If you want to use a credit or debit card to make a deposit in to your NETELLER Account, we ask you to validate your card. The validation process is part of our industry-leading security and protects you and NETELLER from fraud.

However, we think you should still be able to make a deposit using a debit or credit card without going through the validation process when you first sign up with us and we’re pleased to announce new deposit limits for unvalidated credit cards.

Our security is so good that we have been able to raise the limits for unvalidated credit and debit card deposits from 100 USD to 160 USD.

If you want to deposit more than 160 USD, you will need to validate your card.

The validation process is simple. All you have to do is:

1. Visit the Money In page of your account and select the appropriate deposit option.

2. Enter in the amount, the card number, card currency, expiration date, and the security numbers for the card then press continue. Your requested deposit amount will be processed and deposited into your NETELLER

3. Account. You will also notice within this step a note informing you to “Please validate this card”. For card validation purposes, your card will be charged an additional one-time 5.00 USD (or equivalent currency). This is not a fee; this amount will be deposited instantly to your NETELLER

4. Account as a separate deposit along with your primary deposit. This amount will show up on your credit/debit card statement along with a registration code (4 digits).

5. The registration code is a series of numbers before or after the biller company’s name. For example, when you are looking for the NETELLER card registration code, you will need to search for NETELLER

6. –1234. The number after NETELLER will be your registration code, which you will need to enter within your account. Once you have obtained the registration code from your banking statement, or by calling your banking institution, you can then proceed to validate your card in your NETELLER

7. Account. Click on “Settings”, expand the preferred deposit options, then click on the green “validate” button associated with the card you wish to validate.

8. Once you have correctly entered the registration code given to you by the bank, you should see a confirmation message that tells you that you have increased limits on that card.

Without validating your credit and debit cards, you can now deposit more money into your NETELLER Account.

If you want to increase your deposit limits even further, sign in to your account and validate your card now!

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