NameJet.com is the Goldnames favorite website where to place domain name backorders. Day by day “we” try the best to prepare a compact list of pre-drop domain names. This takes a lot of time and energy. Names selection is done following a certain rules and strategy. Thousand and thousand domain names are dropping each day, the main task is a skilled squeezing of everydays huge drop list. It doesn’t automatically mean that at the output side you will see the ideal domain name to backorder. It’s just a vision of Goldnames with pre-filtered domain names, some of them may have value, some may not. You need to do a final analyze yourself to gather the names you like. Few words about the process as a whole: compiling and squeezing is performed manually, with the help of FreshDrop.com website (still prefer the old classical web interface and it’s available, ask support). Finally the domain names are sorted in descending order by an age. Order of sorting is due to the fact that older names usually have more weight, because they are registered long time ago in the past. But absolutly everything count, not the age alone, backlinks, Google page rank, Dmoz listing, website history, domain itself, and so on

You always have the option to choose what you like.

Welcome and Enjoy!


Pending delete domain names:

tritco.com 1996 tritco

advance-net.com 1996 advance net

tridog.com 1997 tridog

adcup.com 1997 adcup

cyberworkout.com 1997 cyberworkout

gtld-registrar.com 1997 gtld registrar

gtldregistry.com 1997 gtld registry

hi-pro.com 1997 hi pro

virtual-company.com 1997 virtual company

salemcounty.com 1997 salem county

web-girls.com 1997 web girls

telecomforce.com 1998 telecom force

internetfortunes.com 1998 internet fortunes

webies.com 1998 webies

coreregistrar.com 1998 core registrar

gover.net 1998 gover

learningstream.com 1998 learningstream

sixpac.com 1998 sixpac

the-chosen.com 1998 the chosen

webnameregistrar.com 1998 webname registrar

giftsforfree.com 1999 gifts for free

c-cars.com 1999 c cars

chiroart.com 1999 chiro art

dogusnet.com 1999 dogusnet

atlanta-hotel.com 1999 atlanta hotel

disturbingthepeace.com 1999 disturbing the peace

freejokes.net 1999 free jokes

manor-park.com 1999 manor park

griffithinsurance.com 1999 griffith insurance

komoren.com 1999 komoren

personalwebcasting.com 1999 personal webcasting

todohogar.com 1999 todohogar

tradingcard.net 1999 trading card

interkiss.com 1999 interkiss

littleelmhomes.com 2000 little elm homes

davinciholdings.com 2000 davinci holdings

esti-mate.com 2000 estimate

sp3.net 2000 sp3

sportsgym.net 2000 sports gym

ableservices.com 2000 able services

familytreesite.com 2000 family tree site

qualitycertification.com 2000 quality certification

quickstra.com 2000 quickstra

phasesound.com 2000 phase sound

goodandevil.net 2000 good and evil

metoprolol.net 2000 metoprolol

uniom.com 2000 uniom 5L.com

vizee.com 2000 vizee 5L.com

bastaya.net 2000 bastaya

9001.net 2000 9001 NNNN.net

promoteweb.net 2000 promote web

logiva.com 2001 logiva

steve-holt.com 2001 steve holt

hearthealthmatters.com 2001 heart health matters

tomjacobs.net 2001 tom jacobs

israelservers.com 2002 israel servers

lt-c.com 2002 lt-c

installnow.com 2002 install now

euromp3.net 2002 euromp3

hyperbowling.com 2002 hyperbowling

lefke.com 2002 lefke LLLLL.com

jessandadam.com 2002 jess and adam

jplgroup.com 2002 jpl group

lindthaler.com 2002 lindthaler

garlandhighschool.com 2002 garland highschool

roadhunter.com 2002 road hunter

yachtassist.com 2002 yacht assist

mediatron.net 2002 mediatron

dubaimarket.net 2002 dubai market

blue-ship.com 2003 blue ship

topvisitor.com 2003 top visitor

centerstageplayers.com 2003 centerstage players

discussionradio.com 2003 discussion radio

survivalgears.com 2003 survival gears

cystis.com 2003 cystis

paining.com 2003 paining

readyzone.com 2003 ready zone

rexprint.com 2003 rex print

blackwoods.net 2003 blackwoods

greenband.net 2003 green band

rootle.com 2003 rootle

safetytrainings.com 2003 safety trainings

stonebird.com 2003 stonebird

altai.org 2003 altai

khali.net 2004 khali

ecoloj.com 2004 ecoloj

ideauk.com 2004 idea uk

mopus.net 2004 mopus

natureofchrist.com 2004 nature of christ

pcfirst.com 2004 pc first

vienna-project.com 2004 vienna project

sonicfranchise.com 2005 sonic franchise

i-k-i.com 2004 iki

refugio.net 2004 refugio

greulich.net 2004 greulich

gracepay.com 2004 grace pay

thetraders.net 2004 the traders

petknowledge.com 2004 pet knowledge

helpingromania.com 2004 helping romania

ideamongers.com 2004 idea mongers

jetixgames.com 2004 jetix games

miqat.com 2004 miqat CVCVC.com

legalprotect.com 2004 legal protect

kalp-damar.com 2004 kalp damar

lemon-party.com 2004 lemon party

swingerstampa.com 2004 swingers tampa

erkg.com 2004 erkg LLLL.com

computercow.com 2004 computer cow

weblawservice.com 2004 weblaw service

zcip.com 2004 zcip LLLL.com

audiomute.com 2004 audio mute

greulich.net 2004 greulich

vinylstreet.com 2004 vinyl street

airlineimage.com 2004 airline image

refugio.net 2004 refugio

modellaw.com 2004 model law

playonweb.com 2004 play on web

terratown.com 2004 terra town

p-o-r-t.com 2005 port

perfumerie.net 2005 perfumerie

office-games.com 2005 office games

planecars.com 2005 planecars

system-dialog.com 2005 system dialog

worldwidebricks.com 2005 worldwide bricks

wwlz.com 2005 wwlz 4L.com

uselessvideo.com 2005 useless video

raystream.com 2005 raystream

studiomario.com 2005 studio mario

blaak.net 2005 blaak

b96.org 2005 b96

lahomeowners.com 2005 la home owners

monsterdog.net 2005 monster dog

unfoldme.com 2005 unfold me

foodallergykids.com 2005 food allergy kids

parentaloptions.com 2005 parental options

salonstatus.com 2005 salon status

pushing-back.com 2005 pushing back

jumpingzone.com 2005 jumping zone

rhythmandgospel.com 2005 rhythm and gospel

votevince.com 2006 vote vince

webstreamer.net 2006 web streamer

itruck.net 2006 iTruck

baicy.com 2006 baicy 5L.com

monthendmoney.com 2006 month end money

gastroscopia.com 2006 gastroscopia

14971.com 2006 14971 NNNNN.com

florafaunamedia.com 2006 flora fauna media

theartofpeople.com 2006 the art of people

50plusforum.com 2006 50plus forum

evolutioninc.net 2006 evolution inc

weeclub.com 2006 wee club

duraka.com 2006 duraka

oajo.com 2006 oajo LLLL.com

audiocow.com 2006 audio cow

seanandsamantha.com 2006 sean and samantha

celinefurniture.com 2006 celine furniture

arcticweb.net 2007 arctic web

pedagogika.org 2007 pedagogika

phpschool.net 2007 php school

eroticspice.com 2007 erotic spice

fapool.com 2008 fapool

grainsearch.com 2008 grain search

hoesandtoes.com 2009 hoes and toes

mykidpoints.com 2009 my kid points

turbohercules.com 2009 turbo hercules

finmob.com 2009 finmob

samdeals.com 2010 sam deals

tordenbrak.com 2010 tordenbrak

needsomehelp.com 2010 need some help

teliteli.com 2011 teli teli

drtablet.com 2011 dr.tablet

keepseven.com 2011 keep seven

igrill.org 2011 igrill

vyno.org 2011 vyno

madridlasvegas.com 2011 madrid las vegas

dronedatabase.com 2012 drone database

ovulating.org 2012 ovulating

jofo.net 2012 jofo

boroda.org 2013 boroda

unverified.org 2013 unverified

dobiz.org 2013 dobiz

foodstar.org 2013 foodstar

surok.net 2013 surok


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