As we’re officially on the home stretch to Christmas you may need some extra help getting organised – so we’ve devised 3 wrap hacks to make packaging your pressies a little more exciting. This time of year is notoriously busy as we burn the candle at both ends what with traipsing around the shops for gifts not to mention all the nights out! Luckily with #Expressmas you can get your Christmas shop done in just 24 hours giving you much more time to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year – AND make those gifts look even more gorgeous!

Instead of thinking of gift wrapping as a ‘chore’, we’re convincing ourselves that beautifully wrapped presents not only make the overall festive aesthetic in your home 100 times more impressive, but they’re actually more fun to give as you’ll likely get some fab compliments! And everyone loves a compliment, right?? So first up we’re going for a rustic-inspired look with simple white ribbon and snowflake accessory (because that’ll probs be the closest we get to snow on Christmas Day, wah!). If you’ve been a bit over-generous this year, you might find this option the most straightforward as it’s relatively fuss free.

Now it gets a little more fancy! We’ve ditched the standard ribbon in favour of a CUTE pom pom garland which you can pick up from your local craft shop. Wrap-wise, you can’t go wrong with a traditional red and white snowflake design – but to achieve extra points for pizzazz – double up your garland and cross it over in the centre, then finish with a bow and gift tag – voila!

For our final hack, we’re getting fragrant…! Using a festive red tartan wrap, create a feature with your ribbon by circling it 3 times around your gift. Then, pick up some cinnamon sticks from your local supermarket. Once you’ve finished smelling them (!!), fasten with some additional ribbon and thread on your gift tag. Add the finishing touch with a red bow (we literally cannot get enough of these!). We love how something SO luxe is SO easy to do!

We hope you enjoyed our 3 wrap hacks! Let us know if you’re gift-wrapping this weekend by leaving us a comment below. If you’re not really feeling the Christmas vibes yet, check out our post on ‘how to get into the festive spirit‘ and don’t forget, with Expressmas – you can order your gifts and have them delivered the very next day – so no need to stress!

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