A few years ago, my daughter and I spent a glorious day at the New Jersey shore.  The sun was strong, and the day was hot, so we strolled down to the water to take refuge in the rolling waves.  As we got closer to the water, my daughter’s excitement soon turned to trepidation.  Instead of jumping in, she was content at first to just to splash in the shallow surf.  Soon, she wandered up to her knees to leap over the small breaking waves, and finally she took the plunge and we waded out to the deeper water to frolic in the larger waves.

This slow progression is not unlike my involvement in AHIMA.  For several years, I paid my dues and was content to frolic in the shallow waters, reading a few Journal of AHIMA articles here and there, researching topics on the AHIMA website and attending the annual convention.  Over the years, my involvement has steadily increased including attending local chapter meetings and events and participating in AHIMA webinars.

This year, I plunged head first into the giant wave of Information Governance, leveraging a host of AHIMA resources and sponsored events.  Starting with the IG 101 series, to the IG Twitter Chat, to having our company underwrite the first survey of IG practices in healthcare, and culminating in a speaking slot in the Information Governance track at this year’s AHIMA national convention, I have moved from the shallow surf to the deep waters.  And, while at times I feel like I’ve tumbled feet over head in the rough waves, I now know that I can count on AHIMA (#AHIMA_Appreciates) to be that life preserver that keeps me afloat.  With just a couple of months left in the year, I look forward to continuing this journey to Information Governance, to share in AHIMA’s strategic vision and to engage more directly with individual AHIMA members.

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