Domain selling and buying is a very integral part of the web world. Buying a domain that has good traffic going to it can be monetized to your advantage and can help improve your web presence. there are many other benefits of buying and selling domains. More than anything, if there is a domain name you are looking to trade with, here are some of the best sites for the same:

1. Sedo

Sedo is actually short for ìSearch engineî accompanied by the word ìdomainî. SeDo.com is focused on the selling and buying of domain names and is one of the leaders in the industry. Founded in 2000, the domains can be listed for sale and there are other services as well.

2. GoDaddy Auctions

The leader in domain selling, they have a dedicated site which is the market place for trading. At Auction.goddady.com they feature the current price of the bid as well as the higher price at which you can directly buy the domain without entering the bid.

3. Afternic

At Afternic you can bid for the name that you are looking for. The deals are authentic and trusted. The site has a special category to ìparkî the domains of your interest. For every qualified parked domain, you earn 5% cash back.

4. Namecheap Marketplace

Namecheap ranks amongst the topmost sites for domain registration. Theie marketplace offer great domains with good prices. The namecheap marketplace deals with featured items as well as premium domains. The closing dates for all the bids are mentioned.

5. Namepros

The site has ample trading scope for hobbyists as well as professionals who wish to trade with domains. The registration is free and the trader ranks on the site hugely influence the buying and selling. Also, interesting to note the ticker right on top of the site which discloses the current bids on various domains.

6. BuyDomains

Amongst the trading tools, the site also allows you to talk to experts and discuss how to go about your sales and purchases. They have separate categories for domains that are on high demand as well as those that are localized.

7. NameJet

Mostly deleted and expired domain portfolio but you can find some really nice domains from NameJet. They provide inventory from leading registrars like Network Solutions, eNom, and Bulk Register. They provide list of expired domains so you can backorder them.

8. SnapNames

Snap names with Moniker, offer a marketplace – snapnames auctions – with best deals and tools. They have various resources and updates along with ëho w toí tutorials.

9. Bido

The site is amongst the popular market places because of the community and interactions possible on the site. There is active and live participation in which the user can be involved. They have updates about ongoing auctions, different categories of sales and other related information on the site.

10. HugeDomains

Huge domains are known for their premium domain names, put up on sale. You can also browse through various categories and get your domain name. They have more than 300,000 domain names and pride themselves in providing quality service, brand-able names and competitive prices. Huge Domains allow you to purchase great dot com domains which do not have dashes or numbers within the name. The site is known for great deals.

11. DomainNameSales

They probably have their own portfolio of domains and not accepting domains to list on their site but we found some premium domains on their site. The site has a active ticker presenting the bid for domains and the names available for sale. The site thrives on the fact that they have a great deal of useful content for the user to use from. They have tools and references materials to help the

12. DnForum

DnForum has its community fo users and that is its greatest strength. The website offers Domain solutions for people who are beginners to those who are experts. You can be educated about buying and selling of domains, best deals, pricings, offers etc. on the website. They also provide tutorials, informative articles, announcements and news and much more.

13. Pool.com Marketplace

Pool.com is another marketplace where you can list your domain for free. Sold domains have 10% success fee. A buyer can bid on existing auctions or download all domains list.

14. Epik LiveAuction

60 seconds domains auctions where buyer can quickly sell domains by listing on Epic marketplace. Each auction lasts only 60 seconds per domain. They also have a section called Epic Marketplace – http://marketplace.epik.com/ with some premium domains listed.

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