I’ve always been a big fan of indie filmmaker Mike Mendez, who first landed on my horror radar when I rented his Killers on VHS.

Now, after delivering such goodies as The Convent and The Gravedancers, he’s been dabbling in cheesy genre films like Big Ass Spider, Lavalantula and the upcoming Don’t Kill It. While those may be fun, I’ve always wanted more from Mendez. While that’s not meant to be a slap in the face, I think his talents, at times, can be wasted. This is why I’m so, so, so, sooooo excited for The Last Heist, which was announced on his Facebook page.

Above is the incredibly impressive first still from the indie thriller that stars, get this, Henry Rollins (Feast, He Never Died, The Chase), Torrance Coombs, Victoria Pratt (Brotherhood of Blood) and Kristina Klebe (Rob Zombie’s Halloween, Proxy), with Camilla Jackson, Mark Kelly, Nicholas Principe, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Ace Marrero, Zo Zosak, Graham Denman and Lombardo Boyar.

“I always give the advice to young filmmakers that you should always be making movies, at any cost. So I’m taking my own advice and have started production on a super cool, very indie crime thriller,” explained Mendez. “It’s 3 weeks of playing cops and robbers with my friends in downtown L.A.

“Expect a lot of people to shot in the face.”

I have very high hopes for this movie, and expect a powerhouse of a performance out of Rollins.

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