The 1st GMIC X Annual Awards Concluded at Bird’s Nest

Over 100 Stars from Three Industries Attended the Annual Internet Event

On April 28, Beijing – On the evening of April 28, the 1st “Hello Future – GMIC X Annual Awards”, an awarding ceremony for people in the sci-tech field, movie industry and music industry, was successfully held in the National Stadium – Bird’s Nest. It is the first “sci-tech + entertainment” ceremony jointly presented by GWC, the world’s most influential mobile Internet cooperation platform and Modernsky, the most influential music company to youth culture in China and created by Mr. Ning Xiaozhou who once participated in the design of the 2008 Olympic Games and the 2010 Asian Games. On the evening, 18 awards were given out to outstanding figures in the sci-tech field, movie industry and music industry. Nearly 10,000 heavyweights from the Internet industry, music industry, film and TV industry and media industry from both home and abroad witnessed the historical moment at the Bird’s Nest. Meanwhile, millions of audiences watched the ceremony via dozens of online platforms, setting a new record for live broadcasting of large industry ceremonies in China.

Picture 1: A panorama of the venue

Picture 2: A feature view of the venue

Picture 3: A scene of the ceremony

Cross-industry Stars Appeared on the Red Carpet

Leading figures in the sci-tech, music and movie circles showed up at the GMIC X Annual Awards Red Carpet. Guests from sci-tech companies such as Wen Chu, Founder and Co-CEO of GWC, Zhang Yaqin, President of Baidu, Cheng Wu, Vice President of Tencent, Zhao Ming, President of Huawei Honor, Wang Gaofei, CEO of Weibo, Zhang Hongjiang, CEO of Kingsoft, Wang Chuan, Co-founder of Xiaomi, Fu Sheng, CEO of Cheetah Mobile and He Xiaopeng, President of Alibaba UC Mobile Business, cross-industry stars such as Wang Feng and Hu Haiquan and other guests from the sci-tech, music and movie circles appeared on the red carpet in different ways and made their cross-industry declarations. The cross-industry representative from the music circles Hu Haiquan said, “It’s a cross-industry era. The cross-industry ability of a person represents the ability of how far he can reach in the future. Everything is possible in this era. Today our subject is X and X means cross-industry.”

Picture 4: Zhang Hongjiang, Zhang Yaqin, Wen Chu, Fu Sheng and Wang

Chuan (from left to right)

Picture 5: Cheng Wu, Vice President of Tencent, and hostess Wu Ting on the red carpet.

With the rapid development of sci-tech, a lot of scientific and technological elements have been integrated in the entertainment industry, especially in the music and movie and TV sectors. Many pop music, movie and TV stars have made a crossover. Last October, Wang Feng’s Fiil headphones received US$20 million in Round A financing, with a valuation of up to one billion yuan. Of the fields that Hu Haiquan is actively investing, a vast majority are sci-tech projects. These have fully shown that crossover or cross-industry has brought people infinite space for development.

At the ceremony, many guests have said that GMIC X represents the spirit of making innovations and exploring the endless possibilities of the future and the spirit will promote the progress of sci-tech, entertainment and the society. International guests including Chris Anderson, CEO of 3DR, Yossi Vardi, Father of Innovation of Israel and President of International Technologies and Daniel Alegre, President of Global Partner Business Solutions for Google, Inc., together with other guests, appealed to audience to make innovations and create infinite possibilities, saying “Hello, Future! GMIC X, I’m here waiting for you!” and “GMIC for everyone on the earth”.

Technology and netizen-based Awards

For the awarding ceremony that adopts Internet big data as the evaluation basis for the first time, the organizing committee has issued 18 awards in three categories that were determined based on network-wide big data (indexes include: relating data of Baidu indexes; relating data of Sina Weibo such as number of followers and popularity of topics; the flow data of over 80 popular apps based on Tencent X5 such as “WeChat, Mobile QQ, Sina News, Ifeng News, Sohu Video and JD”, etc.) and the data support and weight ratio solutions provided by professional Internet data aggregation platforms. The final list has fully represented the attitudes and thoughts of netizens in those fields.

The awards issued at the ceremony include:


2016    GMIC X Tribute Award         Hu Qiheng

2016    Best Startup Incubator Award            Innovation Works

2016    Fastest Developing Company Award Storm Player

2016    Pan-Entertainment Break Through Company Award   Banana


2016    Public Welfare Platform Award           Tencent Foundation

2016    Cross-Industry Man of the Year        Ren Quan

2016    Cross-Industry Enterprise of the Year           LETV

2016    Most Forward Looking Award           Sequoia

2016 Top 10 Products of the Year                  Didi Chuxing, Ant

Financial, Tesla, Dingding, IQIYI.com, Miaopai.com, Guazi.com, Boss Zhipin, Now and Yangmatou

Movie and TV

2016    Pan Chinese Actress of the Year                     Michelle Chen

2016    Mainland China Actress of the Year   Fan Bingbing

2016    Public Welfare Individual Award                     Fan Bingbing

2016    Mainland China Actor of the Year                  Kris Wu

2016    Pan Chinese Actor of the Year                        William Chan


2016    Song of the Year          “Southern Mountain’s South”

2016    Music Group of the Year                    Yu Quan

2016    Singer of the Year                    Wang Feng

2016    Original Music Tribute                       New Pants

Ms. Hu Qiheng, winner of the “2016 GMIC X Tribute Award”, is the first president of the Internet Society of China and also one of the most important founders in the Chinese Internet industry. The presentation of the “2016 GMIC X Tribute Award” by the organizing committee to Ms. Hu Qiheng is to thank her for the great contributions she has made to the Chinese Internet industry.

Ms. Hu Qiheng said, “GWC has created such as lively and unique platform in only eight years and it has made irreplaceable preparations for us to welcome the mobile era. That has also proved that China’s mobile Internet has become a creative and integral part of the world Internet.” Wen Chu, Founder and CEO of GWC and Shen Lihui, Founder of Modernsky, presented the “2016 GMIC X Tribute Award” of the first GMIC X Annual Awards that represents innovation, breakthrough and cross-industry to Ms. Hu Qiheng.

Picture 6: Shen Lihui, Hu Qiheng and Wen Chu (from left to right)

The awards, which are full of cross-industry elements, have special meaning. Renowned Chinese actress Fan Bingbing won the “2016 Mainland China Actress of the Year”, which was announced and presented by Cheng Wu, Vice President of Tencent Group and CEO of Tencent Film. Meanwhile, Fan Bingbing also won the “2016 Public Welfare Individual Award”. She said at the awarding ceremony that Internet had made public welfare programs known to more people and helped promoted the implementation of public welfare programs.

Picture 7: Fan Bingbing

Picture 8: Wang Feng

Picture 9: New Pants

New Pants, the most adventurous and modern rock idol band, won the 2016 Original Music Tribute. The lead singer Peng Lei expressed his unique views, “People always miss the past and think the past is great, but the Internet today has truly changed the lives of young people and helped more talented people become musicians, film directors and writers. Our times are the best times.”

Stars Gathered in Bird’s Nest to Make a Sic-tech and Entertainment Feast

Picture 10: Yu Quan is singing

The ceremony has invited many popular stars to perform on the stage. Performers included three generations of important singers. The GMIC X Annual Awards opened with the performance from British top DJ group Addictive TV. XGirls, a group of 11 excellent Internet broadcasters selected from Internet broadcast platforms, brought the whole evening party into a longing for future with The Beginning of the Dream. New Pants, the brightest and most adventurous rock idol band in China that was founded 20 years old, performed their classic—Our Time. New-generation folk singers Ma Di and Song Dongye performed their most popular originals on the Internet—Southern Mountain’s South and Zebra Zebra. Popular star William Chan sung in the Bird’s Nest for the first time. The good-looking Korean girl group EXID’s performance ignited the stage: technology can also be sexy. Besides, Coffee Milk, a Mainland pop duo, performed the song Tomorrow, Hello to winners of “2016 Cross-Industry Figures and Enterprises”. The pop rock band Escape Plan performed The Brightest Star in the Sky after the Hello Future movie project was launched. The director group carefully planned the ceremony to ensure every award winner can feel the respect and honor of the ceremony. The grand finale of the performances of the ceremony was from the No.1 group in Mainland China and cross-industry singers and investors—Yu Quan, drawing a perfect conclusion of the GMIC X Annual Awards.

Picture 11: William Chan in performance

Picture 12: Yang Shuo, Wu Ting, Hao Yi and Li Xia (from left to right)

Moreover, as representative figures in the entertainment industry that actively participate in other industries and pursue innovations        and breakthroughs, Ms. Li Xia (famous Chinese TV show hostess and Founder and CEO of Rongyi Education), Ms. Wu Ting (famous Chinese hostess and Internet investor) and Mr. Yang Shuo (famous Chinese host and Internet investor) hosted the ceremony together with Mr. Hao Yi, Co-CEO of GWC, highlighting the cross-industry and innovation theme of the ceremony.

Picture 13: CXO band

What’s worth mentioning is that the CXO band formed by the CEOs of Chinese sci-tech companies made their debut. The members of the band are Hao Yi (Co-CEO of GWC) as lead singer, Queen He Jiayi (Founder and Chief Experience Officer of Mijia) as lead singer and keyboardist, Ma Liangjun (Founder and CEO of Madhouse) as lead guitarist, Yang Baocheng (CEO of Perfect China) as rhythm guitarist, Shen Haizheng (Founder and Executive Vice President of Alliance Music Academy of Alliance Art Group) as bassist and Song Yang (Founder and CEO of Mymusic) as drummer. They showed the cross between sci-tech and music, their adherence to and pursuit of innovation and breakthrough and their longing for infinite possibilities with actions.

What’s more, Golden Throat Herbal Drinks, as the only drinks sponsor, sponsored the whole ceremony. Liu Bin, Golden Throat’s Head of Marketing said during award presentation that the cooperation between Golden Throat and GMIC is a true cross-industry cooperation and that he hoped there would be more Internet elites in future via the platform and let the whole world hear their voices!

[About GWC]

Established in 2008, Great Wall Club (GWC) is committed to become the most influential global platform for mobile innovation. GWC’s business includes: the“G-Network” that includes CEOs of over 700 mobile Internet companies; the“Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC)” that enjoys great popularity in nine countries and regions; GHome, a mobile Internet startup incubator with global vision; and the “Global Intelligent Robot Innovation Alliance (RobotX)” that leads the global robot industry.

Official website of GWC: http://www.gwc.net

[About Modernsky]

Founded on December 27, 1997, Modernsky is the largest and strongest music festival production and operation company in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and also the most creative and comprehensive original music company in China. It has a number of brands, including music publishing, artist management, live music, Internet broadcast and Modernsky Lab. It has also extended to fields like magazine and book publishing, art exhibitions, video making and graphic design, trying to establish an all-round, dimensional operation mode and create a new system in the Chinese music industry, grasp the future direction with keen insights and new ways of thinking, thus influencing social culture and creating a good environment for the development of Chinese original music.

Official website of Modern Sky: http://www.modernsky.com/

[About GMIC]

Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC): Initiated by the global mobile Internet innovation platform GWC, GMIC is one of the world’s largest and most influential mobile Internet event in the world. It takes place once a year, gathering thousands of most influential executives, innovators, developers and industry leaders of the mobile Internet industry to gain insight into the technical tendency of mobile Internet and make in-depth discussions on how mobile Internet positively changes the world. As the organizer GWC expands its global presence, GMIC 2016 will be successively held in Beijing, Silicon Valley, Bangalore, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Jakarta, Taipei, Tel Aviv and Seoul.

The official website of GMIC 2016: http://www.thegmic.cn/

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