Although energy efficient LED bulbs have been around for years, they’re still somewhat of a mystery to many of us – particularly for first-time buyers. ‘Are they really worth the price?’ and ‘What can they do that other bulbs don’t’ are just some of the questions that pop into our heads.

To make things easier for bulb buyers, we invite all of you to consider the following Three ‘C’s’ of energy efficient LED Shopping – Cost, Convenience, and Confidence. Have a look, then judge for yourself where the advantages lie.


When it comes to cost, energy efficient LED bulbs are hands down the best lighting value on the market. Their retail price has come down significantly and, because LEDs are considerably more energy-efficient and durable than the conventional type, they offer greater long-term savings.

Let’s start with energy-efficiency. According to The Department of Energy, incandescent bulbs lose as much as 90% of their energy in the form of radiated heat. That’s 90% of pure, budget-devouring waste! In contrast, heat loss is negligible with LEDs, a factor that helps elevate their energy efficiency to 75%-80% above that of conventional bulbs. The impact on your power bill depends on your bulb count. But it can add up very quickly, especially in sprawling spaces.

True Purchase Price vs. Up Front Price
Durability also plays a huge role in the cost-savings advantage of LEDs. Currently, these lamps last 20-25 times longer than conventional bulbs. Which means you can go through as many as 25 incandescents in the time it takes to drain just one LED.

Yes, LEDs on average cost more than conventional bulbs. Nevertheless, the former clearly has a lower ‘true’ purchase price in the long run. In that 25 year span, you pay about $4.00 for the single LED, but $25.00 for a $1.00 incandescent (25 replacements x $1.00). Again, bulb count determines your total savings.


Thanks to the durability of LEDs, you’re ensured one less thing to deal with for twenty or so years — bulb replacement. You’ll be changing homes more than you’ll be changing bulbs. Such endurance is especially welcome news if bulbs occupy hard-to-reach locations, like the  high ceiling of a home entryway, office suite or warehouse.

Convenience also is provided by the engineering simplicity of energy efficient LED bulbs — they have no filament or moving parts, which puts their maintenance needs at around 0.


Because LEDs offer unsurpassed energy-efficiency and durability, shoppers can purchase them with confidence. Sure as the sun rises, these bulbs consistently meet the highest performance standards on the planet. Bulb failure – not gonna happen.

In many cases, consumer confidence soars even higher thanks to prestigious certifications awarded to the LED elite. The most highly-regarded of these is the government-backed ENERGY STAR certification. To earn this honor, bulbs must pass grueling tests in four key categories:

Color Quality – Accuracy of the colors illuminated by a bulb

Light Output – Amount of illumination generated by bulb


Product Warranty – Minimum of three years required

When you factor in the three ‘C’s’, energy efficient LED light bulbs clearly emerge as the most cost-efficient, highest quality lighting choice on the market.

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