Karim Benzema's early goal was enough to give Real Madrid a slender advantage in their semi-final against the European champions

9.41pm BST

Real Madrid celebrate a huge victory against the holders and favourites, Karim Benzema's goal enough to give them a lead to take to Germany next week. Real will be delighted, but might also be wondering if they'll eventually regret those missed chances from Cristiano Ronaldo and Angel Di Maria in the first half; with better finishing, the tie could have been all but over. Instead it's just a one-goal lead and although Bayern's brand of tiki-taka was far too predictable tonight, lacking the requisite sharpness around the area, they will be confident of finding a way through at home. No away goal puts them in an extremely awkward position, though. It's fascinatingly poised. Thanks for reading. Night.

9.37pm BST

That's your lot!

9.37pm BST

90 min+4: Bayern toss the ball into the area one last time and it looks like Robben is going to steal on to it at the far post, only for Modric to deny him! The ball breaks to Lahm but Coentrao throws himself in the way of his shot! That should be that. And...

9.35pm BST

90 min+2: Bayern scream for a penalty as Thomas Muller goes down in the area! The ball was headed down to him by Mandzukic and as he turned in the six-yard box, he was poised to score, only to fall under Alonso's challenge. I'm not sure it was a penalty as the ball wasn't coming down for him, but Bayern are seething.

9.33pm BST

90 min+1: Pep Guardiola doesn't have a great record in away legs in Europe, but his teams have usually got the job done at home.

9.32pm BST

90 min: We'll have four added minutes.

9.30pm BST

88 min: "Regarding your comment on Antonio Valencia, I wonder if Bayern would be better served by someone like Valencia who usually sends good crosses (see the one for Evra's goal at Munich) instead of Robben who always cuts to the center and shots with his left foot?" says Ivan Silva.

An Ashley Young, say, or a Matt Jarvis.

9.30pm BST

87 min: Bale marauds down the right, Dante backing off all the time, perhaps because he has no idea how to handle the Welshman's pace, perhaps because Bale won't stop sneezing and coughing, but Bale eventually runs out of space and smashes his cross into the side-netting.

9.28pm BST

84 min: Iker Casillas denies Mario Gotze an equaliser with a cracking save. The chance came after Ramos came extremely close to conceding a penalty with a ludicrous challenge on Robben, fortunately missing the Bayern winger with his flying lunge. But that meant that Real were outnumbered in the middle and the ball came to Gotze via Martinez, arounmd 12 yards out. The ball sat up invitingly for him to strike but he hit it too close to Casillas, who managed to get a strong hand to the ball and push it wide. A good save, but Gotze should have found the corner.

9.25pm BST

83 min: Bale involves himself for the first time, running at Boateng on the left, pushing him back into the area, and then drilling a low cross into the six-yard box. Dante diverts it behind with Benzema lurking. The corner is a waste.

9.24pm BST

82 min: Asier Illarramendi replaces Isco for Real. Then Kroos finds Casillas with his corner.

9.23pm BST

81 min: Robben to Gotze. He shuffles it quickly to Muller, whose drive from the edge of the area flashes wide thanks to a deflection off a sliding UNIDENTIFIED REAL DEFENDER. That was close.

9.22pm BST

79 min: Bayern aren't exactly banging on the door. "Some would say that Ronaldo, Benzema and Di Maria (with Bale off the bench) are slightly more capable of counter-attacking than Willian, Torres and Ramires - with only an out-of-sorts Oscar as the alternative," says Tim Gregory. "But I take your point to some extent." And I take yours. But nothing's stopping Chelsea getting better players.

9.20pm BST

78 min: Alonso tries his luck from miles out. It takes a deflection off Boateng and runs through to Neuer.

9.19pm BST

77 min: "In your rush to praise Real Madrids counter attacking style and criticize Chelseas, remember, Real are playing at home right now," says Jeremy Solomon. "And its only half time in the Chelsea game. Im not suggesting theyll be any better in the return leg, but you might want to wait a little longer before writing off Chelseas chances."

Who's writing off Chelsea's chances?

9.17pm BST

75 min: "Pepe clutching his buttock before going off," says Craig Trainor. "I wanted to see him go off because he's a pain in the arse not because of one but I'm grateful for it nonetheless."

9.16pm BST

74 min: And one more substitution, Bayern bringing on Thomas Muller for Bastian Schweinsteiger.

9.15pm BST

73 min: Raphael Varane does replace Pepe, whose removal makes the game 427% more tolerable. Cristiano Ronaldo is also coming off, replaced by Gareth Bale.

9.14pm BST

72 min: The courageous Pepe tried to play through the pain but it looks like his night is over. Meanwhile Mario Gotze is on for the disappointing Ribery.

9.14pm BST

70 min: Robben and Lahm, reunited, combine for the first time. Robben uses Lahm's overlap by not using it, attempting to poke a cross-shot towards the far post. It's blocked but comes to Lahm on the right. He turns and when his cross is deflected into the air, Casillas punches away. Bayern keep pouring forward and Coentrao has to head a cross behind for a corner. Before the corner can be taken, Pepe goes down clutching his hamstring. Ramos is also feeling something.

9.11pm BST

68 min: Real's directness almost pays off again. Coentrao takes a free-kick quickly on the left touchline and finds Ronaldo in the clear on the left. He has to adjust his body to take the ball in his stride, allowing Boateng to get back, but still gets a fierceshot away from 20 yards, Neuer scooping the ball away down at his near post.

9.08pm BST

66 min: Javi Martinez replaces Rafinha, so Lahm will move back to right-back.

9.08pm BST

65 min: Real are enjoying a rare spell of possession. "The omnipotent Daniel Finucane makes a compelling, however flawed, argument," says Jack Goodson. "At the end of the day, football is a game, is it not? The point of a game, by definition, is to win. To suggest there's only one way to go about doing so - everything outside of this approach being flawed - is close-minded and, well, wrong. Hail the bus parkers."

The difference is that Real have bothered to counter and create chances, which is more than can be said of Chelsea last night. Real could be three up.

9.05pm BST

62 min: Robben, finding more and more space, dashes in from the right and suddenly glimpses a sight of goal as the Real defence parts. But he snatches at his shot from the edge of the area and Casillas isn't troubled.

9.04pm BST

60 min: A free-kick to Bayern on the right. Robben won it, bumped over by Ramos, Coentrao then stepping in to try to take a few sneaky chunks out of the Dutchman. They're a pleasant bunch of lads. The free-kick is swung in viciously but Alonso heads behind for a corner that comes to nothing. "Tiki-taka on a stick," says Andrew Byrne. "Guardiola has sucked the life out of last season's glorious Bayern team." It is possible to tinker too much, to become a parody of yourself, and sometimes they don't look like the right fit.

9.01pm BST

59 min: "I was expecting a bit more vitriol from you following Pepe's latest overeaction to gravity's effect on him," says Ian Copestake. "Next you'll be hinting at your deepseated admiration for his football skills. He is in the team to be hated, okay?"

I'm tired, Ian. I'm tired.

9.00pm BST

58 min: Kroos drops a shoulder and cracks one well over from 30 yards. Casillas hasn't had to make any significant saves yet.

8.59pm BST

57 min: Isco is booked for sticking out a hand to block a Robben pass, finally earning himself a mention in this MBM. Frank Lampard escaped without a booking for two handballs last night.

8.58pm BST

56 min: On closer inspection, Casillas did punch the cross away. Huzzah!

8.58pm BST

55 min: Mandzukic hooks a pass over his head and Coentrao's for Robben, who skips away down the right. He's short of support in the area, though, and has to settle for a corner. It's taken short and soon Robben is playing Ribery in on the right. His cross is punched away by Casillas. Or maybe headed away by someone else. What are you expecting, details?

8.55pm BST

53 min: Schweinsteiger angrily wallops the ball out of play after Carvajal stays down after a collision with Alaba. "I'm not sure it would have hurt him that much," says Gary Neville.

8.54pm BST

51 min: Rafinha's cross from the right is deflected by Ronaldo, looping up into the air and on to the top of the net. The corner is cleared.

8.53pm BST

50 min: Real are noticeably trying to press higher at the start of the second half. But they look exposed when Coentrao sells himself and allows Ribery to scoot away down the right. He chips a pass inside to Kroos, but he makes a mess of trying to move it on to Alaba and the move breaks down. There's a bit of anxiety, a lack of calmness, when Bayern attack at times. They're rushing that final pass.

8.51pm BST

49 min: A short delay as Pepe goes off to get some treatment after tumbling over Robben. He's back on now, though.

8.50pm BST

47 min: Bayern almost concede the worst goal of all time thanks to some slapstick defending. It started with a poor clearance from Neuer, clunked straight to Modric, who tried to lob a pass through to Ronaldo. It should be covered by Alaba but his acrobatical attempt at a clearance ends with a fresh-air swipe that allows it to run through to Ronaldo, whose low shot towards the far corner from a tight angle is pushed away by a repentant Neuer.

8.48pm BST

46 min: And we're off again! Real get the ball rolling in the second half. Neither side has made any changes, with Bayern yet to put one of their two substitute goalkeepers on as a False Nine yet.

8.43pm BST

"What other major sport can be so cruel to the dominant team?" says Daniel Finucane. "That was not "sterile possession" that we just witnessed; that was beautiful, aggressive, probing, dominant possession from Bayern. And yet, not unsurprisingly, they trail. I realize that teams - even the most elite and expensive in the world - choose to invite pressure to enable counters. It obviously works. And that's a great flaw of this game. So let's appreciate the courage of the unapologetic attacking side, as their bold quest for glory clearly puts them at risk of defeat."

This didn't happen to Bayern last season. Only one thing has changed.

8.41pm BST

"Looked like the ball popped up and went off his ankle, not boot," says Doug Singer of Ronaldo's miss. "If he's guilty of anything it's not allowing the ball to roll through to Di Maria who looked to be in a better position to score."

"I don't know about you, but I've been very impressed with Coentrao," says Ira Seligman. "Aside from the assist, he is really up for this defensively, with Bayern overloading that side of the field."

8.32pm BST

Howard Webb brings an end to an engrossing first half. Bayern dominated and have had all the ball, but they've had no cutting edge and Real have, which is why they lead thanks to Karim Benzema. It could be more, too, but Cristiano Ronaldo and Angel Di Maria have wasted excellent chances.

8.31pm BST

42 min: Pepe is a truly ridiculous individual, perhaps the worst footballer who ever lived. Watching him play, if you can call it that, is a deeply unpleasant experience. He was fairly challenged by Kroos in his own half on the left and, of course, he threw himself into the air and started rolling around, unable to believe he hadn't been given a free-kick, acting as if he'd been the victim of an egregious assault. Bayern keep attacking and Real are down a defender. But when Lahm looks around to make sure Pepe is okay, the eedjit, who was about to get up once he realised Webb wasn't interested, dropped back to the floor again and Lahm knocked the ball out of play. A few words come to mind, most of them containing four letters.

8.28pm BST

41 min: Another gaping chance for Real goes begging, Di Maria the guilty party this time. The ball is flung into the Bayern area from the left and although it misses everyone in the middle, it drops to Di Maria, who's unmarked on the right of the area. He chests the ball down, opens up his body and then finds the top tier with his left-footed volley from six yards out. Dearie me.

8.26pm BST

40 min: Bayern are quite possibly wearing Real out. Robben finds Rafinha on the right. He weighs up his options and then shuffles a pass through to Lahm, whose run into the area hasn't been tracked. He reaches the ball before Casillas but the angle is too tight and he can only prod a shot wide of the near post.

8.25pm BST

38 min: Real are being pinned back again. Bayern win another corner on the left, Alaba the danger. They take it short and Real go to sleep, as Kroos plays a lovely, disguised pass back to Ribery, who's been left alone on the left. He twists, turns and then cuts a pass back to Robben on the edge of the area. It looks ominous for Real as he sizes the shot up, but his low skimmer hits a Real defender.

8.21pm BST

36 min: A neat one-two on the halfway line works Robben into a promising position on the right, with options right and left. He storms forward but Alonso hassles him and pushes him away from goal. Robben ends up hanging on to the ball for too long and ends up wafting a dismal effort over.

8.20pm BST

34 min: Rafinha crosses towards Mandzukic. Real end up with a throw. Mandzukic is basically their Andy Carroll tonight. You can see why they're signing Lewandowski. I rate Mandzukic a lot, mainly because of his selflessness, but he's not quite mobile enough to be ranked amongst the very best strikers.

8.18pm BST

33 min: Robben sashays into the area from the right and shoots. Coentrao deflects it wide for a corner on the right, which Benzema heads away. "Have 2 teams from the same city ever met in a Big Cup final?" says Graham Randall. "Or even Eurovase?" I wouldn't have thought so.

8.17pm BST

31 min: Lahm drives another wonderful pass out to Robben on the right. He takes it on his chest, survives a handball shout and then chips a cross towards Mandzukic. Pepe deals with it. Another cross. It might as well be Antonio Valencia out there. For all their possession, Bayern can be a bit predictable around the box.

8.15pm BST

29 min: A free-kick to Real on the left. Ronaldo stands over it, but is then ushered away. It's too wide to shoot. Instead Modric chips the ball into the area. Nothing of any importance occurs.

8.13pm BST

26 min: Here's a sentence I don't get to write that often: what a miss from Cristiano Ronaldo. Once again, Real cut the right side of Bayern's defence to ribbons, a superb pass from Modric releasing Benzema behind Rafinha. Bayern are all over the place and Benzema instantly centres the ball to Ronaldo, who's all alone 12 yards from goal. A goal looks certain as he lets the ball run across his body and on to his right foot, but incredibly he sidefoots over. Bayern have had all the possession, but Real look like the more incisive side. It's a problem for Bayern, one that was evident in the previous rounds.

8.11pm BST

24 min: Lahm drives into the Real area on the right and wins yet another corner for Bayern. They must be close to double figures. Kroos swings it to the far post and Dante's header loops harmlessly into Casillas's hands.

8.10pm BST

23 min: Guardiola will be alarmed at how easy it is for Real to counter all of a sudden. After Kroos is tackled by Pepe, Benzema is sent haring away down the inside-right channel with acres of space to exploit. He finds Di Maria with a pass inside and he ignores Ronaldo to his left, shooting straight at Neuer from 25 yards. The high press is a very effective tactic, we know that by now, but it can be a dangerous game to play if your opponents find a way through. It doesn't take a lot for a team using it to feel exposed.

8.07pm BST

20 min: Ronaldo almost doubles Real's lead straight away! Bayern are rocking now. A cross from the right finds Ronaldo unmarked in the middle of the area but he smacks a powerful header straight at Neuer. He's not usually so generous.

8.06pm BST

Real Madrid have been under the cosh for much of the opening 19 minutes, but they taken the lead with their very first attack of any note. They were lucky not to have fallen behind a moment before, though. Rafinha's cross from the right was headed back by Mandzukic and a careful volley from Ribery was desperately blocked. But from there, Real broke and with Rafinha out of position, Ronaldo slipped a pass through to Coentrao on the left and his low cross was judged to perfection for Benzema to tap in from close range at the far post!

8.03pm BST

Who needs possession anyway?

8.02pm BST

17 min: Carvajal barges Mandzukic over on the right touchline with a zesty push and is told to calm down by Howard Webb. Real must guard against becoming frustrated. It's not often that they have to put up with this on their own patch.

8.02pm BST

16 min: Real turn up in attack for the first time and Benzema thinks he's beaten the Bayern offside trap. But he hasn't. He's miles offside. "No strong opinion on who wins the "best player in the world" debate but every time I watch Real, I'm more excited to see Di Maria play football than just about anyone else," says Colin Livingstone. He's been exceptional this season.

8.00pm BST

14 min: Arjen Robben goes dangerously close to giving Bayern the lead with a magnificent goal. Howard Webb played a good advantage after Kroos was scythed down on the edge of the area, allowing Ribery to fire a pass into Robben's feet in the D. He turned sharply away from his man and on to his left foot, before whacking a shot inches past the right post. It was only a deflection off Pepe that took it wide. Casillas wouldn't have saved it otherwise. But he does save Dante's downward header from the resulting corner. It was straight at him, mind you.

7.58pm BST

13 min: The Bernabeu is deathly quiet. Ribery glides down the left and eventually finds Alaba. He crosses. Corner. Pepe heads it away, but only to a Bayern player. And so it continues.

7.56pm BST

11 min: A corner to Bayern on the left. Kroos hangs it to the far post, where Mandzukic heads down into the six-yard box, only for Pepe to hook clear. But the ball is just coming back at Real. They can't find any space to use their pace on the break at all. This feels like a Clasico circa 2011, albeit with less kicking and eye-gouging.

7.55pm BST

9 min: Robben is found by Kroos again on the right. He dashes down the flank, looking to beat Coentrao for pace. But the Real left-back stays with him and when he uses his strength to hold Robben off, the Bayern man immediately falls over, demanding a free-kick that Howard Webb isn't in a mind to give.

7.53pm BST

8 min: The home fans howl as Modric is penalised for bringing down Kroos. Bayern really like the ball. Their ball! "The music is a lovely swirl of strings, and I've been conditioned over the years to get excited by it, but in isolation, those lyrics are awful," notes Matt Dony. "Kind of like 'Imagine'. Yeah. I went there! Anyway, exciting football ahoy..." It's better in French.

7.52pm BST

6 min: These are nervy times for Real, because Bayern are in complete control at the moment. Schweinsteiger slides a pass through to Robben, who's in behind the Real defence on the right, only for the flag to go up for offside. "It has to be Italy's '82 World Cup winning manager," says Ben Watson. "Off the shoulder pale blue suit jackets and cigarettes. In fact the Italy squad suit that year was quite something. Separates!"

7.51pm BST

5 min: Bayern are seeing a lot of the ball in these early stages. They love the ball. Real aren't allowed the ball. It's Bayern's ball. Robben cuts into the area from the right flank and - get this! - lays it back to Kroos, who tries to sweep one into the far corner from 18 yards. He doesn't catch his shot properly, though, and Real clear.

7.50pm BST

4 min: Kroos pings a gorgeous pass from right to left, the ball searing over Coentrao's head and on to Robben's left foot. He takes it beautifully on the right, trying to use the momentum of the pass to charge past Coentrao, who does enough to concede a corner. Pepe heads Kroos's corner away.

7.49pm BST

3 min: It's a loud Bernabeu at the moment. They'll tire themselves out soon, mark my words, I've been there. Real are playing something of a 4-4-2 by the way. Is Roy Hodgson in charge for one night only?

7.47pm BST

2 min: Now it's Di Maria's turn to probe on the right. He tries to prod a pass through to Benzema, but the door is slammed shut in his face. "Moyes has been sacked?" says Mark Judd. "Why? He had only just started rebuilding the squad, and knew the players were right behind him. Modern football eh?"

7.46pm BST

Peep! We're off! Bayern Munich, in their famous red shirts, get the ball rolling, kicking from right to left in the first half. Real are in their famous all-white. The Germans are immediately steaming forward down the left, easily slicing their way through the Real midfield, Alaba romping down the left. But his pass to Ribery tempts Pepe into the challenge, and it all ends in a goal-kick for Real.

7.44pm BST

Time for a sing-song. Do sing along.

These are the best teams

They are the very best teams

7.42pm BST

And here come the teams! We're not wanting for stars tonight. There's Ronaldo. There's Robben. There's Ribery. There's Benzema. The lads. "As manager, Guardiola (current Bayern manager and former Barcelona, Brescia, Roma, Al-Ahli and Dorados player and Barcelona manager) has never lost at the Bernabeu (Real Madrids home stadium) in 7 visits. 5 wins, 2 draws," says Peter Oh. "On the other hand, Ancelotti (current Real Madrid manager, former Parma, Roma, Milan player; and Reggiana, Parma, Juve, Milan, Chelsea and PSG manager; and object of eyelid fluttering from the direction of red Manchester) has not lost any of his 6 matches against Bayern in his managerial career. Somethings got to give!" We're about to find out.

7.40pm BST

BREAKING: David Moyes has been sacked by Manchester United. More to follow shortly...

7.39pm BST

"It would seem pertinent to mention that just four days after Dortmund nearly unraveled Madrid's lead in their quarterfinal tie with a 2-0 win in Germany, Klopp's team put the supposedly superior Bayern team to the sword 3-0 on their own patch," says Josh Zeitlin. "Given that both teams were complacent with little to play for, I'm not sure these matches give much diagnostic value, but certainly Bayern's recent form has been abysmal."

Yep, Bayern haven't been great in the past few weeks. Sometimes - not always, because I think about other things, like how to avoid ever watching Game of Thrones I think about Manchester United winning the league on auto-pilot in 2000-01 but losing their hunger and running out of team; they were easily beaten by Bayern in the quarters that year, shortly after wrapping up the league in the middle of April.

7.34pm BST

"Yeah, yeah, so Pirlo looks like a film star, is one of the best footballers in the world, earns a fortune and I'm sure has a beautiful house, car, wife and family," says Simon McMahon. "But is he happy?"

Not as happy as us, that's for sure! Ha!

7.32pm BST

"If 'Let's talk about fashion' calls for all-time answers, then it surely is César Luis Menotti, all suit, hair and cigarette," says Guido Esser.

7.28pm BST

While we wait, here's Scott Murray on Juanito v Lothar Matthaus. Let's hope Pepe hasn't been reading the Guardian website today.

@JacobSteinberg Pepe must be raring to better this stamp today. Watch out Robben. https://t.co/aPnsiGjtnj

7.18pm BST

"Since Pep's in the spotlight this evening, and Ronaldo (sans his fancy ball cap) is back on the big stage, let's talk fashion for a moment," decides Jack Goodson. "Who do you think is the best-dressed man in football? Personally, I rate Cesare Prandelli, though I admit I may be blinded a bit by the man's exquisite hair."

Hello, Andrea.

7.15pm BST

"Pep Guardiola is obviously preempting Mourinho on the mind games front, with an eye on a final against Chelsea," says Justin Kavanagh. "While you Blues have to bring on the geriatric Schwarzer, he is saying, we have two keepers ready to go. Either that, or he's about to bring parking the bus to a whole new level."

One of them will obviously come on in midfield.

7.06pm BST

Further team news: Pep Guardiola has named two substitute goalkeepers on the bench - I presume we'll be seeing one playing in midfield at some point tonight (alternatively it's because Manuel Neuer is feeling a calf strain). What an innovator. Though I'm sure that Harry Redknapp will have done that before.

6.46pm BST

He is fit to start for Real after passing a late fitness test, but He is only ready for a place on the bench after a bout of flu. It means that Isco starts instead of Him in midfield, with Angel Di Maria pushed into the front three. Meanwhile Pep Guardiola

has emulated Jose Mourinho by selecting as many defenders as possible
selects Phillip Lahm in midfield, with Mario Mandzukic preferred to Thomas Muller up front.

Real Madrid: Casillas; Carvajal, Pepe, Ramos, Coentrão; Alonso, Modric, Isco; Di Maria, Benzema, Ronaldo. Subs: Diego López, Varane, Bale, Marcelo, Casemiro, Morata, Illarra.

6.30pm BST

Evening. I always find it weird, and a little bit insulting frankly, when television producers feel the need to put a graphic underneath someone explaining who they are, what they do, what their star-sign is, what allergies they have, just to make absolutely sure you don't mistake them for someone else.You know what I mean. Jose Mourinho pops up on the screen and graphic pops up that says: "Jose Mourinho, Chelsea manager". Peter Beagrie, Former England Under-21 international, Piers Morgan, Eedjit. That sort of thing. I understand why they do it, I really do hard to believe, but some people aren't as clever as me, and wouldn't be able to pick Marcelo Bielsa out of a police line-up if there was a placard above his head saying GET YOUR MARCELO BIELSA RIGHT HERE but some things need no introduction. You don't, for example, really need me to introduce this semi-final; you don't need me to tell you that Real Madrid have won the European Cup nine times, that Bayern Munich are the European champions, that Carlo Ancelotti and Pep Guardiola have both won this competition twice, that Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world and that wearing trainers and a baseball cap with a suit is a crime against fashion. You know all of this; you're not simple folk. It's Real Madrid. It's Bayern Munich. It's a Champions League semi-final. It's Real Madrid versus Bayern Munich in a Champions League semi-final.

But I'm too goddamn excited to finish here, especially after last night's diabolicalo between Atletico Madrid and Chelsea. In fact, my mood mirrors that of Ruud Gullit in the BBC studio before England's semi-final against Germany at Euro 96. He'd been forced to sit through the torture that was France v Czech Republic (0-0, no chances, the Czechs go through on penalties) during the afternoon and when Des Lynam asked Gullit for his thoughts on the match they were about to watch, he rubbed his hands, took a deep intake of breath and said: "You know, after what I've seen this afternoon I'm ready to see this clash of titanics (sic). I hope!" After last night, Europe knows how Gullit felt 18 years ago. But hope springs eternal, tonight's clash of the titanics proving that good things come to those who wait. It's Real Madrid. It's Bayern Munich. It's a Champions League semi-final. It's Real Madrid versus Bayern Munich in a Champions League semi-final. It has to be good. It just has to be.

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