incoming transfers to this server in the near future either.

ETA for hymn of soul and helios update. My concern is for upgraded giants cave. husdatyul
The Hymn of the Soul Update in Korea is our Underground update that we launched in October. The Giant’s Cave update (Will of the Ancients) and Helios update will come sometime next year in the Spring.

When you talk about more regular updates from Korea, to what extend can you influence the delivery of new content/event content that is being pushed to our servers? MYSTERica
For regular content updates, there are certain limits to what we can ask for since we have a unified overseas version that is sent to all territories outside of Korea. We had originally requested for the Will of the Ancients update to be included in our Underground update, but other territories had already committed to our current version.

There is not much to say for event content, except that we are trying to push out more free events like Reel-In the Holidays, Lara’s SOS, 50% XP/SP Bonus, and our upcoming January event. We are also trying to add more options to the store for purchasing items with Adena (EX: Fortune Teller Tickets) instead of NCoin.

I am not talking about the regular big updates, but more about the small things (exclusive NCWest content). Is there a team of people that reviews the content available in Korea and then decides what is being put into NA/EU version? Do you have a repository of content that can be used/reused? Could you maybe share a little bit of a back-story how these things happen? MYSTERica
We have a call with the dev team every other week to discuss and review NCWest exclusive content. Of course, the exclusivity of this content does not always remain exclusive for long if the dev team likes the results after implementation. NCJapan and other territories have already adopted the Daily reward system and Auto Soulshot UI system. We also received exclusive content in the past from other territories as well (Ninja Outfits and Soul Avatars from Japan), but not everything makes the cut.

Any new comestic items coming soon? I feel there is a lack of diversity for "unique". Jota
We will be adding more hair accessories, agathions, and appearance stones to the store soon. An update to the Beauty Shop is also in the works.

Possibility to run game from Steam client for EU\RU players. Bastiaens
We cannot offer the Steam client to Europe and Russia because another company has the licensing rights.

I heard that's west game version have many differences from the version chines and korean, is it true? araxios
Yes, our game version is different from Korea and other territories. Korea is about 6 months ahead in content updates and they are still on the subscription model for level 85+.

Are you planning open something like PVP server? araxios

Is there any plan on making a pvp live section.. idea is like shilen or naia has a sub server where people will log in their and do pvp/pk i mean kill all/killing spree without getting chaotic or loss xp just plain killing and murder everything that logs in a sub server iDancer
After L2 went F2P, there were some ideas thrown around to open a PvP server where players could level up through PvP kills. Nothing has transpired from this idea though and we have no plans now to open a PvP server.

How often are you informed of player feedback and suggestions, do you consider of implementing any of them in game? Are you planning to make some surveys to get more feedback from players? Is there any person who's job is to gather up player feedback from these forums and bring it up when new content is being developed? Cepumzaglis
We check the forums almost daily for feedback and suggestions. All player suggestions go through an approval process from the dev team. Community (BusterCasey and Hime) gathers feedback from players like we did with the Underground Feedback thread. The dev team is currently looking over some of the suggestions that players discussed in that thread to add for the next update.

Advertising. I have not seen any adds of lineage 2 to attract new players. Why so? Cepumzaglis
We launched L2 on Steam last month to attract new players and promote brand awareness. Ads usually target new players so while you may not see an ad, a potential customer may have seen it. Keep in mind, another company also has the licensing and marketing rights to Europe, so we cannot advertise to everyone like we did in the old days.

Will there ever be a book written about this game? Aasaer
There are no plans to have a new guide book written for Lineage II. Game systems, classes, and information are always changing. It is quite challenging to update a guide book every 6-12 months. We are instead trying to make the website more new user-friendly and patch notes are now posted with as much information as possible.

In terms of lore, I would love to see a book or a history archive similar to what we had on the old Legacy L2 website. However, we now only receive bits and pieces of lore from Korea.

Will Juji make more experiments? socketka
Due to time constraints, I will not be able to do any more experiments in the near future, but we will be happy to try to answer any questions or concerns on the forums.

I’m a streamer on Twitch, is a bannable offense when I openly share in-game my Stream to people come watch me playing L2? twitch/Alesshs
It is not a bannable offense to share a Twitch channel to other players. If the channel contains inappropriate content, is being excessively spammed in-game, or shows illegal third-party programs, then it may result in the termination of your game account.

What's your favorite ice-cream flavour? Jota
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is my favorite ice cream flavor. Cookies n’ Cream is a close second.

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